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Have you ever made a PDF file and wanted to email it but it was just too big and took forever? Even though Adobe and other PDF file editing programs automatically compress PDF files when saved, it may still be too big at times and this will make it hard for you to upload to your website or email, especially when it comes to long documents. One of the simplest and most available method to reduce PDF size would probably be to use Adobe Acrobats built in size reduction feature. To get into more detail and have more control over PDF file size reduction, the PDF Optimizer tool is a great way to reduce PDF size. PrimoPDF is a PDF application that lets you print to PDF files straight through your browser. One of the simplest ways to reduce any file size is to compress it into a zip file which will reduce the file size by a substantial amount. For those who have MAC and want to use a built in program to reduce PDF file size, a simple and efficient method is to launch preview and select the file you wish to reduce from the Open menu. Reduce PDF Size assists you in compressing your large PDF documents, in order to bypass the size limitations imposed to e-mail attachments and save a significant amount of storage space.
While there are various other applications that have the same functionality, this one performs the jobs at relatively high speed, while keeping things as easy as possible for beginners.
Usage is simple, since your only task is to select the input files and choose the output location where the compressed files will be saved.
There are five different compression settings that you can choose from, which directly affect the document quality. One of its advantages is that it does not alter the original files in any way during the compression process, saving the output in a whole other location. The main window allows you to view the progress of the procedure for each PDF document, along with data on the output path, the initial and the final sizes.
The size of PDF files that contain embedded images can be quite large, which makes it difficult for you to share them with others, send them via e-mail or store them on portable devices, such as tablets or smartphones. If you have received (or created) a single- or multi-page PDF file and notice that it is significantly larger than you expected or too large to include as an email attachment, you may be able to reduce its size using the Preview program in Mac OS X. A PDF file may contain images (in JPG format) or it may contain ONLY a JPG image with no text.
So, first try the easy solution and if that is not good enough, follow the directions below to create an additional filter for Preview to use.
The reason the quality may not be good enough, is that the standard Quartz filter provided by Preview uses a 50% quality reduction for any included JPG images embedded in the PDF file. Gotcha #1: Once you have created a new filter, you then have to move it into a new location so that Preview can make use of it.
Gotcha #2 (Lion only): This new location itself is not normally visible to you, if you're using Lion, but it's not hard to find it if you know how! In the Finder click on the Go menu and choose Library, which will open in a window we shall refer to as window #1. In window #2 select the folder named Library, which should include a folder named PDF Services, which you should also select.

Start the Preview application and follow the very first procedure in this tip, using the new filter and check the quality and size of the resulting PDF file. I have not been able to find a solution to reduce PDF file size without my images becoming too blurry for professional use.
We have lots of ppt files (full of high quality biology images) and the reason we want to transform to pdf is because pdf is waaaay smaller. However, I have a large PDF file from someone else (only 9 pages, 27.7 MB), that I want to e-mail. It worked pretty well for me: reduced my pdf file size from 10 MB to about 1 MB, so pretty happy with that. Not sure why mine worked out so much better than these, but I used this method and it reduced my file sizes drastically (one example: 25mb down to less than 1!) with NO loss of quality.
I agree with what was said above, this only works if you have a pdf without images, or the images are not important to you.
Thank you for your tip, but I followed your instructions, and my file came out the exact same size!
When trying with a pdf file of 30.9 MB, select the filter reduce file size, it actually make it bigger!!! Yer, it reduces the file size by 80%, but the quality is so shit you can’t read anything. To reduce the size of the resulting PDF file, either the original document should be adjusted (by reducing the quality of the images, or removing the cropped regions of the inserted images) or the PDF compression settings should be set to the highest compression value in novaPDF's Printing Preferences.
Or maybe you just wanted to store files on a flash drive but your PDF files were taking too much space.
There are many methods outlined to help you reduce PDF size, and it is up to you to choose what is most convenient for you.
To do this you must launch Adobe Acrobat and from the file menu safe the file as a “Reduced Size PDF” through the Save As option. Compression works especially well with a PDF file and it is very easy to reduce PDF files to a smaller PDF size.
Batch operations are supported, which means that you don't have to compress one file at a time, but select multiple PDF documents and wait for the application to process them all. The program can generate PDF files that are intended exclusively for screen-view, low-quality e-books or high-quality documents designed for printing and prepress procedures. However, be warned, the 'quick fix' solution in Preview may result in an unacceptably poor quality PDF. This type of PDF file may suffer significantly in quality when reduced with this 'quick fix', in which case you would need to perform an additional step (more on this later). You can't alter the standard Quartz filter directly, but you can make a new one with a higher quality setting that will still yield a significantly smaller PDF file.
Many people are looking for ways to reduce the pdf file size, some even choose to purchase third party software to create pdf file in Mac. Most of my PDFs are from professors powerpoints, so I think they had a lot of unreduced images in them.

I had an assignment due and I have been trying for a week to figure out how to reduce the file size. I keep sending out invoices in PDF formats and clients find it easier when its a smaller size.
Whatever the reason may be at one point in time you’ve probably wanted to reduce a PDF file to a smaller size. To decrease PDF size using PrimoPDF just open the PDF file you wish to reduce through any PDF reader, then through the print menu select PrimoPDF as your printer. Just locate the file, right click on the desired PDF file and select “send to” and “Compresses folder”. In order to reduce the size you must Click the “Quarts Filter” menu and choose “Reduce File Size”. Also, some PDF files may get slightly larger - it all depends on the nature of the contents of your original PDF file. I have nearly been in tears with trying to reduce the pdf size and getting very annoyed when everyone is telling me you can’t do it!! We just drop the file on it and it converts to a 60% smaller pdf file, with a good quality. This will convert the PDF file into a ZIP file instead of a PDF file, which can later be unzipped and made viewable in its original format. However, even if you reduce the dimensions of the image in the document (or the program does its automatic resize), the entire size of the image is still kept.
In this tip we explain both the quick fix and what you can do if the quick fix is unsuitable.
So one solution to reduce the file size of a pdf printed from a document with images is to force the program into compressing and deleting the cropped areas of the images in the entire document.
In the Compress Pictures window, make sure that Delete cropped areas of pictures is selected.
By default Compress Content is selected, which will compress the text and graphics when converting to PDF so that the size of the PDF file will be smaller.
However, this is the Normal compression so if you want to have the smallest possible size of the resulting PDF, the compression settings should be set to the Maximum compression value, as well as checking the Convert images and Downsample images options. By default novaPDF embeds the font subsets, to ensure that the recipient of the PDF will see the text with the same font as it was in the original document.
However, if you consider that having the font substituted wouldn't be a problem (or if the recipient of the PDF has the fonts you're using), you can uncheck the option to embed font subsets.

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