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Syncing disks.You will see a warning which basically means in order to use the new table with the changes a system reboot is required. Logical volume root successfully resizedThere is then one final step which is to resize the file system so that it can take advantage of this additional space, this is done using the resize2fs command for ext based file systems. I’ve recently received the question about a how to resize the virtual disk of a virtual machine. Based on the proxmox ve wiki pages about storage model used by Proxmox VE, we know that the preferred storage model is to use LVM Groups.
In this post, we will quickly demonstrate how to create these LVM Groups with network backing. We assume that you have already an up and running iscsi infrastructure ready to be used by the Proxmox VE infrastructure.
When you are ready with your iscsi infrastructure, you can open the Proxmox VE web interface and click on the Datacenter node in the Tree.
After selecting the base storage, you will see  2 additionial fields displayed in the dialog box.
At the end of the process, within the web interface, you should see that the LVM storage object has been created.
Here, we will simply create a virtual machine that will be located on the LVM Group we have just created in the previous step. To create your virtual machine, from within the Web server, you click on the Create VM button in the top right corner of the interface. In the Hard disk page, in the storage field drop down menu, ensure that you select the LVM Group. As a best practice, ensure that the virtual machine is turned Off before resizing the disk.

At the bottom of the screenshot, you will see that we have issued the command above and the console return a successfull operation. If you open the disk management, you will see that the size of the hard disk has been increased. If I understand your question, you are asking how to increase the size of the disk inside the virtual machine, correct ?
Copyrights & DisclaimersThis blog and its content are freely available to users but copyrights applies. IBM support of the version , functionality, such as PowerVM™, IBM's virtualization engine, will just not work. Monitoring and Tuning" to learn how standard AIX tools can help you determine CPU bottlenecks. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name.
Keep up with the best and latest technical info to help you tackle your development challenges. We generally do both dedicated and VPS hosting for our websites, apps and some premium projects we run for others.
When we choose to have VPS servers (aka virtual machines or VMs for short) instead of dedicated servers, we usually opt for VMware's free ESXi 5 and install Ubuntu Server as the OS for the VPSs we create on top of ESXi 5.
With the last 4 commands I had to replace Name by Path, because lvextend and resize2fs need a LogicalVolumePath.
If you can not see the new partition using “fdisk -l” you may be able to run “partprobe -s” to rescan the partitions.
However when I extend the lvm for a linux vm I do not see that the drive extends within linux.

He is also a writer and technical editor for IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition, and a frequent contributor of content for IBM developerWorks. SLES V9 was released in August 2004, and SLES 10 was released in February 2006.What is it about SUSE that sets it apart?
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Inputting the name of the logical volumeFigure 6 shows that the volume was created successfully.Figure 6.
But what happens when there's no more room on the server for your site or sites and you need to add more disk space? The volume was created successfullyThe command line verifies that the volume was created successfully.Figure 7. Command-line verificationBack to topRHELIn this section, we'll discuss Red Hat's distribution on IBM System p. Through the years, he has worked for both large and small organizations and has held diverse positions from CIO to senior AIX engineer. He is currently president and managing consultant for UNIX-Linux Solutions, is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), an IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert (CATE), and is also IBM SCon certified.

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