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By knowing in advance what you need to do when you have a panic attack, it’ll mean the next time an attack strikes you won’t have to think (it’s hard to think when you’re panicking). In this post, I’ll share the 3 most important things you need to do anytime you have a panic attack. If you experience detachment during a panic attack it’s vital that you stop it immediately.
Since detachment, by definition, makes you feel disconnected from the world, you need to take action that reaffirms your connection to the world. By “grounding” I mean that you do things that remind you that you’re connected to the world, that you’re present in the moment, that you’re in control of yourself.
Feeling detached during extreme anxiety is horrible, but this is something that you can stop.
When you find what works, do it the moment you experience detachment as part of a panic attack. When you’re having a panic attack, you’ll instinctively perform small physical behaviours as a coping mechanism.
These seemingly harmless physical behaviours are incredibly damaging during panic attacks, and here’s why. These physical changes happen partly because it’s more natural to slouch when you’re depressed or smile when you’re happy.
But there’s another reason why your physical behaviours change with your mood – conditioning. Your whole life, anytime you’ve experienced happiness, you’ve smiled, and you’ve done this tens of thousands of times. In just the same way that my mind became conditioned to smile when I was happy, it also became conditioned to feel anxious when I paced. Thousands of times I paced when I was anxious, and that conditioned my mind that pacing and anxiety always happen together.
So when I paced during a panic attack to distract myself from what I was thinking and feeling, I was triggering a reflex to feel anxiety. You need to identify your own anxiety fidgets and make sure you never perform them again during a panic attack. A negative train of thought is any series of connected, unpleasant thoughts that you’re unable to stop. You can experience a negative train of thought at any time, but they’re more likely to happen when you’re having a panic attack.
Negative trains of thought are damaging because they’re made up of dozens of individual thoughts. Negative trains of thought are also damaging because they always lead to a thought that’s the worst case scenario for the subject that’s on your mind. The damage that these trains of thought cause means that you cannot allow them to go unchecked if they happen during a panic attack. In my case, I have negative trains of thought on several subjects: my health, my family’s health, and money. You’ll have your own handful of negative trains of thought, and when your anxiety increases, one of them could strike. Because you only have a handful of these negative trains of thought, and because the thoughts that make up the trains are always the same, you can memorize them. Once you’ve memorized them you can recall them during a panic attack and move the thoughts along faster than normal. When you start speeding up your trains of thought it will feel awkward, but stick with it and it will soon feel natural.

As you improve at this, you’ll find you can move the trains of thought along really quickly. First, your negative trains of thought will be over much sooner, so you’ll be exposed to unpleasant thoughts for less time. Second, you’ll gain back some of the control over your thoughts that your anxiety had taken from you. And third, by memorizing your negative trains of thought you’ll take away a lot of the uncertainty that you used to experience during panic attacks, since you’ll know what thoughts are coming before they happen. I started out in this post by saying that most people don’t know what to do when they have a panic attack, and so they do nothing but endure the attack and wait for it to pass. My aim with this post was to change that, to give you solid steps you could take when you have a panic attack, and I hope that’s what I’ve done. Do these 3 things when you have a panic attack and the attack will be much less severe and will end much sooner.
Knowing that you have these 3 simple techniques ready to use when you need them, you never need to have that fear again that you won’t know what to do when you have a panic attack. I arrive at my hair salon, do my usual Dutch three-kiss greetings and explain them I want to go back to the pink hair they once gave me before. In the most depressed mood ever I walk to my car, feeling like Lady Gaga chased by paparazzi. As I think of numerous ways of purchasing multiple wigs on Ebay, I get home and leave my mom in utter shock, haha, you should’ve seen her face.
Conclusion of this whole story: When you hear alarm bells in the back of your head, YOU LISTEN TO THEM!
Mocht je het leuk vinden, dan ben je bij deze uitgenodigd om bij mij in de salon een keer je haar te komen kleuren.
Oh ik vind dat feller roze eigenlijk best tof, maar kan me voorstellen dat ‘t niet is wat je wilde.
Ik vind het allebei niet misstaan al vind ik het lichter mooier en weet je ik heb ook een paar keer niet naar mijn alarmbellen geluisterd waarbij ik gewoon met een kapsel naar buiten ging waar ik niet blij om was (niet geknipt zoals het moest, veel te kort) en zoals je zegt.
De volgende keer zou je eens antiroos shampoo moeten proberen, ik weet niet of je dat al had gedaan, maar dat trekt de kleur er heel erg uit. The bright pink still looked amazing but I know what it’s like for something to look good to other people and hate it on yourself. If you ever want to do this again, tell them that you want a very light wash, or tint of color. Stiekem moest ik lachen met het idee ‘het gebeurd toch alleen in films’ , niet dus! When I put pink in my bleached hair it faded but never came out :( It was too damaged to bleach out so I had to change course entirely. A person can have a panic attack while driving, shopping, in crowds, alone at home, practically anywhere, anytime. Want to know more in depth strategies to fix social anxiety, check Sean Cooper’s Shyness and Social Anxiety Program.
It adds uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness to an already horrible situation, often increasing the severity of the attack and causing it to last longer.
Left to do its own thing detachment can snowball to the point where you feel like you’re going insane. Experiment to find the best ways to ground yourself, starting with my ideas and then looking for your own. So if you smile, even when you’re not happy, you’ll often improve your mood and feel happy.

So many unpleasant thoughts, hitting you one after another, take a huge psychological toll on you. I went back to the salon, and my stylist quickly went back in with some bleach to make it all lighter. After blow drying the whole thing and pampering me a bit, at last I finally had the soft baby pink, peachy hair I asked for.. I always go to the same hairdresser (I’m his client since I was like 5) so I can say “I am explaining you exactly how I want it!
I’m sure you’ll be happier when it gets lighter but you do also rock this look!
Dyes like Manic Panic, Directions, Special Effect are actually good for the hair and easy to put on and take off (head and shoulders shampoo).
Vanellope is ook echt het schattigste karakter wat ik in lange tijd heb gezien haha, ben helemaal gek op haar. A really loved that lilacy colour on you, but this is a mixture of my little pony and still cotton candy.
Ik moet zeggen dat ik het felle je ook heel mooi vond staan, maar als jij je daar niet prettig bij voelt maakt het niet uit hoeveel mensen dat tegen je zeggen.
En hetzelfde wat Anastasia zegt, als je je haar licht blond genoeg hebt kun je je eigen haar kleuren met manic panic gemixt met conditioner, zo kun je de kleur ook onderhouden.
That’s what the end result looked most like, and if not it was even a bit darker for a wash. I found you yesterday you were blonde ( I love your videos, I suscribed) today you are baby pink tomorrow who knows you are pretty in every color you want.
Ik vind het wel goed staan, maar kan me goed voorstellen dat je er eerst wel van schrok :P.
My heart raced, I began to sweat profusely, my breathing became shallow, and I felt as though, (the only way I know to explain it), I’m not going to make it. Speed a negative train of thought up enough and it will be over before it has a chance to do any real damage.
Wigs aren’t really my forte, so I rapidly decided to make an appointment at my hair salon, and go back to the oh-so-wonderfull pink hair, I once rocked. It’s far less damaging than bleach based dyes like the ones we can get at hair salons. It does not matter if you are black, white, Asian, rich, poor, gay, straight, athlete, or in a wheel chair. I would fall against the shower wall crying, and would find myself curled up laying in the tub with the shower spray beating down on me.
I would have this amazing baby pink hair, which would be A? for my Sugar-Rush Land tutorial. If you are alive and breathing, then your are susceptible to having a panic attack disorder.
I now literally wait to go back to my home country to get anything done to my hair … EVEN A TRIM! My stylist styles my hair with some curls, and in the mean time I’m trying to fight back the tears.

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