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When I selected this local datastore and finished the expansion I saw following result in the vSphere Client direct to the ESXi and via vCenter. Since VMFS3 and VMFS5 have different characteristics you will have to take that into consideration when upgrading the filesystem. You will need to add additional LUN to aggregate the space  and after scanning i can increase the datastore again and verify! In Online upgrade mode verify that all hosts have consistent storage connectivity to the VMFS datastore.

If you plan to complete the upgrade of the locking mechanism by putting the datastore into maintenance mode, disable Storage DRS. You can configure % peak throughput  or adjusted to manual when you can actually control the latency. The operation is simple and most of the times the server does not need to be shut down; but it depends on the OS running on that VM.
Expanding a disk is normally no problem when you are able to increate the size of the disk.

You can connect to your ESXi host directly (with the vSphere Client) if you don’t have vCenter.
Just right-click the C volume and choose Resize Partition.Drag the slide to the right to use all the available space.

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