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There's a larger collective IQ in the load I blew down the shower drain this morning than behind the counter at any Starbucks within a 10-mile radius of my house. Ferrari Scuderia 2012 - "The people who speak badly about me then tremble and cry when they want to have their picture taken with me? - F. If it's really a hip problem then it's like training the split - nothing will work quickly, just keep stretching. Instead, as you get to the bottom, don't worry about depth itself but think about your upper body. I used my foam roller religiously and did goblet squats and box squats until I could correct my form issue. Martial Arts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for students and teachers of all martial arts. In the process of doing a round kick, or roundhouse kick, you need to turn your kicking leg over, to be perpendicular with your body. Has anyone else encountered this, or does anyone know, what exercises or activities do you recommend that I do to attempt to gain more lateral hip flexibility?
Once you get into position, hold it until it relaxes, then extend the stretch a little further.
Edit: Between you, me, and everyone else, I'll admit to having a slightly greater than passing interest in ballet, especially due to its great methods of training flexibility and lightness in the body. There are two principle exercises, one for inside round kicks, and one for outside round kicks. Bring your right leg as close to your chest without bending over or lifting your left foot off the ground. Rotate your right leg to the right, while bringing your foot up to make your lower leg as vertical as possible. Start from flat feet by rotating your right leg to the right, while keeping your core straight.
Do equal numbers of inside-out and outside-in and equal numbers on your left and right sides. Also, be sure to develop your hip muscles here also (not just stretching), or you could develop loose joints!

Also, you should couple this with knee exercises for both flexibility and strength, as that's most likely your next weak point, legs-wise.
It might just be a case of practicing until your body gets used to the rotations and movements involved. In addition to the usual suspects mentioned, the "pigeon" vinyasa yoga postures are also very effective for opening the hips. I had the same problem until someone showed me the proper way to direct my body and leg in kicking. I'll share something with you I'm not proud of but nonetheless it has to do with stretching. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged kicking flexibility or ask your own question.
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Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? I had this problem and following the advice of another large mammal with depth issues, every morning while consuming caffeine, just squat down and jam your elbows into your knees. When trying to hit good depth, the instinctive thing is to want to bend your knees more, since they offer the least resistance in allowing you to reduce your altitude. Drive your elbows under the bar like you're going to try to press it off your shoulders (but don't actually push up), get your head up and push your knees apart.
I've found that most of the time it's not a mobility issue, but rather a flexibility problem, particularly in the hamstrings. When I do this I loose significant height on my kick and can rarely get it above my waist level, which prevents me from obtaining optimal angles. If I were in you I'd train flexibility alone in the home, doing the correct form of kicking at the height you can reach (waist).
Any stretch should be done by going to maximum natural (untensed or relaxed) extension, then moving slightly past it until it feels relaxed and natural, breathing through discomfort, but heeding pain.

It doesn't mean that stretching is bad, but it means that you must learn tricks to override you nervous system that's telling you that you can't do X to realize it needs to and can do X and it won't get hurt. Start with low kicks and gradually increase the height - the key is to get the technique and hip rotation right first though. I can replicate the pain when doing the splits, my abductors are not tight or strained, but some muscle group or ligament on the outside of the hip is. I developed a habit of trying to lift the heel behind my back higher than my knee as a type of defensive shield. But this actually doesn't lead to a greater depth and forces you to collapse your upper body to stay balanced. It won't feel as dramatic as when you collapse your knee and round your back trying to kiss the floor, but if you watch the end result on video, you will actually be at greater depth. For example when split stretching on the ground I will feel a tightness in the side of my hip, I think the lateral rotator group, before the groin. Do it slowly and confortably and have something to rest your feet against at the end of the movement (a wall, a door), before moving your leg back.
By going further, you enhance your range of motion to a point slightly less than you maximum stretch, but further than your natural maximum each time. This rotation is not natural and recommended especially while my body was trying to face directly the direction of the kick. So I kept my body orthogonal to the opponent, standing foot as well and brought the knee closer to my body so that the heel wasn't behind me and that pain went away.
Then stretching very slow I started with holding onto a chair in split position, then left, right and middle. All of these things will combine over time (and this is key because your body needs to learn that an action is going to be repeatedly and regularly required of it) to make you a more flexible martial artist.

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