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The Rutherford model had a major drawback, it could not explain why electrons do not fall into the nucleus by taking a spiral path. Bohr's Atomic ModelIn order to explain the stability of an atom, Neils Bohr gave a new arrangement of electrons in the atom in 1913. The electrons revolve rapidly around the nucleus in fixed circular paths called energy levels or shells. There is no change in the energy of electrons as long as they keep revolving with the same energy level.
The important postulates in his theory are,Electrons revolve round the nucleus with definite velocities in concentric circular orbits situated at definite distances from the nucleus.
Since the value of Z is constant for an atom, r n ? n2 , so radius increases with increasing the value of n. Bohr atomic model states that the spectrum series arises when an electron jumps from an initial stationary orbit (with principle quantum number ni) to the final orbit (with principle quantum number nf).
Hence Wave number=$ \frac{1}{\lambda}$ = R$Z^2$[$\frac{1}{n_f^{2}}-\frac{1}{n_i^{2}}$] . Bohr model could not explain those atoms which have more than one electron like lithium, helium. It was in concurrence with the electromagnetic theory that states "if a charged particle undergoes accelerated motion, then it must radiate energy (lose) continuously".The objections of Rutherford atomic model was contested by Niels Bohr atomic model in 1913.
According to Neils Bohr, the electrons could revolve around the nucleus in only 'certain orbits' (energy levels), each orbit having a different radius.

Electrons have a negative charge and protons have a positive charge whereas neutrons have no charge. The 'energy levels' or 'shells' or 'orbits' are represented in two ways: either by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 or by letters K, L, M, N, O and P. The shell nearest to the nucleus has minimum energy and the shell farthest from the nucleus has maximum energy.
But, when an electron jumps from a lower energy level to a higher one, some energy is absorbed while some energy is emitted. He gave many mathematical expressions like radius of orbits, velocity and energy of electrons.
Energy of electron in nth orbitAccording to Bohr atomic model, the maximum energy value of electron at infinite is zero because of negligible attraction force between electron and nucleus at infinite distance.
But in Bohr theory, there are infinite number of orbits, so more than one line is observed in spectrum.
This model was applicable only for those atoms which have one electron.Bohr theory explained only spherical orbits. When an electron is revolving in a particular orbit or particular energy level around the nucleus, the electron does not radiate energy (lose energy) even though it has accelerated motion around the nucleus.
When an electron jumps from a higher energy level to a lower one, the amount of energy absorbed or emitted is given by the difference of energies associated with the two levels.
Due to the presence of equal number of negative electrons and positive protons, the atom as a whole is electrically neutral.

Thus, if an electron jumps from orbit 1 (energy E1) to orbit 2 (energy E2), the change in energy is given by E2 - E1. These are termed stationary states or main energy states.Bohr proposed that the angular momentum of an electron is quantized. Energy of electron is the sum of its potential energy because the electron lies in the field of the positive nucleus and kinetic energy which is due to motion of electron. The energy change is accompanied by absorption of radiation energy of E = E2 E1 = h where, h is a constant called 'Planck's constant' and is the frequency of radiation absorbed or emitted.
The absorption and emission of light due to electron jumps are measured by use of spectrometers. Similarly, when an electron jumps from an outer orbit to inner orbit it releases energy, which is equal to the difference between the two energy levels. The energy thus released in the form of a radiation of a certain frequency appears in the form a line in the atomic spectrum.
If the energy of an electron in the outer orbit (n2) is E2 and energy of electron in the inner orbit (n1) is E1 then E2 - E1 = ?E = h$\nu$.The value of n could be small integers 1, 2, 3 and these correspond to the first, second, third, and so on.

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