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In the simplest of terms, a Paging File is a special storage area on the hard disk that the Operating System treats and uses as Random Access Memory (RAM).
It’s easy to manually specify the paging file size for the different disk drives (or partitions) in Windows 10.
Step 2: On the System Properties dialog box that fires up next, click on the Advanced tab, and then the Settings button under the Performance sub-section.
Paging File or Virtual Memory is one of those important features of Windows that let you increase the efficiency of your computer, even if it has limited physical memory (RAM). Sometimes you want to increase the maximum virtual hard disk size of a Windows Hyper-V server. Click "Hard drive" in left of settings window and click "Edit" button in right of the window. Before I jump into extending a virtual disk (and solving my space issue, that you see above), here is some information on adding CPU and memory to a running VM… I did some research on this and created a video (here at this post, Using vSphere Hot-Add to Dynamically Add CPU and RAM) I preparation for one of my vSphere training courses. What I found was that there’s no version of Window Server, today, that will allow you to remove the CPU or RAM from a running VM. With my virtual desktop totally out of disk space and me unable to use it, I am dead in the water until I can resolve it. Right-click on the allocated piece of the disk and click Extend Volume, as you see in Figure 4.
You’ll use the Extend Volume Wizard to first select the disk that you want to extend (on the left) and then clicking Add to move it to the right (the selected side). Likely it should only take a few seconds and you’ll see that the disk has been extended to the full size of the vSphere virtual machine disk, shown in Figure 7.
Now if you go to My Computer, you should also see there that the C:\ disk (the root drive) has now been extended to the maximum size of the virtual disk. Also, keep in mind that extending a virtual disk is much easier than shrinking a virtual disk. This article explores the topic of storage queue depth and its potential impact on the performance of virtualized workloads running on Hyper-V hosts. TechGenix Ltd is an online media company which sets the standard for providing free high quality technical content to IT professionals.
Now, compare with previous file size, you will notice that file system size got increased automatically as we are using XFS file system. Bluetooth®- - wireless connectivity - microchip technology, As a leading provider of media oriented systems transport (most ®) technology, microchip develops, markets and supports ip, silicon, network management software and. Itt systems - information technology news, reviews , Tftp, or trivial file transfer protocol, is used to transfer all sorts of files to and from network devices local and remote. Business technology news commentary - informationweek, Informationweek connects the business technology community. The RAM, or Random Access Memory (also known as physical memory) is one of the most important hardware components of a computer, and it plays an instrumental role in determining its overall efficiency.
This should launch the Performance Options dialog box, with the Advanced tab already in focus. The Virtual Memory configuration box lets you tweak everything regarding the paging file size. And the fact that you can manage it individually for all the disk partitions means that you’re in total control. It is there that I run Outlook 2010, run the vSphere Client (as it only runs in Windows, and any other Windows apps I need to run (as my new primary desktop is a Macbook Pro laptop connected to a Thunderbolt display).

For a few seconds I was surprised that my VM was out of disk space and I pondered what I should do. The real limitation is whether the OS, running inside the VM, will support adding or (even worse) removing resources – without having to power off the OS. There are very few versions of Windows Server that allow you to BOTH hot add memory and hot plug a vCPU. Now, whether or not your version of Windows will automatically recognize the new size of the virtual disk is a different question. You can make this change with the virtual machine up and running, causing no harm to the OS or the running applications. Keep in mind that this disk may still be a thinly provisioned disk (as it was in the example above) and may not be filling up the full amount of space in the VMware VMFS file system as is shown in the Windows OS.
You expanded a Windows VM primary system disk (running in vSphere) without any downtime to the end users or applications). For help with shrinking a virtual disk you could 1) user VMware Converter, manually or 2) try Quest vOptimizer Pro that can analyze virtual machine disks, enmass, and automatically resize them (smaller or larger).
He holds several certifications including VCP5, VCAP-DCA, CCIE #9369, and has been awarded the VMware vExpert award 5 years running. The Queensland Government disclaims all responsibility and all liability (including without limitation, liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages.The Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board (EWCLB) administers the Electrical Workers and Contractors Act. Let’s find out more about paging file, and how you can manage paging file size for disk drives in Windows 10.
By default, the paging file size (for all disk drives) is automatically managed by the Operating System. Recently that Windows VM, used as my desktop (which was brought over from VMware Fusion and Workstation before that) ran out of disk space.
Then, it came to me – can’t I just extend the virtual machine disk file and then expand out the Windows partition, without ever even shutting down the OS?
Those are Windows Server 2008 64-bit Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter (and standard and enterprise require the OS to be restarted for CPU hot plug). However, I can tell you that the latest version of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 640bit WILL support this (as that is what I used below). In fact, the OS doesn’t immediately recognize the larger (virtual) disk until you tell it about it (which we are about to do, below). There are other ways to expand a VM’s virtual disk, especially if you are using other operating systems or other versions of Windows.
To do that manually, first uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option. I believe it was Workstation that initially created a 40GB disk partition for the VM when I created it and it had stuck ever since.
Placeholder for Right Hand.Crown PART 2--ELECTRICAL WORKERS AND CONTRACTORS LICENSING BOARD 6. Well, 40GB just wasn’t enough anymore (with all the software I have installed and because I recently installed Dropbox and synced most of my 50GB quote down to the VM). Finally, select the Custom size radio button, and specify the initial and maximum disk space (in MB) to be used as paging file for that particular drive, and when done, click the Set button.
Effect of permit Division 3--Electrical.Licensing of electrical workers and electrical contractors. The risks associated with an unsafe installation are high, so the work must be restricted to competent (licensed) workers.

To emphasise the nature of the hazard, these installations can appear to operate well yet be unsafe.
For example, an electrical installation can work without the safety system for many years, until a fault occurs that requires the safety system to prevent a dangerous situation arising.A licensing system is in place to ensure only competent workers carry out electrical installing work.
A disciplinary process is in place to ensure that only those competent remain as licensed persons.The competency standards cover work practices, equipment and installation. Safety and the Electrical Licensing Board have established Essential Performance Capabilities Required for Licensed Electricians, a set of 6. These are a nationally consistent set as agreed by the National Uniform Electrical Licensing Council. Electrical installing work must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor, who in turn must employ licensed electricians. ?’A  Electricians hold an electricians licence which, if unrestricted, allows them to carry out electrical installing and electrical fitting work. ?’A  However, the electricians licence may be endorsed "Electrical Fitting Work Only" which allows the person to carry out only electrical fitting work.
The holder of an electrical contractor's licence must visibly display the licence number on all advertising for that electrical contracting. The licence number is preceded by "EC".Electrical contractors are not issued with a plastic licence card but are issued with a certificate of registration.
?’A The certificate of registration is to be visibly displayed at the principal place of business.
What types of electrical licences are issued?In Western Australia, licences are issued for the following types of work: Electrical contracting work - to electrical contractors. Electricians are licensed for up to 5 years.Electrical training - to apprentices and trainees.
Restricted electrical licences (RELs) are issued to persons other than electricians to legally carry out a "restricted" range of electrical tasks.The holder of a restricted electrical worker's licence is not permitted to carry out the installation or alterations to fixed wiring or to repair or replace items such as power points, lighting fittings etc.
Licence Recognition is a website to make it easier for licensed tradespeople and authorities that issue licences to know what licence a worker is entitled to when applying for a licence in another state.?’A A user can look up a licence in another state or territory, based on the currently- held licence. Electrical industry workers and contractors in the Northern Territory must be adequately trained to ensure that electrical installations are produced safely. Workers must obtain a licence and meet certain requirements before any electrical work is carried out.The Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board is responsible for issuing electrical licences and consists of members from the electrical industry including government departments, electrical engineering, apprentice training, electrical contracting and electrical workers. The Board is appointed by the Minister responsible for the Electrical Workers and Contractors Act.
To assist you, officers have also moved to the Territory Business Centre, Development House, 7.
80.Full lodgement details are recorded on application forms.A Looking for a licensed electrician? Need to check licence details?You can check an individual's licence detailshere.A This list was last updated on 1. If the name you are looking for does not appear on the list, please contact the Registrar for further information.

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