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Then simply copy the text – open a new tab and paste it in the address bar and you’re good to go!
Open a new tab in your internet browser and past in the text to the address bar and hit enter. I love this tip because I get annoyed when I have to click out of my browser to open a Notepad app. By doing this the repayment amount established at beginning is computed to make sure the loan is settled at a specified date in the future. While our keyboard covers show the 20 most commonly used shortcuts, there are definitely a few gems that really make using Excel on the Mac that much better than the PC. Quickly increase and decrease the font size without going through the Format Cells menu or clicking on the pesky font size drop-down in the toolbar.2) Delete Everything in Selected Cells – FN+DELETEWhy is it so hard to delete stuff in Excel for the Mac?

Instead of going through the regular toolbar, navigate to the first row with the field names in your list and hit shift+command+f. This handy shortcut let’s you create the sum automatically without having to type in the formula! Just go to the empty cell below a bunch of numbers you want to sum and hit shift+command+t and Excel automatically knows which cells you want to sum!In conclusion, Excel for the Mac is pretty powerful…Which Excel for Mac shortcuts do you use every day? Prior to KeyCuts, if I had to do anything with spreadsheets, I would just have to dig up a PC and turn it on.
I used Excel on a PC extensively at my previous job, but became a Mac user for the first time when I went to business school.
KeyCuts has been super helpful in teaching me how to use the shortcuts I had become reliant on in Excel for Mac.

In addition to providing helpful Excel shortcuts for my Mac, it protects my keys from wear and tear that typically happens when I carry my laptop from place to place. I get so many compliments on my keyboard cover that I’ve started gifting them to clients! Through keyboard cover products, classes, and custom consulting, KeyCuts will help you become the Excel guru you've always wanted to be.

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