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As we all know, Microsoft removed the ability to change the font and font size in the Outlook 2013 folder list.
If the font size in the message list is too large, you can change the size in View Settings, Other Settings and Conditional Formatting. Although Windows 7 does not include the same options as Windows 8, you can still change the Menu font. If you use Word as your editor, you can use Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+] to increase or decrease the font size in HTML messages. I'm slowly getting Win 10, etc., to match my expectations and needs but I don't know what is going to arrive first, Windows solutions or end of life.
The result is a federal-public-debt-to-GDP ratio that would go from its current 75 percent (up from 39 percent in 2008) to 86 percent in 2026 and 141 percent in 2046. If current laws governing taxes and spending remained generally the same, CBO estimates, debt would nearly double as a percentage of GDP over the next 30 years.
Other factors, such as an economic depression, a major war, or unexpected changes in fertility, immigration, or mortality rates, could also affect the trajectory of debt. The CBO’s forecasts have consistently shown that spending on health-care programs and Social Security are far and away the largest drivers of spending over the coming decades as an aging workforce will leave fewer workers to support more retirees. Urdu is the language of lovers, one of the languages which can evoke love inside the most harsh people also.
Foxconn and the Czech Republic-based KKCGare building a new datacente in Prague to cash in on the cloud. Alan Macintyre, CEO of Foxconn Technology CZ added that "Foxconn's new investment strategy focuses not only on building data centers, but also, and more importantly, on providing related services.
Laura Gibson currently manages the digitisation and collections management project at Luthuli Museum, Groutville, KwaZulu-Natal.

Suzan Hanson stars in Francis Poulenc’s “La Voix Humaine” at the Federal Bar in downtown Long Beach.
If you click on the dropdown you will see the items where you can change the text are Title Bars, Menus, Message Boxes, Palette Titles, Icons and Tool Tips.
You can try changing text settings- or just increasing your overall zoom level for windows. I have seen this functionality in an e-mail message, however I have not located any zoom-functionality in the preview-windows (see attached screen shot).
That projection is very uncertain, however, so the agency examined how it would change if four key inputs — labor force participation, productivity in the economy, interest rates on federal debt, and health care costs per person — were different from their levels in the extended baseline. Taking all factors into account, CBO concludes that despite the considerable uncertainty of long-term projections, debt as a percentage of GDP would probably be greater — in all likelihood, much greater — than it is today if current laws remained generally unchanged.
The Democrats have a plan: They will grow spending, tax the rich more, expand Social Security, add a public option to Obamacare, get in the way of innovation and the sharing economy, and add more sclerosis to the labor market.
With it's ability to express every possible emotion with the sweetest of words, here is a compilation of shortest poems in urdu which will change your outlook on life. The first data center in Prague is a pilot project, which we want to follow by an expansion throughout Europe. This is the 1959 opera by Francis Poulenc, and its cast consists of Suzan Hanson as Elle and… well, that’s it. From politics to police, I'm always on the scene digging for the truth and reporting on the real story. Changing the "Menus" as in your tip doesn't seem to encourage the change to cascade on through the sub menus. I am using Windows 7 64-bits have tried doing the changes as described above (Control panel and Personalization etc.) but nothing happends.

It is also a slight improvement over the previous projections due to lower than expected interest rates. The resulting projections show that debt in 2046, measured as a share of GDP, could be much larger or smaller than it is in the extended baseline, ranging from nearly twice the largest amount recorded in U.S. As we know, spending money and more government interventions in the economy have done wonders to our economy so far. One client changed almost everything to 12 which I think is a little over the top, but he really likes it. However, CBO warns, a 1 percent addition increase in the rate would propel the debt to GDP level at 188 percent. My emphasis is on communicating through visuals, but I have adapted to newsprint and excel at writing and covering local issues important to the community. So if you are having trouble reading text in Office 2013 applications, play around with it and I think you will be able make some adjustments which will really improve the look and feel of outlook and other applications as well. I am always looking for a different angle and strive to inform the reader about the deeper issues with new and innovative ways.
I am excited to be part of journalism's evolving future and will take on any challenge with determination and originality.

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