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When I installed and logged into Windows Vista, the first thing that I noticed were the big icons from my desktop.
Minimize all the windows you have open (if any), then press and hold the "Ctrl" key and scroll up or down with your mouse wheel.
Haha my 3 yr old played with my icons (i liked big icons cause i have a big screen) and made all my icons as small as they can get! I too was actually annoyed enough by the size of icons that I started a search for it, and found an easy fix here thanks to you George.
My icons were normal (average size) but this morning when I activated the computer all of a sudden the icons were so small you could hardly read them.
At the end of this article you have a link towards an article showing you how to change the size of the text in Windows Vista.

You can also make the Vista desktop icons small by clicking right mouse button => View => Classical Icons.
Thanks for the help, a mate who thought I knew everything asked me how to reduce the size and I was stumped, I didn't like the large icons either. A drop down menu will appear and you can select the size you want for the icons shown in Windows Explorer.
The changes are visible right away in the mail pane so that you can use this method to adjust the font size to a level you are comfortable with.
I don't like icons anyway (is there a way to get rid of them altogether??) so these monster-sized things on my desktop were driving me nuts!
My icons (and even the size of my wallpaper!) change spontaneously, then resume their normal (smaller) size after a few weeks.

You can alternatively use Ctrl and the minus or plus keys on the keyboard, or click on View > Zoom to use the menu to change the font size. Any suggestions for how to fix this (rather than just waiting it out and praying for the best) would be appreciated!
It is more than a simple annoyance -- the size issue impacts databases and data registries I need for work!
The changes that you make in the menus here are permanent until you modify them again here.You can still change the font size for individual sessions using the first method described in this post though.

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