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With your SBS account you have the ability to setup three types of mailboxes; Mobile + Outlook, Mobile, or Basic. Each mailbox initially is set with a default setting of disk space but this can be modified. If you need to increase the size of the mailbox but cannot reallocate your current diskspace you can purchase additional space for your account. You will then see the current settings for the mailbox's size, delivery restrictions and deleted items retention.
There is a warning system in place to alert users when they are approaching the limits of their mailbox. By the way, we also have a public status page with all the top 100 blogs, where you can see the uptime of each one.
Since eurekalert.org was the smallest among the 100 blogs, did you also expect it to be the fastest?
A majority of the sites (71 of the 100) fell into the 2-6 second range with an average, across all 100, loading time of 4.8 s. Finally, let’s address the number of elements that a site requests when a user is loading it in their browser. To put that difference in perspective, take this in: the site with the most requests, loaded almost 13 times as many elements as the one with the fewest requests.
We certainly find it interesting to dig into web performance data like this to get a sense of how these top sites function and what kind of experience you might have when you visit them. Why don’t you run your site through our Full Page Test and see how it compares with the top 100 blogs and other sites? About the methodology: We based our test on Technorati’s list of the top 100 blogs in the world. In anticipation of our forthcoming app, we’ve made selected illustrations available for purchase as prints, clothing & more through RedBubble.
The main difference between a game and a book (in the realm of the iPad) is that a game you pick up to play and a book you sit down to read. That doesn’t mean that books on the iPad shouldn’t make use of the iPad’s full potential for interactivity, if it’s appropriate and helps the content be communicated better, or enriches it in a meaningful way. After almost six months in development we’re sharing a first glimpse of our upcoming project. Imagine if an app like The Elements, which at 1,71 GB is currently the largest iPad app in my library and which has the potential for a significant increase in file size if it goes Retina, given that it’s an app filled with a lot of great media content, stored locally on the device[2], would see a doubling or tripling of its current app size.
Apple probably foresaw this increase in app file size and the need for more space on its mobile devices, and that’s why it included easy access to previously purchased apps with the introduction of the Purchased tab in the App Store when it launched iCloud last year[3].
Besides some games and other apps, the clearest example of this kind of issue for me was GarageBand.
Jokes aside, this is how the interactions with most games and apps rich in media content works; you don’t open them up on a regular basis, except maybe if it’s something related to your particular line of work, but otherwise you either sit down with them for a longer session (maybe even go through the whole app in one sitting), or you launch them once in a while whenever you’re browsing your iPad for an app to enrich your next half an hour that otherwise will be spent staring at walls. So, like I said before, besides all the other factors concerning apps: quality of the app and its content, price, multitude of choices and so on, maybe the biggest one for this generation of devices is availability of the app on the device due to limited storage space and increasing app sizes[6].
The main point I want to make here is that the decrease in easy access to a certain kind of app, like I described earlier, leads not only to a decrease in value of the apps themselves but also to a decrease in value of the device. Getting to the main reason for this post’s existence: an honest, in-depth analysis of how app size is affected by the Retina resolution display of the new iPad.
As you can see from the results, the app size increase isn’t as high as had been predicted, at 42,47%.
Even though I included apps from almost all categories in the App Store, these are still 50 random apps and depending on what you’re using your iPad for, you could see a much bigger increase in size or almost no increase at all. When rumors of the Retina display started flying around, before the announcement of the new iPad, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about seeing them materialize in this year’s generation of devices. I can’t say that I was disappointed when the Retina display of the new iPad was unveiled, quite the opposite actually, I was glad to see this exciting new technology brought to mass market sooner than I had thought possible. We wanted to understand what our friend wrote, so we copy pasted the text of his post (written in Indonesian) into Google Translate. While this is undoubtedly amusing at first sight, we wonder what implications it might have.
Google Translate is a fantastic tool, but something like this makes you ask yourself what other things might be hardcoded in it and elsewhere on Google’s sites.
As developers of the App of the Week, we were invited to write a guest post on the Ansca blog. After graduating from film school in 2008 we discovered mobile apps as a potentially great medium to distribute our work, explore new possibilities for storytelling and new audiences.
The two of us also met that year and it was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to work together and be as independent as possible while doing so.
After securing some funding from a friend, we started New Mindflow in 2009 with the idea of exploring games as a new medium to tell our stories and engage our audience in a way that isn’t yet possible with films. For now, New Mindflow is just the two of us, Rares Kovesdi and Anamaria Chioveanu and that’s also evident in our first app, Where’s Paradise?
Given our artistic background, we have no experience or training as coders, however, with Corona and Kwik we not only managed to produce an app that we are happy with and proud of, but more importantly the app is very stable and responsive, something that isn’t the case for a lot of interactive ebooks we saw in the App Store.
Even though the app has yet to see any real success, the experience of making it was a great one for us.
For now, New Mindflow will be focusing on bringing to market some of our artistic projects, including an illustrated interactive storybook in the near future. To find out more about Where’s Paradise?, the project and the app, head over to our website.
Download this Family Home Evening Kit I created for 12 Ways of Christmas with Hot Pink Pansy. Encourage to seek an increase of joy from God by working with Him to build their “temples”. The instructions on how to purchase additional mailbox storage can be found in the Managing Resources article.
If you want to manage the diskspace allocation you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page and press the "Edit" button.
To change the settings you would need to press the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. Briefly, we based our test on Technorati’s list of the top 100 blogs in the world and each site was put through our Pingdom Full Page Test.

The status of each site is continuously updated, and we sync the list with Technorati every 24 hours. This is an increase from the average 934 KB homepage size we found when we studied the top 100 blogs in 2008.
Even though the results are a mixed bag one thing seems for sure, that there is a lot of room for optimization in many of these popular blogs.
This list is updated continuously, but included in our test are the blogs on the list on July 23, 2012. Whether you have a big or small website, we offer a range of options that suit you — always with a free 14-day trial.
The expectation of what a thing is, determines how it’s going to be perceived and used (consumed).
Plenty of time for enough developers to have updated their apps in order for us to get a clear picture of how the new Retina display resolution is going to affect app size.
Where as most 16 GB iPad owners are probably light users, the majority of 64 GB iPads out there probably already have a large proportion of their storage full. It would mean that a single app, at more than 5 GB would take up almost 10% of a 64 GB iPad’s capacity. Unfortunately, Apps in the Cloud is not really a solution to the space problem, as waiting for an app larger than 1 GB to re-download and install to your device is more akin to going to the local library to borrow a book then getting a book of your bookshelf. I’m not a musician, not even an amateur one, so I never used GarageBand very often, but every once it a while, about two or three times a month, I would start the app just for fun and play around with it for an hour or so. However, if the app is not already on the device, readily available, you’re not going to launch it, you’re not going to use it, and you’re not going to take advantage of something you paid for and spent time selecting out of a multitude of other apps that all promised the same thing.
And this is a problem for developers as well, because regardless of how good it might be, your app won’t get used nearly as much as it could have been if the user is going to delete it because it’s one of the larger apps and he’s running low on space. And considering that whether it’s an innovative and insightful interactive book, a cool new indie game or an eye-opening media app that combines photography, video and text in an original way, large apps with a lot of on-device content are probably the most exciting type of apps currently on the App Store, so I can only hope that the storage issue will be taken care of sooner rather than later.
However, although this number may seem low at first, you’ve got to keep in mind that most of these apps didn’t add any significant new features, they simply increased the resolution of their UIs and in a few cases, of apps with locally stored assets, the resolution of their assets. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to put together a chart illustrating the average increase in app size by app category, so you can have a look at the chart and evaluate the effect Retina resolution apps are going to have on the storage space on your own device, based on the type of apps you use.
Not because of the display technology itself, but because of the rest of the technology needed to support such a high-resolution display, GPU, CPU, battery life and storage space. It’s impressive to see it already getting used to great effect; and I have no doubt that in time the current storage issues will be sorted out, but until then, however, I guess what’s likely to happen is that most developers of apps that store a lot of media content locally will choose not to update their apps with Retina resolution assets[9]. Exhibitions that are open for an indefinite amount of time, and that can be visited anytime with the condition that I’m online. Of course, the film could be included at 720p resolution, saving an approximately 300 MB of data and reducing the app size to around 550 MB, but that however wouldn’t be an app with full Retina assets.
Google Translate couldn’t handle some of the Indonesian words in the full post, leaving them as is in the English version, but much to our surprise and amusement, one of the words it was able to translate was “ipad”, and it translated it to “blackberry”. We talked a bit about ourselves, the development process, the app and its background story.
I had seen Steve Jobs’ keynote in which he introduced the iPhone SDK and the App Store earlier that year and I recognized it as a good opportunity to create and distribute our work outside the conventions of the established system. We had a couple of great projects and we were set on hiring graphic artists and developers to get them done. All of the app’s content (film, photos, text) is made by us, we also designed the UI and the app and finally we developed it. We got to make a film and prepare a “digital photo exhibition” together; I, Rares got to manifest my techie side and Anamaria got to rekindle her passion for drawing while making the map and the app icon.
In a few hours the foam temples will have “increased” and become smooth with a nearly hollow center (see image). You could take the available 512MB and apply it to the Mobile + Outlook mailbox increasing it to 4.5GB. You can reduce one mailbox's size and then allocate the available space to another mailbox.
Here is how to increase the Outlook attachment size limit with a quick and easy registry hack.Increase Attachment Size Limit for Outlook 2010Before we get started here is an example of the error you might get if you try to attach an attachment that exceeds 20 MB.Pretty annoying right? The speed of a site plays a major importance in ecommerce, where time really is money, that much we know.
For each blog, we ran it through our Pingdom Full Page Test to collect data about how fast it loaded, how big the homepage was, and more.
Around the launch of the new iPad there has been a lot of speculation on what effect the new Retina display is going to have in regard of app size. Because the owner of a 64 GB iPad is probably using his device as a sort of digital book shelf, where every app is the equivalent of a book on his physical book shelf, which naturally he can access on a moment’s notice anytime he desires. And this will almost always be the case, because if you’re going to want to free up space on your iPad you’re going to start by deleting larger apps that are not all that essential instead of sorting through hundreds of smaller apps, so those are going to be the apps you’ll consider re-downloading later on[4]. However, a few months back I wanted to free up some space on my iPad so I could try out a couple of new apps (pretty large new apps)[5]. But even if, let’s say you would be willing to spend at least a part, if not all, of that half an hour staring at the walls while you wait for the app you want to re-download, that might not even be an option, because a) that half an hour might come while you’re waiting at the dentist or when you’re out in the park laying in the grass, and you might not have access to a decent internet connection and b) even if you would have access to the best possible broadband you still won’t have enough free space on your iPad, because that’s why you deleted the app in the first place. And in the future app size is probably also going to become an even more important factor when deciding whether or not to purchase an app, as it’s going to be a lot less likely for somebody to buy a large app that they’ll probably have to delete after a week when they’ll run out of space again. But if it would have been on my device I probably would have ended up using it at least half a dozen times since then. So if, let’s say you’re the owner of a 32 GB iPad 2 which is already filled up, most of it with apps, let’s say 20 GB worth of apps, you’re going to have to delete a quarter of your apps (in terms of storage space and not necessarily number of apps) if half the apps you have installed get updated with Retina resolution assets. Of course everything will depend on exactly the apps you use, because apps in a particular category can vary greatly in size. And that’s the main problem, a lot of times when I’m out and about with my iPad I won’t have a decent internet connection if any at all, so the content won’t be available to me and the apps rendered useless. So we thought that it would be fitting to do a promo code giveaway for iPad owners in Indonesia.
This happened every time we pasted the post or parts of it in Google Translate, so it wasn’t a one-off error. An opportunity that most importantly allows us to be a lot more independent and focus on the creative part, rather than the bureaucracy of getting a project funded, something that young film-makers often have to face. But after almost two and a half years in which we had numerous setbacks and our high standards conflicted with our limited budget and the high costs of producing a great game, we re-founded the company in October 2011 to give commercial life to some of our artistic projects.

However, by using Corona and Kwik, this last part, the development process, was by far the shortest. But most importantly we have proven to ourselves that we can still continue to make the apps that we want even without outside funding.
When you increase a mailbox's size the "Issue warning at" and "Prohibit send at" fields also need to be updated. Well open up the Registry by going to the Start Search and type in regedit.exe and hit enter to load the Registry. In all we did three tests per blog over three consecutive days, July 24-26, then calculated the average of the three tests.
A lot of opinions and a lot of numbers were put forward, such as a potential file size increase of up to five times the pre-Retina sizes.
And this will be potentially rendered impossible by devices with the same storage space that have to hold much larger apps, given that 64 GB is the maximum storage space an iPad can have right now. My personal app library in iTunes on my MBP, which I clean from time to time, removing subpar apps and apps I seldom use, currently sits at 963 apps. In this particular case, because I needed about 3GB of space, and GarageBand was one of the largest apps on my device and it was rarely used I went ahead and deleted it. Not to mention that larger apps are probably more complex apps or apps with a lot of media content, both of which tend to be on the expensive side of the app price spectrum.
And this, from the perspective of somebody who already spent almost the same amount of money (and a lot more time) on apps as on the iPad itself, is starting to turn into an issue. All the apps I have included in my assessment, 50 in total, are from my personal app library, i.e. Also, there are two other faults with apps that store media online: that they almost always feel and act a lot more slowly than their on-device counterparts and secondly there’s the issue of time. We asked a friend to translate a short description of the app and post it to kaskus.us , the largest Indonesian online community, and let them know about the promo code giveaway. Preparing the content and designing the app took almost a year, building the app with Corona and Kwik took less than two weeks. A new mailbox comes with a default amount of space but you can then manage how that space is used.
If you are increasing or decreasing a mailbox's size you should likely increase those field by the same value.
On the contrary, trying to add interactivity where none is needed can distract from the content and the content is the book’s sole purpose. Obviously, this would not be a desirable thing, particularly since the storage space for the new iPad has not increased along with the resolution of the display. Out of these, 376 are installed on my iPad and I’m pretty sure this number would be higher if I’d have more storage space.
Am I really going to wait 20-30 minutes to download and install a game I only want to play for 15?
If this wouldn’t have happened I’d probably be still opening up GarageBand every now and again for some musical foolishness, but  since I deleted it I never got to re-installing it and that great song that would have been serendipitously born on my iPad will now never be. Considering Apple still sells the iPad 2, it did well to lower it’s price, not only because it’s already last year’s model, but also because you can actually do less with the device now then you could do last year (at least when it comes to the number of apps you can have on the device at once).
Here, we can go back to the book analogy, because I can take of the shelf a book that my grandfather bought 60 years ago and passed on to me and the content is all there, exactly as it was when he bought it, even if the publisher of the book is probably out of business and the author dead for a long time – it stood the test of time, at least when it comes to this human timeframe. Once the values have been updated scroll to the bottom of the page and press the "Submit" button. Therefore, there will be differences in the types and number of articles posted, whether they include pictures, videos, etc.
This increase in file size is  even more of a problem for owners of previous generation iPads, who have to, given the current distribution model of the App Store, download apps updated to include Retina assets and not get any benefit from them except for a potentially much larger file size (which of course is no benefit at all).
To facilitate the comparison between app sizes before and after the inclusion of retina assets I haven’t updated my apps for approximately 2 months, giving me enough apps to analyze in order to draw a meaningful conclusion (without having to dig through Time Machine backups)[7]. Episode 1: Nusa Lembongan, with Retina resolution photos (meaning a long edge of 2048) and include the film at 1080p, we would get an approximately 5 times increase in size , from the current 155 MB to approximately 866 MB[10]. But like I said, online content is more like an exhibition, the content is there now, but given a year, two , ten or twenty it most likely won’t be; either because it was taken down, the company moved on to different projects and shut down the servers because not enough people were accessing them any more anyway, the company went bankrupt or it was bought by somebody else with no interest in the project, a great natural disaster swept away the servers… and the list could go on, but I guess you got my point.
How to increase the transfer speed of your USB drive, especially when you’re backing up a huge amount of files which takes hours. However if you find that a single mailbox is becoming quite large there are some archiving solutions that can help you keep your costs under control. Am I going to wait 20 minutes to install an anatomy app with great media resources and 3D models just to check a fact?
I intentionally left out all the apps made by Apple as they’ve been by far the apps most people talked about around the launch of the new iPad; and as others also noted, it’s rather unclear if the increase in app size in the case of the Apple apps is strictly due to the inclusion of Retina assets or if it’s also due, in a significant amount, to new features that have been added. Good news, Microsoft has release a new hotfix to fix the slow transfer speed of USB flash drives and hard disk. Here is a handy KB to MB converter.After you finish entering your KB amount go give it a try. I also intentionally left out the Fotopedia apps, as because there were nine of them at the time I was gathering my data, they would have skewed the final results too much. I really don’t think that right now, releasing a media app such as ours, with a file size over 1 GB, for a little over a hundred photos and a 20 min short documentary would make a lot of sense or would have a lot of appeal for costumers.
This fix introduces a new feature that enables you to update the maximum transfer size of USB storage devices in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2.
However, I’m pretty sure I would have launched the app if it already were installed on my device. But then again who knows, maybe a lot of people would be attracted by it particularly because of the Retina assets. After you install this update, you can increase the maximum transfer size from 64 kilobytes (KB) to 2 megabytes (MB) in the Usbstor.sys driver.
Anyways give it a try.Now before you can send the super big attachment, you might want to make sure you reflect your mail server limit.

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