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Hundreds of lawsuits proceeding in the federal court system alleging serious neurological side effects due to the Mirena intrauterine form of birth control (IUS) may soon be consolidated as multidistrict litigation, not just in New York, but also in Tennessee. In New York, where currently more than 500 Mirena IUS lawsuits have been centralized before U.S.
In the face of manufacturer claims that only 1 in 1,000 to 10,000 Mirenas will puncture the uterus, by migrating during placement of the device or after, plaintiffs are reporting incidents of device expulsion, dislocation and vaginal hemorrhage, and are calling for accountability on the part of the maker of the Mirena device, Bayer Pharmaceuticals. In cases where migration has occurred, patients have been obliged to undergo expensive, painful surgeries to remove the wandering device from their abdomen. These complaints link the Mirena to serious conditions such as pseudotumor cerebri (PTC)—also known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH)—in which levels of cerebrospinal fluid rise, in turn causing pressure in the skull. In addition to complaints pending before Judge Seibel in New York, and a brewing movement in Tennessee towards multidistrict litigation for Mirena brain injury lawsuits, more than 785 Mirena lawsuits are pending in Bayer’s homes state of New Jersey.
A long laundry list of complaints regarding the birth control device emerges from pending Mirena multidistrict litigation in New York, New Jersey and now, potentially, Tennessee. Failed to warn about dangerous side effects, including spontaneous migration of the device. With respect to lawsuits alleging uterine perforation as a result of the Mirena, Bayer has adamantly rejected the above claims as groundless.
Plaintiffs maintain, on the other hand, that these warnings were vague and misleading, suggesting perforation risks were only present at the time of insertion of the IUD, and not later. Time will tell, especially as the first bellwether cases trickle through New Jersey courts, whether Bayer will be able to withstand these arguments and maintain that it is not liable for patient injuries. If you are suffering from a sharp pain in calf muscles of your leg, the causes of calf pain may be any of the following. Trauma – Trauma to the calf muscles can put excessive strain on them and lead to an injury or trauma.
Chronic Pain Disorders – Pain in calf may arise from chronic pain diseases such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Nervous Disorders – Calf pain in leg is often a result of nerve disorders like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Diabetic Neurotherapy and Peripheral Neurotherapy.
Sleep Disorders – Sudden leg calf pain without any apparent cause such as over-exercise or chronic pain disorders may be a result of sleep disorders that you are probably unaware of.
Circulation Problems – Pain in the leg calf muscles is often a result of poor circulation. Spasms – There may be spasms or involuntary contraction of the muscles in the leg which can make sufferers unable to walk at times. Calf Pains are also associated with other symptoms like Varicose Veins, sleep disturbances and problems like sore throat, fever, fatigue, aches, cough and headache which are common in flu patients. This condition is also marked by severe complications that can be life-threatening in the absence of treatment. Respiratory Difficulties – Patients may suffer from respiratory difficulties such as shortness of breath and wheezing.
High Fever – People with this disease may also suffer from high body temperatures that may exceed 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Change in Consciousness – Patients may experience a change in the level of their alertness. The pain originates in the calf region of the legs or the fleshy tissue that can be found on the back of the lower part of each leg. Compression Bandage – Wrapping a compression bandage around the affected area helps limit the inflammation.
Ice Therapy – Apply ice packs for four times every day once you start experiencing the symptoms. Your physiotherapist can advise when it is appropriate to begin the initial exercises and eventually progress to the intermediate and advanced exercises. What exercises should you perform if your goal is to improve flexibility of your chest and side muscles? The world is predicted to end on December 21, 2012-grab some popcorn and enjoy these apocalyptic adventures before it's too late!
Join our mailing list and never miss a new knitting pattern, knitting tips, info on new yarn online classes or knitting daily shop sale! This little wonder widget takes you through the steps we’ve been talking about in our Waist Shaping 101 mini-course and does the math for you!
You can use either inches or centimeters in this calculator–but be sure to be consistent throughout! There’s even a couple of buttons so you can easily link to the calculator from your blog or website.
I was just starting a semi-fitted pulloever when the waist shaping calculater arrived in my inbox. Awww, man, now I won’t have the fun of figuring out all that horrible math and then getting it wrong! Although working out might be the last thing on your mind when you are suffering from lower back pain, exercise can actually provide lower back pain relief and help speed your recovery. If you are more mobile, try aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching, all of which may provide some lower back pain relief. If you have lower back pain, avoid any activity that may aggravate it, including sit ups, leg lifts, lifting heavy weights above the waist, or bending down to touch your toes. If you have any tips or secrets about how you deal with back pain please share them below in the comments.
Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching technique that has been embraced throughout the fitness industry.
SMR can be done with a variety of tools beyond foam rollers, such as medicine balls, handheld rollers or other assistive devices.

Autogenic Inhibition: The process by which neural impulses that sense tension are greater than the impulses that cause muscles to contract, providing an inhibitory effect to the muscle spindles. Foam rolling should be done before static or dynamic stretching activities, improving the tissue’s ability to lengthen during stretching activities. Most clients can enjoy foam rolling on their own once they’ve been instructed on how to properly perform the exercises. Here are some of the top foam roller exercises to get you and your clients started on a path to moving and feeling better. Sit on top of the foam roller, positioned on the back of the hip, crossing one foot over the opposite knee.
Did you leave instructions for the piriformis and thoracic spine off for a reason, or was it a publishing error?
The information provided is without warranty or guarantee and NASM disclaims any liability for decisions you make based on the information.
District Judge Cathy Seibel, in New York’s Southern District, complaints allege that the birth control device caused perforations in the uterus, vaginal hemorrhage and ectopic pregnancy, by migrating out of position after implantation.
Bayer’s product, they say, is defective, and they should be compensated for the pain and suffering they have experienced as a result. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) that calls for a separate MDL, this one in the Middle District of Tennessee, for lawsuits filed by women who have suffered non-stroke neurological conditions allegedly because of Bayer’s IUD.
The body reacts in these circumstances as it would at the presence of a brain tumor: severe migraines, double vision, temporary blindness and other vision problems, and ringing in the ears are common symptoms associated with PTC. Researchers say that IUDs and contraceptive implants are the most effective form of reversible birth control today.
These, too, have been centralized before one judge, with the expectation that a small group preparing for early trial dates (in 2015) will serve as “bellwether” cases; their litigation will give both parties a better sense of how juries will react to key evidence and testimony regarding the Mirena device. The manufacturer insists it gave adequate written warning to medical providers and patients of perforation risks associated with the Mirena. This site is sponsored by Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC, with principal offices located at 50 Main Street, Hackensack NJ 07601. A trauma can make you experience symptoms like acute pain, cramping or firmness in either or both calves of your legs. If you suffer from calf pain at night, you should probably get in touch with a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Conditions like Varicose Veins, Arterial Insufficiency, Atherosclerosis, Venous Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis can cause this problem.
Upper calf pain as well as lower calf pain is mild in the initial stages but can be acute in the later period.
The inflammation can be felt with hand in the initial stages and is clearly visible in later stages. If you experience tight calf muscle pain, you should get in touch with a professional healthcare provider. As a general rule, addition of exercises or progression to more advanced exercises should take place provided there is no increase in symptoms. If you start out entering your gauge in centimeters, then enter all the other measurements in centimeters, too. You can also use it for top-down sweaters, provided you remember to flip-flop the increases and decreases.
And thanks to our talented web programmer Jason, who took my pages and pages of notes and turned them into something easy-to-use! As a newer knitter longing to launch into the sweater knitting stratosphere this tool is a god-send!
Regular exercise also stretches and strengthens your back and stomach muscles, which can help prevent further back pain in the future. For example, if you are more comfortable sitting than standing, try gentle forward bends or exercises that bring your knees to your chest. Skeletal muscle tissue contains muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs (GTO), two neural receptors.
Foam rolling is not appropriate for all clients, including those with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, or any organ failure, bleeding disorders, or contagious skin conditions. Hold on that spot while relaxing the targeted area and discomfort is reduce, between 30 seconds and 90 seconds (1,7).
Effectiveness of a home program of ischemic pressure followed by sustained stretch for treatment of myofascial trigger points. Immediate effects of various therapeutic modalities on cervical myofascial pain and trigger-point sensitivity.
The immediate effect of soleus trigger point pressure release on restricted ankle joint dorsiflexion: A pilot randomised controlled trial. A 20+ year veteran of the fitness industry, she's worked with the top certification and continuing education groups. Yamuna’s cutting edge techniques take foam rolling to a much deeper and therapeutic level, creating sustainable changes in muscle length, balance and structural alignment. Mirena lawyers for the group say they are prepared to represent another 65 women bringing complaints. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light to manufacturer Bayer Pharmaceuticals to market the device in the United States.
And, the device seems innocent-looking enough—as a tiny T-shaped piece of plastic that releases continuous doses of a hormone, levonorgesterel, commonly found in oral contraceptives. The information on this site is not intended as legal advice; visitors should seek professional advice when making legal decisions.
In some cases, such as in patients having pain behind knee and calf, tests like X-Ray Examination, Duplex Ultrasound Scan and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound may be conducted for a proper diagnosis.

Calf muscle pain cure is usually done with anti-inflammatory medicines like Naproxen and Ibuprofen and analgesics (pain relievers) such as Acetaminophen.
If poor circulation is the result of your calf leg pain, lightly massaging the region for three to four times daily can improve blood flow into the area and help in calf pain recovery. If there is no improvement in condition, it is best to go for an immediate medical treatment. In a top-down sweater, you decrease from bust to waist, and increase from waist to hip; in a bottom-up sweater, you decrease from hip to waist and increase from waist to bust!
I’ve been avidly reading and saving the newsletter tips on this topic for future reference, but frankly my mind was a bit numb trying to absorb and understand the math. And someone’s thought of us poor souls who aren’t used to inches and such like ?? Thank you!
In between walks, rest in a comfortable position, but do not remain in one position for too long. Aerobic exercise, or anything that elevates your heart rate, helps your muscles use oxygen more efficiently, which keeps them healthier.  Aim for 2 ? hours a week of moderate exercise, which can be broken up into periods of 10 minutes or more throughout the day.
Foam rollers have become easily accessible, either shared at the gym or found in almost any sporting goods aisle to bring home for a minimal investment. Whatever the tool or variation selected, SMR focuses on the neural and fascial systems in the body that can be negatively influenced by poor posture, repetitive motions, or dysfunctional movements (1). Muscle spindles are sensory receptors running parallel to muscle fibers, sensitive to a change and rate of muscle lengthening. Foam rolling activities should be performed on tissues identified as overactive during the assessment process. If clients have medical issues, have them seek the advice of their medical professional before starting SMR or foam rolling activities (1). At NASM she drives the content for The Training Edge Magazine, blog and the social media platforms. The ball designed for the practice comes in different sizes and densities and provides a much more satisfying and complete release than the foam roller. Since that time, Mirena has become widely popular, touted as a convenient, low-risk, effective form of long-term birth control for women unenthusiastic about taking daily birth control pills. The hormone thickens the uterine wall’s mucous lining, so that sperm cannot enter the uterus, thereby reducing the chances of pregnancy. If you find a fact that you believe is not accurate, or find a name that should be protected, please notify the webmaster. Wound this gently or normal blood flow to the area may get restricted and lead to further problems. This is even more necessary if you are experiencing other complicated symptoms like respiratory difficulties along with sharp pain in calf of leg. These mechanically stressful actions are recognized as an injury by the body, initiating a repair process called the Cumulative Injury Cycle (Figure 1) (1).
When stimulated, they will cause a myotatic stretch reflex that causes the muscle to contract. Use the drawing-in maneuver (pulling the navel in toward the spine) to maintain stability in the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (1). Rather than randomly rolling back and forth as in foam rolling, you only roll in one direction, from origin to insertion of the muscles, moving in the direction of the muscle fibers and you always roll out both sides, creating balance in the entire body.
Early treatment will help you prevent all kinds of complications and get rid of painful symptoms very quickly. This cycle follows a path of inflammation, muscle spasm, and the development of soft tissue adhesions that can lead to altered neuromuscular control and muscle imbalance (1-4). The GTO receptors, located in the musculotendinous junctions, are stimulated by a change and rate of tension, and when they are stimulated will cause the muscle to relax (2). Take the time to experience the exercises and discover how slightly modifying positions or angles can target different areas of the muscle. Especially beneficial for runners or those who regularly wear shoes with elevated heels (8).
Previous San Diego Fall Prevention Task Force Chair, she’s developed continuing education curriculum for fitness organizations in addition to personal training, writing, and co-coaching youth rec soccer.
The balls can safely go in places a foam roller cannot and sinks much deeper into the body than foam. The adhesions reduce the elasticity of the soft tissues and can eventually cause a permanent change in the soft tissue structure, referred to as Davis’s Law. When a change in tension is sustained at an adequate intensity and duration, muscle spindle activity is inhibited causing a decrease in trigger point activity, accompanied by a reduction of pain (1,6-7). I have been a practitioner for over 10 years, and use it with my clients with very dramatic and exciting results.
Thus, I quickly knitted the most adorable baby jacket ever, the Baby Bolero from the book One Skein. SMR focuses on alleviating these adhesions (also known as “trigger points” or “knots”) to restore optimal muscle motion and function (1,5). In simpler terms, when the pressure of the body against the foam roller is sustained on the trigger point, the GTO will “turn off” the muscle spindle activity allowing the muscle fibers to stretch, unknot, and realign (5).

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