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Since you won't be able to change the font size in Nokia Lumia 800, you can always copy the content you need to read and paste them on the word application and enlarge to read them out. Other option could be, you can upgrade to Windows Phone 8 like HTC and there you will get option to change the font size. Even Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710 are Windows 7.5 Mobiles and having same problem to change the font size. Back in November, Nokia released an interesting product for virtual reality professionals that signifies the first time a company has taken VR filming and recording seriously. As such, the company has just created a live-broadcasting option for the device that now enables users to live, breathe and share their VR experiences with others in real time as they happen. On the video side, the OZO features eight synchronized 2K (2048x1080p) x 2K (2048x1080p) 30fps sensors covering a full-spherical 360 x 180-degrees of video area. On the audio side, the device also covers a full-spherical 360 x 360-degrees of sound area using an omnidirectional solid state sensor. At the end of the day, OZO media files are recorded at 30fps in the .MOV file format (Quicktime MPEG-4) with an 8-channel raw video track and 8-channel PCM audio track. Nokia's OZO Digital Cartridge, featuring a 500GB SSD, rechargeable battery and up to 45 minutes of recording time: $5,000. Nokia’s real-time monitoring software allows the device to be controlled over 802.11 Wi-Fi with the OZO remote application for Mac OS X.
Nokia is releasing an OZO Creator tool by the end of this month with support for VR clip stitching to create seamless 360-degree VR tracks.

Unfortunately, the biggest letdown of this entire product is that the company is not supporting Windows PCs with any of its software (OZO Preview, OZO Creator and OZO Remote). The company’s eight-camera, 360-degree OZO is effectively the merger of industry-grade film production quality, an Imperial Star Wars probe, and a decently sized chunk of cash. Dynamic range is covered at 64 decibels signal-to-noise ratio with up to a 120dB maximum sound pressure level. This lets users decide where to make precise sensor adjustments while doing live broadcasts.
Put simply, in the second quarter of 2016, 360-degree live VR broadcasting isn’t for light-hearted individuals, and Nokia’s OZO is a fully immersive device capable of sharing and broadcasting exactly what it claims – fully immersive, extra-real recreations and experiences. But it seems that mobile phones using Windows Operating system (Windows Phone 7.5) aren't having facility to change the font.
Of course, Moore’s Law (which does still exist) says that the technology behind 360-degree live VR broadcasting will eventually become affordable to the masses in about six years from today. Lumia 800  is running same system and hence you won't be able to change the font size in Nokia Lumia 800 and other similar models. But for now, let’s enjoy the user reviews from the small handful of journalists and market analysts who were fortunate enough to receive Nokia’s evaluation samples – or the companies and institutions who decide to become early adopters – and make our opinions known early so that by the time live 360-degree VR broadcasting does become affordable, it won’t be lacking in any major areas as far as user expectation and value are concerned. With a price of Rs 7,000, it needs to just provide basic but hassle-free smartphone experience to people who don't want to or can't splurge more than Rs 10,000 on a phone. Not only does it offer a good smartphone experience but in some cases does so in a way that puts it ahead of more expensive devices.

However, Moto E is also an unmistakably budget phone, in both design specifications and build quality. The screen on Moto E is covered with tough glass - Gorilla Glass version 3, to be precise - something that is a rarity on mainstream and budget phones. Though it is not slim and light, the compact size, curved back cover and rounded edges make Moto E a phone that is easy to handle and use.
But even if that doesn't happen, he promised, Motorola would update Moto E to the next version of Android. Then there is the Assist app, which can monitor your schedule and put the phone in silent mode when you are sleeping or when you are in a meeting. Fixed focus is not much of an issue when you are shooting portraits or photos of friends, but if you are trying to click close ups, it is a problem. The camera also doesn't capture details well and tries to compensate by sharpening the image. When we used it with a 3G connection and Wi-Fi, we found the connection speed to be satisfactory.

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