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I (and others here) highly recommend supplementing Pregnenolone and DHEA as they both support back-filling the pathways. I don't know your protocol but if you are injecting testosterone you will need hCG and highly likely an AI as well. Great post, however broad, it's also important to note, aside from the fact that P450scc (identified as CYP11A1 in this case) catalyzes the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone, the significance of pregnenolone in relation to adrenal function plays a huge role in overall health, especially those undertaking HRT with a strong emphasis on thyroid repla***ent.
Below are some attached images of the pathways of the prohormone pregnenolone in relation to adrenal zonas and the biosynthesis from cholesterol. I`ve not heard too much about supplementing with pregnenolone other places I`ve been reading, although everyone seems to agree that HCG is a must on TRT.
How important is hcg if one is trying direct testosterone therapy on a short-ish term basis (like 3 or 4 months) as a way to see how he feels and confirm a diagnosis?
Since I want to maintain my fertility I would like to try an alternate treatment like maybe clomid or something, but it sounds like the best results come from regular TRT, so I might want to try that first.
I was told after I mix the bac water with the HCG and inject the dosage, the remaining is to be refrigerated.
More specifically, the conversion from cholesterol to pregnenolone in the zonas of the adrenal cortex depends on being transported to the mitochondria where the CYP11A1 is found, and this process is controlled by StAR (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein). Does the addition of Pregnenolone along with an AI during HRT help increase sex drive or is the HRT and AI enough? Even on HCG monotherapy with 500 IU 3X weekly, I noticed NOTHING in terms of increase of size, which along with not feeling better made me think it did not work.
If the adrenal function in the 3 zonas are fatigued, or cholesterol happens to be out of balance, conversion to this key prohormone may be lacking.

The look and consistency of the mucus can change from dry, sticky or completely absent to loose, stringy and slippery resembling the look of egg whites. So therefore, supplementation of pregnenolone can help boost adrenal steroid synthesis for those with adrenal apathy. Finally, the significance of healthy adrenal function in relation to thyroid supplementation can be the make it or break it for many who are suffering from low cortisol. If you take the time each day to take your body temperature, you will notice that it will become elevated during ovulation and remain that way for a short time afterward.
I`m happy if I can MAINTAIN my size and testicular function with HCG now that I`m on TRT, but I just don`t have the same experience when I hear of guys with their balls increasing substantially. The hormone progesterone causes your body temperature to increase immediately after ovulation so charting your temperature can be a great indicator of ovulation. However, once the temperature has risen, ovulation has often already occurred, so use this method along with other ways to determine ovulation.You can learn more about charting basal body temperature here.
Then your temperature starts falling and will be back at normal levels before menstruation. However, there is no additional temperature increase around 10 days after ovulation, but rather a slow decrease towards normal non-pregnant temperatures. While this is not a great ovulation symptom for many women, others can tell from a sharp shooting pain when the egg is released from either side and may continue to experience a dull pain for several days.
Not ideal when trying for a baby!Personal Sex DriveAn increase in personal sex drive is a great natural indicator of ovulation for many women. Although this is not a guarantee, a number of research studies have shown many women to experience a stronger sex drive around their ovulation time each month.Position Of CervixSome women who are in tune with their bodies can figure out when they are ovulating by the position of their cervix.

Although it can happen before ovulation, other women experience breast tenderness during the ovulation period or even for a short time afterward. Go Bananas!Saliva Ferning PatternIf you are into using a microscope at home you can check your personal saliva ferning pattern to help determine ovulation for some women. When the follicle releases the mature egg from the ovary a small amount of blood can be released and women may notice slight spotting during that time.Ovulation Predictor KitsFor those who are looking for another method to determine ovulation, a kit can be purchased from any drugstore.
Home ovulation predictor kits can be used to help determine when your ovulation time is each month. With a special test strip, you can hold in your urine stream or submerge in a cup of collected urine, the result can help verify the LH surge in your body during ovulation.If you want to find a good home ovulation predictor kit, take a moment to read the reviews at Amazon. The first one talks you through how to check if you are ovulating.The second video actually shows a real ovulation.
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