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Note: I have also written a full guide on using IE6, 7 and 8, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari in a single Windows XP VM.
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This article describes the installation of Oracle 10g release 2 (10.2) RAC on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 using VMware ESX Server and NFS for shared storage. ESX Server is the enterprise level hypervisor from VMware, which installs on the "bare-metal", making it significantly more efficient than desktop virtualization tools. Place the RHEL 4 DVD into the client PC's DVD drive and start the virtual machine by clicking the play button on the toolbar.
You are free to change the IP addresses to suit your network, but remember to stay consistent with those adjustments throughout the rest of the article.Once the basic installation is complete, install the following packages whilst logged in as the root user.
The "authorized_keys" file on both servers now contains the public keys generated on all RAC nodes.To enable SSH user equivalency on the cluster member nodes issue the following commands on each node. If you are using a NAS or some other storage applicance that supports NFS, make four equivalent shares.On both RAC1 and RAC2 create the directories in which the Oracle software will be installed.

Make sure the permissions on the shared directories are correct by running the following commands as the root user on each server. Before installing the clusterware, check the prerequisites have been met using the "runcluvfy.sh" utility in the clusterware root directory. Here you can see that some of the configuration steps are omitted as they were done by the first node.
This configuration allows direct connections to specific instance, or using a load balanced connection to the main service.
If you have configured Enterprise Manager, it can be used to view the configuration and current status of the database. This article uses EXS Server to provide the infrastructure for an Oracle Real Application Clusters installation.The article assumes you already have a VMware ESX Server and a VMware Infrastructure Client installation. Enter the required amount of memory for the virtual machines, then click the "Next" button.We need at least two network cards.
The right pane of the VMware ESX Server client should display a boot loader, then the RHEL 4 installation screen.Continue through the RHEL4 installation as you would for a normal server. Amend the following instructions to suit the paths used by your NAS or NFS server.If you are using a third Linux server as your NFS server, you will need to create some NFS shares as described below.

If you have any failures correct them and retry the tests before clicking the "Next" button.The "Specify Cluster Configuration" screen shows only the RAC1 node in the cluster. We should really use a separate directory structure for the clusterware so it can be owned by the root user, but it has little effect on the finished results.The output from the RAC2 node is listed below. In addition, the final part of the script ran the Virtual IP Configuration Assistant (VIPCA) in silent mode, but it failed. For that reason, I recommend to only use Windows 7 if you want to test IE9+ (which requires Vista+). One for the public IP and virtual IP addresses and a separate one for the private IP address. Make a note of the information on the screen and click the "Exit" button.The RAC database creation is now complete. This will prevent Windows from hogging disk space over time, and keeps your VM image compact.

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