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Bianca Beauchamp was born in Montreal, Quebec to a French Canadian father and an Italian mother.
Beauchamp has become successful in latex fetish modelling, appearing on the covers of publications. In 2006 (10 years ago), Beauchamp announced the release of a Bianca Beauchamp - Fetish Sex Symbol which focuses on her modelling career as a latex fetish model.
In 2007 (9 years ago), she released her movie Bianca Beauchamp: All Access, a reality-documentary directed and edited by her partner Martin Perreault. 14, 1977 (39 years ago)) is a Canadian fetish and adult model, known for her glamour, erotic and latex modeling. She dismisses criticism about the implants, deeming it hypocritical to applaud people for improving their intellects while condemning them for improving their bodies.
2008 (8 years ago), Beauchamp premiered her new movie Bianca Beauchamp All Access 2:Rubberized at the Montreal Fetish Weekend, with full red carpet treatment and a sold out theater.

2007 (9 years ago) and issued as a 2-disc Special Edition DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) in sep.
Her photos have also been in several Playboy Special Editions and on the cover of Book of Lingerie. The movie was acquired by distributor HALO 8 Entertainment at the Fantasia Festival and is slated for a wide release in North America on Jan. 2009 (7 years ago), she appears on the cover of Bizarre magazine, her 9th cover for the UK magazine, confirming her lead as the model who appeared the most times on Bizarre. In partnership with her website and Ritual Entertainment, she portrayed the character Elexis Sinclaire for the video game, SiN Episodes.

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