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To enhance the readability of your notes, Notes lets you change font size and apply basic text styles to your notes.
Note: You can use most standard text editing mouse actions within the text of notes, such as double-clicking to select a word and dragging to select text.
The following standard text editing keyboard shortcuts can be used to perform functions within the text of individual notes. Note: Text formatting will not be retained if you copy and paste formatted text from one note to another, or to an external text editing application.
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The first option will take the entire Word table along with all formatting done to it, and will insert it into PowerPoint slide. For the second option, you copy the content of the Word table and paste it into an existing PowerPoint table.
Open your PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the required slide where you want a table.
If you liked this tutorial, do look at this book, authored by Geetesh Bajaj and James Gordon. This book is the single most comprehensive content for Microsoft's latest Office suite offering for Mac users.
When you launch the iBooks App on your mobile device, the Book Library will open and you will be presented with the iBooks bookshelf. When you open a book from the book shelf for the first time, the book will open to the first chapter. When reading in the book, if at any time you tap in the upper margin of a page, a number of icons will appear.
As shown below, I have searched for the word 'Crossfades' and the search has returned a number results.
When you return to the Table of Contents and tap the Bookmarks tab, red box below, all of your bookmarks will be listed.
If you touch and hold on a word for a few seconds, a magnifying glass appears showing the word that you touched.
Select the text you want to work with by touching each of the two blue dots and dragging the dots to include the text you want to highlight. If you now return to the Table of Contents and tap the 'Notes' tab, red box below, all of the notes that you nave taken will be displayed. On a page where you have colored text, you can tell the difference between texts that has been highlighted and Notes, because a Note will have a small Note icon in the page margine, red box below. Tap in the note text box, red box below, and the keyboard will appear where you can change the text of your note. If you wish to modify or remove a note completely, tap the colored text of the note and the feature bar will appear.
One thing that I find particularly exciting about the ePub format is that you can embed video clips and audio files right into the ePub pages, which will play right on the page.

You will need to have the free iBooks app installed on your mobile device before you download an ePub.
You can purchase right from your mobile device over the air, tap the 'iBooks' icon on your screen. While you can purchase iBooks from Apple or even Amazon, there are a number of ePub books out there that you can obtain from sources other than a Book Store. After you click on the download link, the book will start to download to your mobile device, you'll see a blue progress bar at the top of your browser window.
5) You will want 'Sync Books' (top of page, red box) checked, and select the 'Selected Books' radio button, red arrow below. Click on the 'Sync' (Apply) button bottom right of the page to load the ePub onto your iPad.
With the explosive growth of mobile devices, digital books are finding their own 'reason d'être', their place in the Universe. From this list, select a new, larger font size for the table content, as shown in Figure 6. Most of us think of a digital book as being a simple digital copy of a book that has been published in print.
An ePub book is much more than just a book, it's a container, a container that can hold text, photos, video and audio. Top left of the book are two icons, 'Library' which will return you to the Library bookshelf and 'Resume'. Top of the page on the left are two icons, the Library icon, red arrow below, which takes you back to the iBooks Library where all of your books are displayed on a book shelf.
In the features bar, starting from the left, are five different colors that you can choose from to highlight your text. The first few words of the text that you selected will appear along with the text that you typed into the 'Notes' text box.
You can change the highlight color, delete a highlight color or remove the note completely.
The three screen shots below are from the 'Final Cut Pro X Visual Quickstart Guide' by Lisa Brenneis from Peachpit.
The chapter is broken down into a number of sections, tap on a section of you'll be taken to that part of the chapter, red box below.
On the iPad, the video will play at small size until you tap the 'Full Screen' icon, red circle below. After the book has been downloaded, you can sync the book over to your mobile device via USB.
For example, I have an 'ePub' Library at my site with ePub books on FCP X, that can be downloaded to your Mac desktop or laptop to sync to your mobile device. Double click on the file to un-zip it, however, your Browser may automatically un-zip the file for you. There are a number of different companies that sell digital books, each one using their own proprietary format; Apple, Amazon and Sony for example.
The first icon (four white squares) will display the books as icons which is how I've shown the Library above. The second icon is the Table of Contents icon, red box below, which will take you back to the Table of Contents which lists the book's chapters. When you tap this icon you are offered the chance to increase or decrease the size of the text that is displayed on the page, as well as change the font style. If that result is not the one you are looking for, simply tap the Search magnifying glass and you will be returned to the Search results list.

Aside from the definition of the word, you can also search the Web and Wikipedia for that word. The color of the highlight that you have selected is circled by an orange ring, shown below, in this case the color blue. Tap the right facing triangle at the right end of the feature bar to bring up the, 'Copy, Define, Search', feature bar. There is also the option to download directly to your mobile device over the air, WiFi and 3G. At Project Gutenberg, there are tens of thousands of free books that are in the 'public domaine', a lot of great classics.
It is possible to Search, Bookmark, Highlight text, take Notes, and look up words in a Dictionary. The middle icon (three white horizontal lines) will show the books in Icon List view, shown below. When you are reading in the book and return to the Table of Contents, if you tap the 'Resume' icon you will be returned to the page that you were on before you went to the Table of Contents. Tap the small A to reduce the size of the font, tap the large A to increase the size of the font.
Sepia which gives the text a warm Sepia tone and the third, Night, meant for reading in the dark. If you want to remove a bookmark, go to the page that is bookmarked, tap the red bookmark, it will disappear from the page and from the Bookmark tab in the Table of Contents. Just to the right of the highlight color options is a white circle with a red line through it, red circle below.
Look up a term in the Index and the pages that reference that term are actual links, click on a page number, purple in color, and you'll be taken to that page.
If you download from the Project Gutenberg site, you'll want to choose the ePub format for your Mac mobile device. If you purchase a book from the iTunes iBook Store on your mobile device, the book will be downloaded directly to your device.
Tapping on any of the chapters in the Table of Contents will take you to the start of that chapter.
This search feature is very powerful as you can search the content of the entire book for a specific word or phrase. An ePub can have a Table of Contents listing chapters, and an Index at the back of the book, all of which are actively linked. If you purchase the book on your Mac desktop or laptop, you can sync it over to your mobile device by attaching your device to your Mac. There are controls for the brightness of the screen, changing the book to Sepia and even put it into 'Night' mode for nighttime reading. In 'Settings' you can turn on or off Text justification, Auto-hyphenation and sync your Bookmarks and Collections to the iCloud. If there are pages that you will want to revisit, bookmarking the page is a great shortcut. To be honest, I think that PDFs display and work better on my iPad then they do on my desktop Mac.

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