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The dielectric material between the two plates is the main element of the capacitor that gives rise to the different properties of the different types of capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are high-voltage capacitors that produce a high value of capacitance in a small component at the expenses of wide tolerance in the marked value and the necessity to connect the capacitor so that one terminal is always positive.
Ceramic or disc capacitors are manufactured by coating two sides of a small porcelain or ceramic disc with silver and then stacking them together to create a capacitor.
Ceramic capacitors have multiple layers in order to ensure that sufficient levels of capacitance can be obtained with a single capacitor package.
The most commonly available types of capacitors are film capacitors, which consist of a relatively large family of capacitors with the difference being in their dielectric properties.
Similar to electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors are also polarized but use tantalum within the construction of the capacitor to provide extremely high levels of capacitance for any given volume.
Although all capacitors work essentially the same way, key differences in the construction of different capacitor types makes an enormous difference in their properties.

The type of internal dielectric, the structure of the plates and the device packaging all strongly affect the characteristics of the capacitor and its applications. When very large capacitance values are required, electrolytic capacitors are generally used. They are generally small, cheap and useful for high-frequency applications, although their capacitance varies strongly with voltage.
Although other styles are available, the three main types of ceramic capacitors include leaded disc ceramic capacitors, multilayer surface mount chip ceramic capacitors and specialist microwave bare leadless disc ceramic capacitors.
They can come in an assortment of shapes and case styles including wrap and fill (oval and round), epoxy case (rectangular and round) and metal hermetically sealed (rectangular and round).
Each capacitor type has its own set of characteristics and applications from small delicate trimming capacitors up to large-power metal can type capacitors used in high-voltage power correction and smoothing circuits.
Some capacitors have the metal plates rolled up into a cylinder to form a small package which makes them look like tubes.

Due to their large capacitance and small size, they are also used in DC power supply circuits to help reduce the ripple voltage, or for coupling and decoupling applications.
Some capacitors are sealed using an epoxy resin after being constructed from ceramic materials. High-capacity electrolytic, also known as supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, have applications similar to those of rechargeable batteries.
They are non-polarized devices and they exhibit large non-linear changes in capacitance against temperature.

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