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The Upstairs Gallery at Kelly’s Caribbean on Whtiehead at Caroline is dedicated to the literary arts every Wednesday evening. Some of the wacky novel, which has poetry in it and itself is a poem of epic unproportions, is set on the island nation of Dominica, positioned between and a little west of Guadalupe and Martinique in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean.
Protests by Venice residents and environmentalists concerned about the damage caused by increasing Cruise ship traffic to the fragile city, one of the world’s most-popular tourist destinations have been on the rise in recent years! My wife and her helper spent half a day cleaning screens from black and greasy Cruise Ship –exhausts—; the property in Truman annex has been held for almost 24 years and before Cruise Ships NO problems.!!
Next for Venice, and for KW, LOL, ban the small big cruise ships now calling on both cities, which look like behemoths to me.
Bless your big red heart, Jerry, you are a living eye witness that Fantasy Fest is much tamer today than it was in the beginning, and the Citizen Editorial Board’s propaganda this past Sunday put Pravda’s pants on fire doublespeak to shame. As if something was in the wind, perhaps fueled by Key West Chamber of Commerce President Robin Lockwood, M.D. Cruise lines that want to dock in Key West or any other Florida port should have to meet standards of environmental responsibility, two city commissioners said recently. City commissioner Tony Yaniz brought a report by the nonprofit Friends of the Earth to the city board’s Nov.
According to Friends of the Earth, a moderate-sized cruise ship on a one-week voyage with 2,200 passengers and 800 crew members is estimated to produce 210,000 gallons of human sewage. And the report pointed out that the average cruise ship discharges three times more carbon emissions than planes, ferries or trains. Kudos, Jimmy, but what puzzles me is, you have served a number of terms as both a city commissioner and mayor, so why has it taken you so long to do the obvious? Key West receives about 800,000 cruise ship passengers a year, with Carnival being a regular customer. The Friends of the Earth annual report gave Carnival an “A” rating for water quality compliance, and a “C-” for air pollution reduction.
A Carnival spokeswoman on Tuesday said the report was misleading because it only focuses on a couple of elements of a company’s entire “sustainability program,” and serves to suit the nonprofit’s agenda.
Royal Caribbean International received an “A” for sewage treatment and a “F” for air pollution reduction. Disney Cruise lines got an “A” in both sewage treatment and water quality compliance, and a “B” in air pollution reduction. Yaniz said the recent failure of a referendum suggesting a study on the impact of channel dredging sent a clear message to city leaders.
The cruise industry called the Friends of the Earth report misleading, saying it leaves out the fact that the industry “pioneered” wastewater treatment systems “which produce water cleaner than most wastewater treatment facilities in U.S.
Many cruise lines go beyond what is required by law, said a spokesman for the Cruise Lines International Association, in a statement. I hope Tony Yaniz and Jimmy Weekley, and Mayor Cates and the other city commissioners will hear what Reef Relief co-founder DeeVon Quirolo has to say about cruise ship wastewater dumping and treatment.
Then again, maybe they want to be like NY City, where women can go topless at anytime because it is LEGAL in NY. Don’t look good for KW getting itself a nude beach and the hordes of new high-spending tourists from that competing with Fantasy Fest and rendering cruise ship high-penny rollers into molecule-dom.

I guess that Key West could revert to the days when it was a Pirates hangout and that might make the local merchants happy. IF, I was one of the Duval Street merchants not involved in selling booze, food or hotel, I would probably hire myself a BOOBIE PAINTER to bring people into my establishment – rent costumes or whatever during that week. Key West still is a pirates hangout, they go by the names of Swift, Spottswood, Singh, to name a few.
Andy and Barney from Mayberry would have serious heart trembles at Fantasy Fest. A bit more than boobies get flaunted. All of the trees and large branch cores had small to somewhat larger holes in the core, some sort of disease, carpenter ants one employee said it might be. And as strange as this may sound, a similar situation more or less came about in Jacksonville Beach (Duval County) about 15 years ago.
I earlier had received the same link from my oldest first Bashinsky cousin Leo, whose daughter married Ron’s grandson a few years back, which is how Ron and me got to be distant relatives.
Pepe’s considerably more romantic, and food more upscale (generally), but considerably less likely to strike up conversation with innumerable varieties of wackos at Harpoon Harry’s. I saw the sea-rising article earlier today, figured I would read it later since it wasn’t on my plate to publish today. I imagine every home and business down here had a cistern, and the Navy, too, before the first water pipeline was built by the Navy from Florida City to Key West. I could care less, because I ain’t gonna be here to see Key West and Keys developed lowlands be flooded out by seawater, but there are photos of Wilma’s high tide on the Internet, which give a pretty good idea of what 3 feet higher sea level will do to Key West and the Keys. The shit people worry about over which they can do basically zip, when they have so many alligators and crocodiles perched on their front and back door stoops just waiting on people to come out and be eaten before the sharks cruising a few yards farther out even get wind of them. Also, I seem to remember getting larger helpings of food at the Harpoon, and I did observe a lot more locals in the Harpoon than you found in Pepe’s.
I got laughed down by Mayor Morgan McPherson when I called for this very same action during a Tropic Cinema candidate forum in 2007, when you were trying to get your lost mayor’s seat back from Morgan.
I hope Gwen Filosa will speak with DeeVon and report what DeeVon says about cruise ship wastewater dumping and treatment. They run just outside the reef to avoid the offshore counter current of the Gulfstream, which is why the Area to be Avoided was established by the International Maritime Organization to keep them far enough off critical areas where many large ships ran aground the reef. Anyone who is against it – because of the city image and pictures being on the web – really needs to THINK about it long and hard before they run the golden goose off.
They have not replaced any of those lost people – now they bitch about not enough tax revenue, not enough events for businesses.
Just imagine Key West without tourists – probably be a great little sleepy town – local would probably love it but not sure they would love the amount of taxes they would need to pay for current services.
Just saying, if they don’t like all those boobies parading around there really not gonna like it when there are NO BOOBIES! They were to take down all the pines inside the fence, leave the pines standing outside the fence. Apparently the JBPD had been arresting people much like KWPD does today until a large number of wedding reception attendees were arrested, in all their finery, because they had stepped off private property (a beachside restaurant kinda like Salute here in KW) and onto the sand.
Alas, giving homeless people freedom to drink booze until their hearts content does them no favor, since many of them are alcoholics and need to stop drinking.

In a past time, Ron and his beloved wife, when she was living, frequently vacationed in Key West and loved it. The Princess and I used to sample the food at the Harpoon from time to time, but she trended more toward Pepe’s. Holland ain’t surrounded on 4 sides by ocean, I don’t think it gets hit by hurricanes, slightly different engineering problem.
Something else Harpoon has is great oldie music, great art deco, and Monday night open mike. I met Vicki during a poetry reading she hosted at Sippin’ Internet Cafe shortly after I reached Key West in mid-December 2000.
When I was on the Cruise Ship Task Force for the City, we tried running a sample of cruise ship waste through the sewage treatment plant, but it was so anoxic that it would have shut down the anerobic action of the plant by depleting all the oxygen needed. They need to be careful what they ask for – they might get it and they damn sure ain’t gonna like that. When I said you will be able to boil a raw egg in there at high noon when the sun’s out, he said they are going to put up shading. However, it would take a big financial load off the Sheriff, the local courts, the Stock Island hospital and the taxpayers, if Key West stopped, or was forced to stop arresting homeless people just for drinking in public, since it doesn’t arrest anyone else for that. Pepe’s a great place to hang out and eavesdrop local movers and shakers plotting their next caper, deal, etc.
Testimony the Citizen should have put on its front page during the run-up to the let’s bring in bigger cruise ships referendum. Plus it was in salt, not fresh water, so that was an additional negative factor that reduced the potential for the biological treatment that is employed at the plant.
I looked across the street at the much larger kiddies Astro Park playground, which has zip shade, and asked why come the county did not provide shade for the poor little broiled alive kids in that playground for the past 20 years?
I absolutely know that if that scenario were to come to fruition, there would be NO more open container arrests period.
I didn’t figure that was a coincidence, assuming such even exists, which it don’t. The wacky author is moi. Now there won’t be any shade and the equipment will be too hot to get on just like it was across the street at Astro City. The HEAVY WAIT page link in the header to this website tells a bit more about the wacky tale, and how to obtain it if you don’t bump into me.
And in a semi-related matter, a Duval County judge ruled against the Jacksonville city ordinance — declared the ordinance to be unconstitutional — re open containers of alcohol several weeks before Jacksonville was going to be the host for that year’s Super Bowl, ruling that in the very place where the local homeless guys were arrested for their violation that corporate America would be hosting alcohol-fueled parties for VIPs and others during the soon-to-be football game week. I don’t suppose they’d consider putting up some kind of shading now they ruined the playground.
It was for kids from rich families that the new playground was built under the pines and fenced in and restricted solely to kids and adults looking out for them, all to keep homeless people and everyone else therefore from using the kiosks and enjoying the shade those pines provided. The pines outside the little rich kids’ play ghetto will continue to provide shade to homeless people and anyone else, including kids, who care to partake of it, I suppose because they are not rich?

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