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You can make over 20 of these stress balls with a single bag of flour, so each ball will cost just pennies. If you don’t feel like making your own, or don’t want to risk them breaking and having to clean up a floury mess, you can always shell out the extra money for a store-bought stress ball. Even if you aren’t stressed, these squishy little balls are so much fun to play with, and squeezing them is just so satisfying. When stress balls were ultra trendy, they often cost even more (though there were more cheap knock-offs then too). If you know where to shop, you can manage to get the materials for almost two dozen balls for less than a single name-brand ball would cost to buy.

Check out the video to see exactly how to make stress balls of your own and get cool design ideas as well. They aren’t much bigger or more complex than those giant superballs they used to sell in the grocery store gum machines for 25 or 50 cents way back in the day. Now that they are more normal to see around, they are less expensive, but still a little pricey for what you get. This infectious disease themed stress ball is designed to gross out your friends (and you) and even jokes about how it will reduce your appetite.
Particularly since you can make your own stress balls relatively easily for hardly any money at all.

As long as you use the funnel method and are careful with the flour, you should have very little clean up too.
It’s always nice when a craft project doesn’t result in a huge mess that takes as long to clean up as the project did to build (or longer!).

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