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This is a great option for those simple problems that you don’t need to go to the ER for, like sinus infections. How convenient is that to visit the clinic and immediately pick up a prescription if needed?!!
I do not have this where I am at yet, but I would go and visit this clinic because I have a Walgreens very close to my house.
I visit our local Walgreens for my flu shot every fall, never thought about using them for the clinic.

Wish I’d known about this a long time ago – it could have spared us several totally unnecessary trips to the ER and THOUSANDS of dollars!
I think this is a great thing to have because if you need a prescription for something then you can get it filled right there!
When Jen isn't working on her blog, you can find her reading, playing word games, running, doing yoga, or boating on Lake Michigan. I’ve been to our take care clinic for my asthma &am impressed with all of the new service additions since becoming the healthcare clinic!

Either way, I’m going to rethink rubbing my eyeballs next time I have an allergy attack!

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