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RJ: Yes It helps in the sense that we understand the dimensional specifications needed for any OEM blade.
WPS: From our experience, OEM blade cutting surfaces are typically not covered with any additional coatings which can improve blade life. RJ: As mentioned our in house PVD coating department is constantly looking at enhancing blade life. Click the following links for more information on Lakes Precision, our Global Technology Partners Group , our growing Resources for Wire Processing, or our Services like Crimp Cross Sectioning. Quality measurement has been an essential part of process validation and control for manufacturing for centuries.
In the early 20th century, statistical analysis of quality was introduced into the quality process of validating manufactured goods and adopted in a number of industries.
Today in many industries, a mix of static (one time) and dynamic measurements are used to validate process measurement. Dynamic measurement tools provide a piece by piece indication of process capability and detection of crimp errors. Here is a clip from our seminar at the 2016 Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo. This clip illustrates the value of dynamic press analysis.
Static measurements such as crimp height and pull test are not obsolete in today’s production environment. Maintenance and Quality resources not deployed on priority issues because objective information is not available.
A customer asked this question during a crimp training session I was performing: What Frequency should you perform Cross Section Analysis on a specific wire and terminal combination? I will provide a response to this question shortly.  But you need to understand the uses of Cross Section Analysis. For those who are new to this technology, a crimp cross section is an image of the inside of a terminated wire. Second, knowing the basic crimp configuration will provide an indication of how the crimp will perform. So coming back to the frequency of cross section analysis, an initial image is important as a base line review of the crimp profile. There are no established guidelines on the frequency of cross section analysis other than what a customer may establish.
Global Technology Partners of WireProcess are industry experts in their areas of support to the wire processing industry. Terminal Cross Sectioning is a quality validation technique that is not new to Wire Processing. In the past, quality tests of a terminal crimp were performed by only a pull tester and being a destructive test, it was a first off and spot in process inspection.
Process Improvement is a necessary component of any company who wishes to reduce their processing costs (material waste and processing time) as well as improving overall productivity. Cross Sectioning a crimp offers one way of detecting an issue that could be quickly assessed and a resolution put in place.
These are two examples of conditions which can cause variation which a crimp monitor interprets as a defect.
Embracing Cross Section Analysis as a critical validation tool is important for companies in the future. WPS: Thank you for spending some time with us today Bruce.  To get started, how long has it been since you founded Applitek Technologies?
WPS: As a third party applicator supplier, do you meet the OEM specifications for crimp tool design and crimp height specs? On behalf of WireProcess Specialties and our customers, thank you for your long term service to the Wire Processing industry.
BG: We would like to offer our Thanks and appreciation to all our customer that have made our Company successful over the years. WPS is proud to be associated with companies like Applitek, true partners in helping our customers improve their production efficiency and reduce their processing costs. The third installment of our Global Technology Partners series features Judco Manufacturing.
KJ:  Judco specializes in push button switches, rocker switches, slide switches, toggle switches, wiring harnesses and custom designed products that can be manufactured to your detailed specifications.
WPS: Your tenure at Judco has been long and successful, tell us how long you have been with Judco. KJ:  I have been a part of the Judco team for over thirty years and I focus on excellent customer service. We utilize a threaded screw which allows for better control of head up and down movement.  A steel axis control is far more reliable than our competitors’ machines that use rubber belts which wear out and slip.
The printer is controlled by a motherboard with Arduino microprocessor and many 3D Solid models are available.
WPS: CLC has recently celebrated a milestone in it’s history which (not coincidentally) coincides with another milestone. PR: Wow, this one is a little tough as there are many varied types of customers that we serve. PR:  Well what we identified and heard from our customers was that even if we did everything correctly the customer could still be down for an extended time period. WPS: CLC has been forefront in laser technology which has been widely adopted and in use today.
PR: Years ago, one of the big three automakers came to us looking for a solution to make the radios and air control features easier to see and use.
JS: ETCO provides a wide variety of stamped metal and rubber products typically used in crimping and connecting to wires. JS: ETCO has an international presence with distributors in the UK, Poland, Russia, China and Mexico.
JS: If I had to narrow down the one specific area of specialization that ETCO offers, it would be the in-house capability to produce custom metal stampings and then integrated these seamlessly with our customers manufacturing process by providing unique application equipment.
JS: This comprehensive, one stop approach allows our customers streamlining of design, manufacturing and automation. WPS: Customer support from the factory side is very important to ensuring good flow of product and two way communication. JS: Our manufacturers Reps have an intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs and expectations. JS: ETCO has a dedicated team in Research and Development looking into new products and processes. For years, the automotive industry has relied on Control Laser to provide them with laser marking and laser engraving systems for their automotive production. Our applications expert, Jack Williams, has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge new ways to doing things such as his role in plastic color marking methods and developing the back-lit button technology that is now prevalent in every part of the automotive industry & beyond.
The process of crimping a wire to a terminal is a time tested electrical connection method. The quality of a crimp is the sum total of the process capability of five elements in the crimp process: Wire, Terminal, Crimp Press, Crimp Tooling and Operator. The selection of the proper wire range to match the terminal crimp sections is very critical. The crimp tooling includes the crimp punch and anvils as well as the feeding mechanism (the applicator). Cutting the crimp in half and viewing inside is becoming a required quality validation process in a growing number of industries.
Statistically speaking, 100% visual inspection is only 80% effective, leaving a high risk of 20% of production not fully inspected.
Calibrating a press to the required shut height only assures capability to the single calibration cycle.
Improving the overall quality of a terminal crimp requires an evaluation of all five process inputs. More information on quality validation and monitoring of the terminal crimp can be found in our three part special: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. The first ocean-going cruise ship of the year, AIDAcara, is about to kick off Kiel’s 2015 cruise shipping season.
During the coming season Kiel expects a total of 127 calls by 23 different luxury cruise liners, many of them very big ships of more than 250 m in length.
Terminal capacity was increased once again last year with the introduction of the cruise ship Berth 1 in the Ostuferhafen.
All the cruise shipping companies which operate on the German market call at the Port of Kiel.

Highlights of the 2015 Kiel cruise shipping season include the naming of TUI Cruises newbuilding Mein Schiff 4, schedule to take place on June 5th at the Ostseekai Terminal. In mid-May 2016, Arklow Valiant left the harbour of Delfzijl, in The Netherlands, for her sea trials. The AIDAaura cruise ship visited Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Port for the first time on Monday, November 17.
The European Commission (EC) has issued a call for tender regarding a Study on Cruise Ship Security. Lakes has a long and proud history of serving the Global Wire Processing Industry with high quality replacement tooling for wire cutting and stripping machines as well as terminal applicators. Give us a little background on the history of Lakes, how long Lakes has been serving their customers and where the headquarters is located. Using technology that allowed high production, high precision manufacturing we are able to meet the requirements of our customers. The customer is the driving force in variations of existing blades and new OEM blades being placed in the market. WireProcess Specialties values our long association with Lakes in providing our customers with high quality replacement tooling for their processing machines.
Engineering a product design with critical dimensions needs to be validated by quality measurements during the production cycle. Automobile production embraced statistical analysis as a result of W Edwards Deming’s influence as the founding president of the American Society for Quality Control. In the Wire Process Industry there are a number of measurement tools used which include pull testers, crimp height micrometers and dynamic validation tools such as crimp force monitors. Some companies still use the crimp height as a static first off quality measurement and then not measure another part through the balance of the production run.
Calibrating a crimp press with a shut height gauge to the proper shut height without measuring shut height or press force repeat-ability.
A single part only assures you that that part (or process) is within production tolerances.
Dynamic capability studies of press shut height and crimp force provide valuable information on a press’ ability to supply repeatable crimp force.
In fact they are valuable first off process validation tools but need to be supported by dynamic measurement from crimp force monitors and crimp camera systems.
Let us provide you with the tools and services you need to get a start on measuring and improving your crimp quality. And how it applies go the crimping process in general and specifically how it applies to your company. This image shows the result of how the five elements of the terminal crimp process come together.  Valuable information can be pulled from this image.
If the wire and terminal combination are specified and the crimp height is established by the terminal supplier then what you see in the cross section image is generally how the crimp will look through the crimp process.
But the use of cross section analysis as a validation, in process inspection and process improvement tool will only increase in the future.
The use of cross sectioning has broadened over the past few years and cross section systems are now appearing outside of the quality lab and on the factory floor. This cross section analysis provides us with a great amount of detail into not only the materials (wire and terminals), but how they are crimped together. Cross Section analysis can be a valuable tool in process improvement. For example, crimp monitor alarms.
Costs have come down to the point where most companies can justify a base system for plant deployment. For your vision and pioneering spirit when applicator supply was considerably different from what it is today.
Kevin, can you give us an overview of the Focus Lite, how it came into being and led to the introduction of the Focus Lite for our global customer base. As a representative to Judco, our goal is to extend your expertise and customer service to our customers and provide our application specific experiences. Judco continues to be a valuable partner to WPS and we look forward to many years of service to our customers. Control Laser has all of its departments in house.  From field service, mechanical engineering, software and electrical engineering we are able to provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs in house.
Our present applications manager Jack Williams (we feel one of the premier application experts in the world) developed a process where paint would be added to the panels and then removed to show color when the lights are turned on. Over 50 years we have tried several methods from only in-house sales to a mixture of sales representatives and in-house. For more information on how WPS and CLC can supply your laser processing requirements, please contact us.
Both companies share something in common, they are both multi generation companies, ETCO in its third and WPS in its second. These products are often valued added in manufacturing process with insulators, clips, laser welds and other cost saving features.  ETCO also produces and services wire termination equipment.
ETCO has a group of experienced sales representatives supplying local support to its customers. With innovations in design and manufacturing our customers are assured of having the cutting edge technology and cost saving improvements. Connect Your Way to WireProcess Specialties for the solutions provider you need to power your wire assembly processes.
But gone are the days of a crimp being processed using low grade wire strippers and crimp tools. This article will outline some of the aspects of each element which can cause a less than desirable capability which in turn can affect the overall crimp quality.
Typically process variation from the wire comes from a few external sources but mainly downstream processing steps leading up to the operator presenting the wire to the terminal for crimping. Even if all of the above (wire, terminal and crimp tooling) are in control, press wear can cause excess variation. The operator can cause variation due to improper loading of the wire to the applicator and not monitoring the inbound de-reeling of the terminals from the reel, through the applicator to the crimp tool.
The spindle is positioned on the underside of the terminal to avoid false readings from the anvil crimp tool impression on the terminal. A cross section analysis provides valuable information on strand distribution within the crimp and overall compression analysis.
A crimp monitor measures each termination in real time and compares the results with initial samples of terminations inspected and validated for production. Ensuring the press meets a statistically controlled capability is an extension of the calibration process and assures the press can provide the repeatability required. Assuming what previously was acceptable is still acceptable or what is seen on the surface is acceptable under the surface is not a good quality strategy. Even though the number of calls may remain at about the same level as last year, the total number of passengers and the overall tonnage will increase significantly,” Managing Director of the Port of Kiel Dr. The company with the most calls this year is AIDA Cruises which will, for the first time, station two of its ships, AIDAcara and AIDAluna, in Kiel for the whole season.
The biggest ship of the season will be the Costa Pacifica, weighing in at 114,000 GT, the port data shows. Not only in quality, but cost, and the high volume demands of global harness manufacturers.
Further this helps when developing custom products or unique blades not offered by the OEM’s. We take it a step further with blends of various PVD targets and match those coatings to a particular blade application. But are they typically used or do companies opt to use radius style blades for a single wire size that provides stripping around the full circumference of the insulation? Again we have created PVD coatings that have shown enhanced tooling life while adding minimal coat to the tool. In Wire Processing, dynamic measurement tools are being adopted, aided by the inclusion of them in new processing equipment.
Perhaps not in the past but there is always a real risk of these problems coming up in the future. For a more detailed explanation, please read our post Terminal Cross Sectioning: Taking a Peek Inside. If the crimp wings are touching (or close to touching) the internal crimp walls or floor, this can cause crimp monitor alarms. Checking to see if crimp tool wear or other inconsistencies have caused the crimp profile to change.

Later on as electrical performance demands increased, it was necessary to improve the quality inspection processes. The WPS Cross Section Service is another way to get your analysis completed while working out the deployment of system for internal use. We value our business partnership and look forward to many years of service to our valued customers. Kevin Johnson, Sales Manager for Judco has joined us today to provide some information on Judco and how some of the products they produce can be valuable to our customers in looking for ways to improve production efficiency.
For more information on Judco, including the Focus Lite,3D printer and fume extractor, please visit our website by clicking here.
Our initial partnership with CLC focused on stripping of wire but has expanded to include a wider range of processing solutions. In every department of Control Laser, we have someone that has been with us for 25 or 30 years. After taking a close look at this we needed to come up with something better for our customers. This caused confusion for our customers and at Control Laser we want the best representation of our products that we can get.
We have had a long and successful relationship between businesses but it also extends to personal connections built up over the years.
John tell us how a local connection to the ETCO customer base is important to the overall company goal of serving its customers.
Also we will cover some of the typical tools used to assess and monitor the whole crimp process. Wear on the crank or casting of the press can cause the press shut height and crimp forces to vary. The operator can check the terminated parts and without controls in place has the power to accept rejected parts.
Designed as a pre-production analysis tool as well as validating the crimp after changes to the process (any of the five elements).
Typically companies calibrate and run capability studies once per year, semi annually or quarterly depending on the volume being processed. Implications can be as basic as a circuit failure or as broad as product failure causing damage to property or injuries to the end user. In addition, small ships can be dealt with at the Norwegenkai and Schwedenkai terminals as well as at the Sartorikai.
Lakes Precision has a sales and service office in El Paso TX for Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America. But in some respects, a general awareness of the critical nature of dynamic always on quality measurement tools is lacking.
This is a report that can be retained for future analysis or provided to a customer for their quality audit purposes. Or if crimp wings are forming but not capturing stranding (uneven distribution), this is a sign the crimp could perform poorly in electrical testing or in use in the device it is installed into. In process image capture to compare the current image with the master image would depend on the overall volume of that crimp.
The information from this analysis can lead to a better quality electrical connection and a lower risk of failed electrical circuits from faulty electrical connections. Cross section labs are expected to be as commonplace as a pull tester in most processing facilities. Our applications manager has been our applications manager for 39 years now.  To our customers this is a huge benefit. In the aeronautical and space industries we provide solutions for wire stripping since this industry can have no nicks in their wires. We looked at the industry and it was the same for our competitors as well.  We considered what if we could ship whole assemblies instead of trying to find the one part that was bad.
We made the determination 2 years ago that we would only use outside representative who are closer to our customers and better suited to building the relationships that are so important.  So many of our competitors only offer standard products. A quality improvement process identifies the processing inputs that are used in an assembly. This article deals with the crimp process for terminals on a reel but can equally apply to loose piece terminals. Mismatched terminal to the wire (gauge and insulation OD) is a major cause of process variiation.
Failures are typically high insulation (insulation crimped in the wire crimp), low insulation (insulation not fully captured in the insulation crimp). A model with output capability can provide data for capability studies and for data archive.
Crimp monitors take the decision making process away from the operator and provide a base line for the crimp process as a whole. Analyzing a press’ shut height and reference forces also allows maintenance personnel to prioritize maintenance schedules. There are real life examples of these conditions occurring which have caused damage to people, property and your company’s reputation. Our global network provides localized representation with the ability to stock inventory and needed technical assistance.
This does provide an opportunity to impact an expanded customer base with processing solutions that meet the two criteria we look for to assist our customers: efficiency improving and cost saving systems.
No matter which department they need from us, field service, software, applications or sales we have the experience and know how to provide the solution they are looking for. We service heavy industrial companies that need their logo or part numbers for tracking and marketing. From the face in a crystal you see in the mall to proprietary processes used for annealing of medical parts to protect the part from post processing required in the medical industry. At Control Laser we are a solution driven company and this strategy is working very well for us and most importantly our customers.
In excessive cases of wear, crimp height and pull test can go out of specification which can cause failure of the electrical connection.
In the case of an automated machine where the wire placement is handled by a robotic arm, the wire placement is generally more consistent (assuming the machine is maintained and the servo motors or pneumatic actuation are providing repeatable wire position). As a process improvement tool, single improvements to the process will show as an improvement in the variation of the crimp curve. The risks in today’s business conditions are real but can be greatly reduced by adopting and maintaining a comprehensive quality validation, monitoring and improvement strategy. With an ever changing global environment, our staff is dedicated to insuring we provide the highest quantity tooling to any global location.
As an added benefit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CLC we have dropped our pricing to celebrate with our customers and prospects. When you first call CLC and talk with field service and we indentify where the bad part is located we will ship the entire assembly within 24 to 48 hours to get production up and running. Monitoring the terminal de-reeling and inspecting the crimped wires is still an operator based process. Even as simple as an applicator removal and re installation at a later date can be a factor in variation. Due to new rules and regulations in the medical industry we will be introducing a new line of systems that is geared specifically for the medical industry to meet the new requirements. Control Laser is one of the few companies that can provide custom and automation solutions for our customers.
Even without a customer mandate, a crimp monitor is a good tool for in process inspection and process improvement. The response to this new warranty has been tremendous and is just one more way in which CLC continues to innovate.
Once this cycle starts, the monitoring system becomes less sensitive and at some point only gross errors can be detected.
2015 saw the introduction of the new 24 to 48-hour warranty program as well as the introduction of the new “Tactical Arms mark” series.

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