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If you have an Xbox as well as a Gold membership, you've most likely already taken advantage of Microsoft's Games with Gold program where each month you receive two new games to download free of charge.
Enter the 500 GB Xbox hard drive - it's still not massive but a a welcome increase to the current size capacity.
Unfortunately, the accessory doesn't even have a solid release date in the US, only teasing us with the news that you can soon pre-order it. Well it was stupid of MS to make the 4gig console in the first place.Same can be said for Sony and the stupid 12gig HDD.
Recent CommentsJan Compaf on Lost Planet 3 (PS3)Stephen Southwood on One Night in Karazhan! Lego Dimensions is a toys-to-life game featuring a base portal pad and three Lego minifigures - Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle, each with their own separate game content. Value score reflects how much enjoyment this xbox360 game delivers compared to how much it costs. The Turtle Beach MW3 headset line includes four models, which are compatible with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles as well as with PC systems. Each of these headsets is equipped with its own unique set of features, and the most advanced model to be released is called the Ear Force DELTA.

This comes packed inside a specially-themed carrying case, features 7.1-channel Dolby Surround sound with Bluetooth chat, and is pre-loaded with a custom Modern Warfare 3 presets and voice prompts narrated by Lt. Similar presets are also available in the Ear Force BRAVO, that swaps the 7.1-channel Dolby Surround sound support of its older brother for gaining wireless capabilities.
The other two headsets in Turtle Beach's CoD lineup are called the Ear Force CHARLIE and Ear Force FOXTROT and both of these feature amplified sound. With the service having already passed its first anniversary in June, Xbox hard drives the world over are already starting to feel slightly bloated and that's assuming you haven't bought anything else off the marketplace. The device popped up on the American Xbox store on Monday with little to no fanfare, but it definitely appears to be the real thing.
As a result, it's unsure when we will actually see the device on local shores but we are willing to bet that it'll sooner rather than later. Perpetually chasing the next big gaming story and witticisms to put in my author description box. Much like Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions will feature additional content packs consisting of Lego miniatures which can be added to the game piecemeal. Along the way, collect the Spirit Balls dropped by enemies to increase your strength and transform into a variety of mythical creatures with powerful attacks.

With the biggest hard drive on the market coming in at a paltry 320 GB and retailing for a rather excessive R999,00, it's safe to say that some changes are needed should Microsoft want its loyal customers to continue buying games digitally. Even more intriguing is the the fact that the device is scheduled to retail in the region of $110 which is actually a cheaper price than what the 320 GB hard drive currently retails for in the States. This could be an error on Microsoft's part, but more likely the company could be planning to phase out some of the smaller units or perhaps (and this really is wishful thinking) we could see price drops for Microsoft's rather expensive accessories across the board.
Maybe you think the price is still a little steep considering how cheap you can pick up a similar PC counterpart? Will the new 500 GB hard drive be a welcome addition to the family or have you already moved on to bigger and better things - the Xbox One will be released in South Africa within the next month or so.

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