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Some cancers of the oropharynx (back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and tonsils) have been linked with HPV. The graph above shows age-adjusted incidence rates for HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancers in the United States during 2008a€“2012. This graph was adapted from Viens LJ, Henley SJ, Watson M, Markowitz LE, Thomas CC, Thompson TD, Razzaghi H, Saraiya M, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Achilles Tendinopathy often occurs as either an acute or chronic overuse injury from an increase in activity such as running or jumping. Soft tissue release of the muscles that attach and surround the Achilles tendon.  Initial gentle stretching of the calf muscles. Treadmill waking and or running analysis to improve biomechanics and prevent future problems. The mechanism of an ACL tear usually occurs while playing sport with a pivoting action on a grounded foot.  Often a popping or cracking sound occurs at the time of injury.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome presents as tingling, numbness and burning pain in the thumb, index and middle finger.
Also known as adhesive capsulitis.  It is an inflammatory condition of the ball and socket joint where the capsule tightens and greatly restricts shoulder range of movement.
The causes for a frozen shoulder are not clearly defined, it often happens spontaneously, occurs in people between the ages of 40-60 and occurs more in women.  It can occur after a fracture, surgery or trauma. ITB Friction Syndrome (ITBFS) presents as an ache on the outer side of the knee and is commonly seen in distance runners. Flexion Related Lower Back Pain is a a broad term used to describe any lower back pain that is aggraved by flexion movements e.g.
Joint mobilization: Specific to the affected joint in your back to relieve pain and increase range of movement. There are two menisci in your knee joint, one lateral (outside) and one medial (inside) and they sit side by side on top of your tibia. An acute meniscal tear usually occurs when the knee is forcefully bent, compressed and then twisted. It is very important to get a full physiotherapy assessment to ensure no other structures are damaged.  A medial meniscus injury can occur along with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear and Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) tear, known as the “unhappy triad”.
Specific exercises to increase range of movement and to strengthen the supporting muscles around the knee and hip. Arrange referral to a knee orthopaedic specialist as major tears may need arthroscopic surgery to remove or repair the damaged part of the meniscus. Anything that increases the loading on knee cap or changes the way it moves over the knee joint can contribute to patello-femoral pain.
It is a common inflammatory condition affecting the thick band of connective tissue (fascia) on the sole of the foot.  It is often a sharp pain in the heel which is much worse with the first few steps in the morning and occurs with most weight bearing activities. It often starts for no reason and is not normally associated with trauma.  A number of factors can contribute to Plantar Fasciitis but typically people with flat feet, poor walking biomechanics and tightness in the calf, hamstring and gluteal regions.

Specific exercises: Advice on using ice to control inflammation, rest and exercise modification to allow structures to heal. A common condition seen amongst office workers due to the prolonged positions maintained at the desk.
Prolonged poor postures with the chin poked forward, rounded back and shoulders increases the tension on the muscles and causes the joints to stiffen resulting in pain.
Specific exercises to stretch tight muscles, loosen stiff joints and strengthen the postural stabilisers. Ergonomic assessment: Your therapist can provide you with an information pack that teaches you how to set up your workstation.
Shin Splints is a generalised term to describe several different conditions that cause pain around varying parts of the shin region.  There are several structures which can cause pain in this area so it is very important to get a correct diagnosis from your physiotherapist. Stress fractures: Whilst not typically referred to as a type of shin splint, stress fractures  have been mentioned here as they are a type of that  shin pain that must be ruled out as treatment may vary from treatments that are appropriate for other shin splint types. Vascular insufficiency:  altered blood flow either into or out of the leg can present as pain in the calf. Since a barbell is used for this exercise, beginners are advised to start the first set by using only the barbell.
Beginners should start by using only the barbell in the first set, then increase after each set with 5 kg (11lb) on each side.
It is estimated that more than 3,100 new cases of HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancers are diagnosed in women and 12,638 are diagnosed in men each year in the United States.* These numbers are based on cancers in specific areas of the oropharynx and do not include cancers in all areas of the head and neck or oral cavity.
Cancer registries do not collect data on the presence or absence of HPV in cancer tissue at the time of diagnosis. Your Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in your body and attaches from your calf muscles to your heel.
Physiotherapy aims to minimise pain as well as maintain as much range of motion, strength and function as possible.
These include a tight illio-tibiaI band, tight muscles attaching to the illio-tibial band, poor muscle strength and stability at the hip and over-pronation at the feet. The person will likely get pain and they may hear a tearing sensation at the time of injury. It commonly occurs with activities involving weight bearing with bending and straightening of the knee. Typically a number of biomechanical factors cause the kneecap to be pulled laterally (to the outside).
There can also be associated crepitis or “rice bubble” sensations when you press on the sole of your foot.  It is aggravated by walking, running, dancing and non-supportive footwear. It presents as a burning or aching pain across the shoulders and neck and is commonly associated with headache. Cancers in this area of the body are often caused by tobacco and alcohol, but recent studies show that about 70% of oropharyngeal cancers may be caused by HPV.

The rates shown are the number of men or women who were diagnosed with an HPV-associated oropharyngeal cancer for every 100,000 men or women. Pain occurs above the heel, it is normally tender to touch and you can get localized thickening of the tendon itself. It often aches and is stiff in the morning with some relief from a small amount of activity but worsens with prolonged activity. People who have conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disorders are also more likely to get adhesive capsulitis. During the “thawing phase” physiotherapy becomes more important as range of motion and strength needs to  be restored.
It results from rubbing and irritation of the bone underlying the fibrous band like structure that runs between the hip and knee as the knee is repeatedly bent and straightened. Pain can be localised to the middle of your back or is also commonly felt in the buttocks and thigh. Degenerative meniscal tears can also occur in the older population and don’t usually have a specific event causing injury.  There are many different types of tears that differ in severity. Instead of it sliding nicely in its groove on the femur (thigh bone) it rubs against the outside of the groove producing pain and occasionally a grinding sound known as crepitis. Now imagine the force through the stick as you slowly tilt the stick forward to look at a computer screen.
Those more experiences can start with 5 kg(11lb) on each side, that’s 10 kg(22lb) in weights and around 8-10 kg(17-22lb) the barbell itself – a total of 20 kg (lb). The more severe ones can cause clicking or locking of the knee, restricted range of movement and function. This type of injury generally comes on gradually and is not associated with a twisting mechanism. The biomechanical factors include bony varience, foot overpronation, weak quadriceps and hip stabilisers, tight quadriceps or ITB. Smallcracks or fractures graduallt develop with the bones with excessive stress or loading. This electric shooting type of pain is called radicular pain or is also often refered to as sciatica. Some of these more severe meniscal injuries may require surgical intervention prior to physiotherapy.
It is important that you keep moving and return to work (even if you can only do light duties).  Excessive “bed rest” is not effective in managing lower back pain and is even considered detrimental to your rehabilitation. The meniscus itself has a poor blood supply, with the outer third having slightly more and therefore a greater chance of small tears healing.
Stress fractures are more commonn the tibia than the fibula so pain is typically felt on the inside of the shin.

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