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A cautionary tale about accent marks! When I learned how to use Apple Macs and make the transition from drawing board to computer monitor, I undertook an excellent crash course on desktop publishing and graphic design software.
You can view the curriculum overview followed by pupils in each year group, and the timetables for each class.
The Dominant colours in the brick are the burghundy and the rust.  Naturally, the opposite to those colours is green!
Love the title of this post… we ended up with Rusty Nail (a Benjamin Moore colour) in our living room at our previous house because the flooring dictated it!!! You have no idea how happy I am to have found this blog, and as such I’ve subscribed and saved you as a favorite! I can share photos of my home via my photobucket account, if you wouldn’t mind taking a peek? In the interior of a kitchen furniture is the centerpiece of this room and so, apart from being bright and pleasant, should be useful in allowing us access to the dishes, pots and utensils easily. In the interior decoration of kitchens usually combine different types of furniture, which are under the counter and those from the ceiling like cabinets or shelves. And of course I had to learn how to use an Apple Mac. After settling into our seats for the first lesson, the tutor told us a little story. I remember your last living room too and the Rusty Nail was beautiful – not as nice as your new house though!!
However, with the color pallette you gave above (the one with your kitchen backsplash) I can see how it would work!
Do you remember the name of that paint color, or if custom blended, the recipe the store writes on the paint can lid? My biggest complaints are that my house is too dark and has a natural woodwork throughout – not enough natural sunlight.
Ideally, I’d love to paint the coved ceiling (above the picture rail) a different color than the walls below the picture rail. I’m looking to do a complete overhaul of my home to freshen it up, including my dreary basement with 70’s style paneling, grey tiled floors, ugh!

If you want any thoughts or help you can also check out my Online Consulting which I’ve made affordable and fun!!!!
The cream colour is Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream and the rust is Benjamin Moore Tawny Rose – both lovely rich and beautiful colorus.
My kitchen cabinetry is honey maple, black marble counter tops, an island, black and stainless steel appliances. Decorating cabinets keep your kitchen more attractive, Here are some ideas for decor above the kitchen cabinets. All you do is hit the 'Alt' button on the left hand side of the keyboard, then type in the number code given on the chart. He told us about a student he had once taught - let's call him Pete - a full time undergraduate doing a 3 year graphic design degree. Pete was a talented chap - he had a good eye, and he was pretty handy with Photoshop and Quark. Out of curiosity, in your picture of the brick fire place… what is name of the color under the deep red??
And keep in mind that the computer really can distort things, but in ‘real-life’ this colour should check in a bit with your grout and also help to accent your brick! If you paint something with it send me some pics, I’d love to see before and afters!!!
My full bath on this level is the original 1920’s black and white tiled floor, white subway tiled walls most the way up the wall with a black tiled border, and white painted woodwork – right now the drywall area above the tile is guess what?
However, when I tried that same color in the nearby dreary basement staircase — not so appealling.
I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the color green you used in the photo with the brown couch in front of the green wall. I’ve also had clients had a lot of luck with Palladian Blue when they are looking for a restful feeling as well as Silver Marlin. Ken (the tutor) didn't think he would have too much trouble breaking into graphic design employment. He was right. My fiance and I are trying to decide on paint colors around our fire place and I really like this shade.

I really appreciate how the lighting in a room can dramatically change the color to amber or burnt orange. Realistically, I can view a beautifully decorated home and appreciate its elegance and flow, but when I view a color palette to emulate that look in my own home, my brain gets color confused and I haven’t a clue which direction to go. And since it’s the same visual space, does my dining and foyer area have to be painted the same colors as the living room?
I have searched high and low for this exact color, yet everything I have found thus far either seems to be too much on the sage side or too much on the lime side.
I loooove Brookside Moss, we also did it in my Moms powder room and it’s just the most lovely green.
I’ve come to the realization that while I appreciate a beautiful space, choosing paint colors, no matter how hard I try, is all greek to me. The dining area abutts the kitchen where I have the SW Viva Gold walls and dark cherry cabinetry and woodwork in there (I don’t mind changing the wall color in the kitchen either, if necessary). I’d love to go with Kelly Green walls in this space (I decided I’m determined to incorporate this beautiful color in my home!), but what does that mean for the rest of the rooms on this floor? I am assuming it is Benjamin Moore since you referenced them in the preceding paragraph, but please let me know if I am mistaken.
It works the same as the chart, just hold down the 'Alt' key and type in the four digit code. Someone even suggested black (I even have the Aura paint on hand!), in which case, I love the idea to add pops of color against the black (like a rusty orange). Just open the viewer from the top right flag icon (or Character Palette icon) of your Apple menu and press the ALT key. If you have a character selected already, the Glyphs palette will give you the option of viewing all 'Alternatives for Selection' which narrows the field nicely. Using Keyboard Shortcuts The most efficient workflow comes from learning the keyboard shortcuts by heart.

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