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Foods to improve sex drive in males

Many men have a desire to boost their libido because they know that they do not have the sex drive they once had in their youth.  This has led them to try to find for different remedies that may increase their sexual desire. Men can take pleasure in knowing that male erectile dysfunction and a reduced sexual desire can be turned.  By taking the suitable course, a man can get back their sexual desire to a healthy level so that they can begin to have and like sexual activity. Before turning to high-priced  surgeries and doctor-prescribed medicines, you should think about natural remedies that will offer you the results that you want. Don’t let erectile dysfunction  reduce your sexual desire — increase it naturally with MaleExtra and start to relish your sex life once again! But lack of nutritional diet, stress, depression, some diseases and medication that affect sexual desire at any age negatively. The best and effective tip to increase male libido and sex drive.Nutmeg, Nigella Seeds Oil with Pure HoneyMix 2 drops of nigella seeds oil, 1 drop of nutmeg (Jaifal) oil in 1 tablespoon of pure honey and apply it daily for two weeks to enhance male libido naturally without any side effect. Black Mustard Seeds oil, Olive oil, Nigella Seeds and Honey Mix 200 g nigella seeds powder, 100 gram Lubaan, 50 g nigella seeds oil, 50 g black mustard oil and 50 g Oilive oil in 200 g pure honey.

Take 1 teaspoon of this mixture after every meal to increase your libido naturally.Egg White with Onion WaterTake 4 eggs white and mix the onion water and pure cow butter in it in the same quantity.
Put all the ingredients in a copper utensil and put it on the stove to cook it for 15-20 minutes then add honey in it and keep it in a jar. Vitamin B in eggs also helps to reduce anxiety and enhance sexual desire.Tragacanth Gum ( Gond Katira), Psyllium and Basil SeedsSoak in 1 A? glass of milk 10 g trangacanth gum (gond katira), 10 g basil seeds, 10 g Psyllium and one banana. Keep using at least for seven days.Carrots with Cowa€™s MilkBoil 1 kg crushed carrots in 1 kg cow milk and cook it then mash the carrots in milk and add A? kg butter in it. Then add 50 grams almonds, 20 grams walnuts, 20 grams pistachio and 50 grams crushed dry coconut in it. Daily eat 1-2 tablespoon with warm milk daily before your breakfast and going to sleep.Selenium Rich FoodSelenium rich food assists the seminal ducts and testes in sperm production to increase male libido, sexual sensitivity and energy. Selenium food can trigger the production of nitric oxide, a compound that helps relax the body’s blood vessels during sex drive and help your body to protect against free radical damage.

Oyster, liver, Brazil nuts, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds, oats, shrimp, meat mushrooms and onion are the best food source for selenium rich foods.Magnesium Rich FoodSex boosting hormones (estrogen and androgen) production can be enhanced with the use of magnesium rich food. Deficiency of magnesium food can cause to muscles and nerve dysfunction problems and reduce male libido. A deficiency of magnesium may cause of osteoporosis and low blood level which may increase your problem. Yogurt, banana, apples, dates, dried figs, pumpkin seeds, spinach, beans, brown rice and lentils are the best sources of magnesium.Zinc Rich FoodFoods rich in Zinc is the best natural source to build proteins and DNA in our body.
A deficiency of zinc in food can lower your immune system which positively decreases male libido or sex drive.

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