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Sometimes you have to invest to save - particularly when trying to move services online - and this piece of work is part of that. The new designs are already saving staff time and money and will help us to provide more information online, which is what our residents want. We are absolutely committed to delivering value for money and it is completely wrong to suggest otherwise.
This level of vanity spending on a logo is a slap in the face to all local residents who stump up their council tax each year.

Barely a week goes by without one council or another complaining about cuts to their budgets, claiming there are no more savings to be made but this just goes to prove that it is not always the case. Councils should be focusing on frontline services and helping hard-pressed families by keeping council tax down, not giving themselves makeovers. If you have any questions before making a purchase, chat with our online sales to get more information. Note: The size written down must be the size of ready-made suit,please measure with your suit on when take measurements.

It is proposed that for all items except letterheads, the logo drops the use of the word council and replaces this with gov.uk instead, reflecting our commitment to digital by default.

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