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Soy de argentina y quisiera saber si es necesario tener un adaptador de 110v a 220v para este modelo? As we all know, Microsoft removed the ability to change the font and font size in the Outlook 2013 folder list. If the font size in the message list is too large, you can change the size in View Settings, Other Settings and Conditional Formatting. Although Windows 7 does not include the same options as Windows 8, you can still change the Menu font.
If you use Word as your editor, you can use Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+] to increase or decrease the font size in HTML messages.
I'm slowly getting Win 10, etc., to match my expectations and needs but I don't know what is going to arrive first, Windows solutions or end of life. If you click on the dropdown you will see the items where you can change the text are Title Bars, Menus, Message Boxes, Palette Titles, Icons and Tool Tips.

You can try changing text settings- or just increasing your overall zoom level for windows.
I have seen this functionality in an e-mail message, however I have not located any zoom-functionality in the preview-windows (see attached screen shot). Changing the "Menus" as in your tip doesn't seem to encourage the change to cascade on through the sub menus.
I am using Windows 7 64-bits have tried doing the changes as described above (Control panel and Personalization etc.) but nothing happends.
One client changed almost everything to 12 which I think is a little over the top, but he really likes it.
So if you are having trouble reading text in Office 2013 applications, play around with it and I think you will be able make some adjustments which will really improve the look and feel of outlook and other applications as well. Si lo quieren adquirir tengan en cuenta que es para LEER, lo demas es ACCESORIO, asi que si son adictos a navegar y bloggear olvidense.

Para ello disponemos de las siguientes herramientas: * QualityEpub - Software gratuito para Windows que permite crear un fichero MOBI o AZW a partir de cualquier documento de Microsoft Word (DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT). En castellano. * Amazon KindleGen - Software gratuito para Windows, Linux y Mac que permite crear un MOBI a partir de un ePub o un OPF. En ingles. * Mobipocket Creator - Software gratuito para Windows que permite crear un MOBI a partir de un DOC.

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