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If that value is set to A1, for instance, the PDF will be generated on A1 size, although the paper size on the printer settings was A3. The printing size result will be determined by the printer settings first, then the Printer Setup generic dialog box. You will also find this site useful for learning CAD software online or CAD training in general. Any use of the contents herein without express written permission from CAD International is forbidden and protected by local and international copyright law. All contents on this site, page or web space are copyright© 1998-2016 - CAD International.

International Standards Organisation (ISO) has established a series of set paper sizes that range from A0 (the largest) to A7 (the smallest). The standard layout is portrait – however, the document size and design may lend itself to a landscape format. Here you will find advice, guides and information about printing, prepress and design as well as the latest news from us! Use this site to locate CAD drawing software, CAD design software and all manner of CAD programs.
Multiple formats can be employed to suit the communication piece and budget, including stapled booklets, concertina folding (when a page opens several times), gate fold (often seen in magazines, where an A4 page will open up to become A3), roll fold (often seen in letters when an A4 sheet is folded to DL) etc.

We specifically do not pass on your contact or personal details to third parties without your permission.

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