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The Toronto real estate market experienced strong year-over-year growth in both unit sales and average price for July 2014.
Fundamentally, the most important thing driving the housing market over the longer term is population growth and household formation. Over the shorter term, two key factors drive the housing market: employment and interest rates.
Employment in the GTA has been roughly growing at the rate of the growth in the labour force for some time now.
Should your mortgage be coming up for renewal in the next while, please call me and I can refer you to a professional mortgage representative to ensure that you get the best mortgage terms possible for your renewal.
Netflixa€™s membership topped 62 million members and reported a smashing 24% growth in revenues for 1QFY15.
Netflix ascribed the growth to its expanding assortment of renowned and blockbuster original series.
Besides the adverse impact from strengthening of US dollar versus other major global currencies, another aspect that pressured margins was the continued investment the company has been undertaking to conclude its international expansion rollout by next year. This helped in driving US viewing, but as aforementioned: the rise of the dollar slashed revenue and propelled losses from international markets, offsetting the gains domestically.

Despite the earnings’ shortfall, investors were exuberant in response to the significant subscription increase and growth in revenue. Even though shares slightly underperformed during Wednesday’s trade as traders awaited the quarterly report, fearing the company might lag behind domestic subscription numbers, the stock told a completely different story during after-hours. The strength, duration and other parameters of the acceleration can be adjusted using the menu.
Slow-Mo-Col - slow down time when moving over another object, while driving under acceleration. These factors are very favourable for the Greater Toronto Area given that about 40% of new immigrants to Canada settle in the GTA. Once someone has a job, they then need to understand how much they can afford in terms of monthly payments. The latest quarter saw the premiere of the much-awaited third season of the popular, award-winning House of Cards, which it believes drew more viewers than ever. Profit gains were however offset by considerable foreign currency headwinds, pushing them to dip for the1Q. Additionally, the company has been investing heavily in original programming to combat pressures from similar SVOD services, to retain its competitive edge in the market.

The significant gap between the adjusted earnings and GAAP earnings only goes on to show the adverse impact of currency transactions on profits.
One of the highly anticipated and significant components for Netflix’s quarterly report is the growth in subscriber numbers.
The market capitalization of the online streaming juggernaut will also exceed that of CBS Corporation, which bags market value of $30.52 billion. This represents a gain in population of over 100,000 people, roughly adding a new city the size of Ajax to the GTA each and every year.
Interest rates, particularly the most popular 5 year fixed term mortgages are at all-time lows. Currency-related losses pushed it to become the latest corporation to have been unfavorably impacted by the strong US dollar. Not surprisingly, CEO Reed Hastings set the ball rolling during the conference call by noting it realized considerable milestones of topping 40 million subscribers domestically and over 20 million abroad.

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