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Nvidia has added a couple of more games to its Shield Hub app store, including Half-Life 2: Episode 2 game. At its Shield Android hub store, Nvidia has also listed a couple of games as incoming, including Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Resident Evil 5 and Borderlands 2 so there will be plenty of good titles in the future as well.
MIUI 7 is the latest incarnation of Xiaomi’s Android implementation, and it’s one of the best non-stock Android experiences out there. On the other hand, MIUI offers excellent customisation options, a lot of clever shortcuts and features (including great on-device search), and at the end of the day, it just looks good. MIUI is more than a skin, because it includes a lot of custom apps, like the Xiaomi security suite, badass camera app, and a good music player. We already mentioned the great sensor suite which enables users to run all sorts of niche apps that might not work on a lot of devices. Well, apart from the fact that it has no 4G support, it’s just like a regular Mi4, which is good news. Ergonomics are great, and at under 140mm tall, the phone is relatively compact for its screen size. The brushed aluminium sides offer a fair amount of grip, but the glossy back can be an issue if you have sweaty hands.
TAG Heuer for $1500Traditional luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced its $1500 smartwatch which is a victory for Intel.
The watch itself is significant because it is an indication that traditional watchmakers will have to provide some sort of smartwatches. The TAG Heuer Connected watch has an Intel Atom Z34xx SOC which has a peak frequency of 1.6GHz but TAG Heuer notes that the nominal frequency will be more like 500MHz.
What is weird is that the while the watch has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, it does not have a heart rate monitor or GPS.
The Connected is based on TAG Heuer's Carrera mechanical watch, and after two years the company will allow you to trade in your Connected along with $1500 to receive an actual Carrera.

Le constructeur chinois Xiaomi ajoute a sa gamme de produits high tech une valise intelligente entierement en aluminium et magnesium. Baptisee Xiaomi 90 Minutes Smart Suitcase, cette valise a ete concue a partir de materiaux composites utilises dans l’aeronautique. Elle se connecte via Bluetooth et peut-etre verrouillee ou deverrouillee grace une application dediee. Make sure you enter the (*) required information where indicated.Basic HTML code is allowed. MIUI 7 also looks a bit different than its predecessors, because Xiaomi has finally dropped the last skeuomorphic elements in its design. It’s nowhere near stock Android, so if you are new to it, MIUI may take some time getting used to. The phone is very responsive and the Snapdragon 801 has no trouble keeping up with anything you throw at it. Good thing it’s removable, because you can customise your Mi4 with a range of rear covers (eg all sorts of wood covers are available).
Of course, the powerful SoC and oversized Adreno 330 GPU can use up a lot of power, especially if you start gaming. But what is interesting from a technology angle is that it is a coup for Intel’s Internet of Things. It also has a 1GB of RAM and 4GB of NAND which is double what is normally seen in Android wear projects. This seems to suggest that the company thinks that users will give up their smartwatches eventually and go back to the real thing.
While it's getting difficult to offer differentiation, phone makers are taking the kitchen sink approach trying to stuff in devices with all possible features and playing the specifications card. Basically, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Mi4 running KitKat and a Mi4c running Lollipop. You can even expand email notifications once you unlock the phone; you have to open them instead.

This is a problem for all phones based on high-end processors, so we can’t hold it against the Mi4. Lack of 4G support means you can’t bleed the battery as fast as you would on a 4G device, but you’ll have to live with lower data speeds. In addition, the Mi4 should get a few more software updates and move to Android 6.0 sometime next year. Apple's approach to smartwatches has been to try and stuff everything it can into its designs, which turns out not to be that much. A lot of people still get by with 16GB, but youths who like to install loads of apps and carry around a vast music collection will have to look elsewhere.
It also gives direct access to Wi-Fi connections, Music Player, Gallery, weather information, and others. Quality of videos recorded with the rear camera was average though it supports 1080p resolution. However, the phone didn't slow down when multiple apps or multiple Chrome tabs were open simultaneously.
The Canvas Xpress 2 is one of the cheapest octa-core processor-equipped phone and offers smooth performance but the lack of RAM affects multitasking. The Redmi 2 has a better camera compared to the Xpress 2 and supports 4G on both sim card slots.

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