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Foods to improve sex drive in males

Known as a natural aphrodisiac, taking avocados can help attain a heightened sexual energy that was hitherto absent in your sexual life.
Again, a pleasant fruit that is rich in potassium and vitamin B, which are nutrients that are required for optimum sexual satisfaction and production of testosterone, bananas produce energy for the person and this help to increase sexual libido of men as well as women. Bananas can be included in your daily diet to attain maximum benefit.
Rich in vitamin B6 and B5 that is necessary for reducing stress levels in the body, eggs not only help in increasing sexual libido, but also balance the hormone levels in the body which too impact sexual libido a great deal. Figs contain amino acids that are helpful in increasing female libido.  Taking figs every day will also enhance your sexual libido. Licorice is helpful for women who have vaginal dryness due to estrogen fluctuation in the body. When someone’s sex desire or urge begins to decline, it is termed as loss of libido or loss of sex urge or sex instinct. There can be many reasons for the loss of sex urge in the women, physical or psychological they may be.
Don’t let your problem overcome you rather find a solution for it to keep your relationship strong.
In case a medical condition is accountable for decline in sex desire, changing medication plan may help out. Regular exercise is not only good for overall health but it also help to increase sex drive. Tiredness, sickness, busy routines, unhappy and tense relationship are some of the major causes of diminishing sex desires. Related Posts:How to Increase Libido in MenBefore implying ways to increase male sex and libido, you must understand the cause of decline in sex drive and libido. Welcome to how to increase female libido.  First let me explain how a low sex drive can impact your marriage.
If you regularly reject the sexual advances of your husband, it can damage his ego and ultimately damage the emotional and spiritual well being of your relationship. You’re also depriving yourself of the opportunity to bond mentally, spiritually, and physically with your spouse. A 2006 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that women who ate chocolate every day experienced a higher sexual desire than those who didn’t.
In fact, studies have revealed that women who exercise frequently become sexually aroused more often and are able to reach orgasm sooner and more intensely than women who don’t.

But the Bible says that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in His image (Psalm 139:14).
When you can accept yourself, you will bring glory to God, tear down emotional barriers, and experience a new sexual freedom. On this page you’ll find sex questions submitted by other visitors along with our answers.
Wrong for same sex relationships but what the does the Bible say about anal sex for husbands and wives? One of the first things you must do in order to transform physical intimacy within your relationship is to get rid of all the myths you’ve held on to over the years.
Many researchers suggest that the ever fluctuating hormones in a woman’s body finally take a toll during her middle age and lead to varying degrees of sexual problems. However, there are quite a few natural ways by which a woman’s libido too can be made to increase. If you are in your middle age and have a lack of sexual libido, here are some natural ways to try.
Androsterone, a hormone that is released through the perspiration of men is a hormone that is similar to pheromones that help in attracting females in animals. As celery is a healthy vegetable and has as pleasant taste, it is something which can be taken by everyone. Licorice root can be taken in 2-3 ml quantities 2-3 times a day or as directed by the physician. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
However, this problem can also be caused by certain other factors such as illness, side effects from medications, hormonal imbalances of testosterone or estrogen, depression, mental or physical disability or even drug or alcohol abuse. If you don’t feel like talking to him, better make a list of problems that you think are the major causes of your declining sex drive.
Convey the things to him in a way that at no point he feels that the problems are because of him. However, there are women in which interest of sex decline despite of having a well-controlled life. Isn’t it time you stopped depriving yourself of pleasure and started bonding with your husband? Dark chocolate contains something called serotonin which enhances your mood, and phenylethylamine which changes the brain chemistry and mimics the feeling of being in love.

They also contain potassium which aids in regulating the female thyroid gland, this helps enhance female libido. Ginseng also increases blood circulation and provides energy to the body which too is good for overall sexual health. Apart from these, there can be some sexual ordeal like rape, abuse, problems with body features etc.
Once you are aware of the actual problem, try to do some research and find other people with same problem and their experiences how they treated it.
However, there are a million products on the market that claim to produce results but don’t, so use caution. Potassium helps in increasing thyroid function which will again increase female sexual urge.
However, you must be surprised to know that this is not the problem of one or two women, there are many. Women often feel uncomfortable to talk this problem with doctors, but let me tell you it is even more complex to talk about the problem with your partner. Testosterone therapy is the therapy that cannot be used without an authorized doctor who knows how to use testosterone.
Vitamin B6 encourages the production of male hormones and folic acid is essential for metabolizing proteins in the body. If you feel that there are no physical aspects behind this problem then look at psychological ones. If you are unable to solve the problem, seeking help of a marriage counselor or sex therapist is the best option. The second method is to use an injection of testosterone enanthate of 50mg or 100mg with a gap of three or four weeks for certain period of time. It is important to mention here that though, the use of testosterone pills lower the blood levels of HDL cholesterol but the chances of heart attack also increase in the women who take them.

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