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If the title and that astoundingly subtle lead-in didn’t clue you in enough, I’m talking about the late-’80s craze of high-waisted shorts resurfacing on the rumps of college-aged girls everywhere.
If you’re going to ignore my advice and still rock the high-waisted look, the least you can do is own it with a pair of professionally made shorts. This is a magic trick that David Blaine couldn’t even pull off, yet these mom jean enthusiasts shock crowds with no sleight-of-hand or magic words required. Before the feminists start blasting me on Twitter, I realize that not every item of women’s clothing is made for the sole purpose of enticing sexual interest from men. It’s a scientific fact that the older a person gets, the higher up their waistline ultimately becomes. I’m about as conservative as they come and I think this article is freaking rude and stupid.
Most would rather see a rather hefty belly covered, than spilling out over the top of pants. Secondly, the Highwaisted Shorts from Hell def are NOT normal jeans… I’ve never seen normal jeans have a 9+ inch-long zipper! Thirdly, the higher they go the worse they look, and that is usually what the fat chicks do to cover up their fatty fat muffintop.
Fifth, if you wear a crop top with low rise jean shorts you can prove to us that you have a flat stomach and a great waistline. And lastly, when this fad goes away in a few years because chicks bring back another ugly fad like Bell-bottom jeans you’re gonna be embarrassed to see the photos of you wearing shorts to cover up your love handles that you keep denying to yourself every time you look in the mirror.
Guessing you haven’t grown up in a society that tells you that need to fix your appearance every day in every form of advertising before the age of ten. Actually I’m tall and curvy high rise pants does cover my love handles but it also define my curves just like high rise skirts on the right body defines curves. If the Bieber Fever epidemic has taught us anything, it’s this: just because something is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s actually a good thing.

If you REALLY think you know someone who can pull off the high-waist look, then please feel free to email me some photographic proof. There are plenty of other trendy clothes to wear that don’t make you look like a two-year-old who is overconfident in his potty-training abilities. The second almost any well-proportioned gal fastens that ribcage choking waistband, she might as well proclaim, “Now you see it! She’s a phenomenal cook, a great person, and writes one hell of a $12 birthday check every year. I threw away all of my fugly low rise jeans shorts pants and skirts last year never to wear them again. I don’t wear these shorts but I do wear whatever I want and I wear it for ME not to look sexy for some sweaty, std frat boy. They’re for sure not meant to be worn by everyone, you have to have a specific body type to pull it off, but i do believe they can be pulled off and not only by a model!
Actually you need a really flat stomach or else it will show, but I have a great waistline. You have no idea what calling a girl fat does to her, and no idea how hard it is to struggle with that idea every day you’re no longer proving a point, just being an ass.
My question is would you want a guy who loves you but doesn’t care about your looks at all?? The only woman who can pull off low rise and a crop top are thin flat woman who have no dramatic curves.
All I am is a guy who has some strong opinions and a keyboard, and I’d like to take some time out of your day to talk about a fashion epidemic that is making the beautiful asses of the world disappear, one by one. I’m here to explain why this high-waisted trend has become nearly as unwelcome as the Canadian pop icon himself.
You head down to Goodwill, pick up the most mom-tastic pair of jeans you can find, and spend an afternoon slicing, dicing, and acid-washing until you’re left with a seemingly fashionable pair of chest-chokers.

She sure as hell didn’t expect them to be transformed into a $3.50 crafting project for a sorority girl on a budget. I just think the categories of “people I want to have sex with” and “my parent’s mother” should never have this much crossover. Why speed the process along on your 65-year journey to the old lady lifestyle by dressing like one now? He is a self described Huguenot, and commands a secret sexual fetish for angry internet comments.
We don’t need this becoming like TSM with constant left wing attacks in the comments section. Like doesn’t care to the point where he never calls you beautiful or says you look good. Remember ladies, just because you can craft up an amazing cooler, it doesn’t mean you’re quite ready to make a fashion statement with a highrise pair of decade-old Levi’s. In most cases, the end result of this scissor-session looks more like your dog went on a destructive rampage in your closet. Besides, some girls are going to have love handles no matter what, and you would complain just as much if you saw those flopping over their low ride shorts.
I wear crop tops, and no way am I going to wear a crop top with low rise jeans because I am not a whore.

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