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They are powered with the same Snapdragon 400 that we have found in every bit of Android powered watch which has shipped in the west. The larger 49mm model has a 320 x 320 resolution and 278 pixel per inch density while the smaller 45mm version has 280 x 280 with 273 Pixel per inch resolution.
This is nothing spectacular when it comes to the specification, but it is at least cheaper than the competition. On Friday, a group of industry leaders making headway in the Internet of Things (IoT) market announced a cross-industry collaboration effort aimed at unlocking the massive opportunities for consumers and business with IoT devices, and ultimately a way to quickly get everyone to adopting a single open standard. The spearheaded effort, known as the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), is being lead by Arris, CableLabs, Cisco, Electrolux, GE Digital, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Samsung.
The industry collaboration group will hold a talk at MWC 2016 on Tuesday, February 23rd titled “Four Years From Now” that is focused heavily towards their open-source software framework, called IoTivity. There is the larger 49mm version in navy blue and a smaller 45mm version in a lighter blue and a "hue of Aqua colours." The watch is built from silverish looking metal and the wrist bands will will be coloured.
It is interesting to see that the watch has AMOLED Screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display support. The larger watch has 400 mAh battery while the smaller has 300 mAh and is probably lighter. The watch looks good and fancy enough but as with any other Android wear you will have to charge it every other day or not sooner. Basically, the industry has finally reached a point where it realized there are too many proprietary IoT solutions that do not interoperate, and as a result the market is getting off to a slow start.
The talk aims to provide an overview of the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), the specification and certification program, and an overview of the open-source SDK running on anything from “embedded devices to rich platforms supporting multiple communication interfaces.”While the name “IoTivity” sounds more like a PR stunt than anything, the standard will eventually allow devices to communicate across multiple technologies and industries. The framework’s core functionality was written in C and it works on Linux, Android, Arduino, Samsung Tizen and the Yocto Project. Our sources are quite sure that it will be at least a few more weeks before this phone starts shipping. Successor to the Xperia C3, the smartphone features an upgraded full-HD display and is powered by an octa-core MediaTek processor.The internal storage capacity and RAM has also been bumped up compared to the C3.

To accelerate the pace of market adoption, they are agreeing to launch this cross-collaboration effort based around an open source SDK for Linux, Android and several other platforms.
These include home automation, healthcare, the automotive industry, the construction and machinery industries, the security industry, and farming and agriculture, among others.
The major highlight of the phone though is still its 5MP wide-angled front camera targeting the selfie-crazy. Though there are no physical buttons on the front, you still get the soft-touch Home, Back and Task Switcher keys that offer decent feedback. Sadly, these haptic keys are not backlit, so identifying their location in the dark is a bit of a problem. While not exactly made for one hand use, Sony has tried its best to make it less unwieldy thanks to the positioning of the hardware buttons and software features.
The back panel is reminiscent of the material we saw last year on Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. The plastic volume rocker is located at the right edge with the typical Sony watch crown-shaped, metallic power button. Removing the cover reveals two micro-sim card slots and a microSD card slot along with a non-removable battery.
You'll see a camera lens, LED flash, a speaker grille and some Sony and Xperia branding at the back.
The phone is well built and exudes a feeling of durability though the design is not very new.
Though the pixel density is not perfect, you would be hard pressed to notice individual pixels due to the colour saturation. By default, the colours seem a little oversaturated, but you can change the colour temperature to your liking in settings. Touch response was great but it's not clear if the screen comes with Gorilla Glass protection. Being an IPS LCD panel, this smartphone was expected to retain colours even at acute angles, but instead we noticed colour distortion when the screen was viewed at a tilt.

This is probably the only major chink in the otherwise sound armour of Huawei Honor 4X's display panel. We feel that Sony has stuffed the phone with a lot of bloatware including third party apps like Line, Kobo, AVG antivirus. Unlike Honor 6 Plus, this smartphone doesn't allow users to download new themes; however the preloaded themes can be customized.
Its suspend button enables quick access to Back, Home, Recent Tasks, Screen Lock and one-touch optimization.
One can download additional small apps from the Play Store, or even turn a widget into a small app. Sony has also included software optimizations for one hand use including the ability to position certain UI elements on the left or right side of the display. The Honor 4X offers good call quality and signal reception and we did not encounter issues while making calls even in areas where cell signal is relatively weaker. It can last up to a day and half easily with moderate usage, but if you are a heavy user, you will get only one day of juice from this smartphone.
Moreover, the Snapdragon 410's Adreno 306 GPU is ill-equipped to handle such resource-consuming games, thus lag is rather noticeable. However, the images are not perfect, as you can notice some aberrant noise creeping in some photos. However, at Rs 29,490, we feel it's a bit expensive compared to other offerings available in the market (you can buy it at a discounted price online though).
Also, the enhanced selfie camera, which is the highlight feature of the phone, is not as uncommon as it used to be in the past and the results were not extraordinary.

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