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After getting both fired up, I ran them for the instructed 30minute and then checked and re set the bias back to 10vdc. After being set in motion, the distance being swept out by the pendulum bob becomes progressively smaller. Essentially a large pendulum is used to provide a driver frequency which will make the other, smaller pendulums oscillate at the same rate.
The method is to keep the length of the dependent pendulum Q the same, while varying the length of the driver pendulum P.
Initial graphs(blue) are draw for the amplitude of Q and the phase difference of Q against driver frequency. It can be seen that the amplitude of pendulum Q is maximum (maximum resonance) just before the natural frequency of the driver pendulum P. If Q is heavily damped the amplitude is much less at its maximum and occurs at a much lower frequency than the natural driver frequency. For higher driver frequencies and light damping the phase difference rises to a maximum of π (pi) radians (180o). While the width of the film identical, the sprocket holes were reduced in size on super 8 film. Super 8mm film was originally designed to be silent, but in 1973 the ability to record audio magnetically was born. Super 8mm with sound came in a larger cartridge to support a larger film path, which allowed the film movement to be smoothed before reaching the recording head. Sound quality for optical is not very good but has been improved by adding a second identical track to cancel the flaws of each track out. 6 Landing Page Copywriting Principles for More ConversionsYou are using an outdated browser. PRS 408 pickups were designed to extend the guitar’s tonal spectrum by narrowing the field of the bass pickup to increase its focus and widening the field of the treble pickup to increase its sound field (hence their asymmetric appearance). This 2012 preowned 408 Standard is in Frost Blue Metallic, with the Indian Rosewood Neck Option, Hybrid Hardware option, and Pattern Neck.
The following speaker parameters were provided with the data sheet that came with a 10 inch speaker. As a rule of thumb, use the following equation to determine the suitability of your speaker. The speaker being used has a Suitability factor of 55 which meets the criteria for a sealed enclosure.
A Qtc of 0.9 was chosen, because the enclosure is going into the trunk of a car and space is an issue. After checking the dimensions of the speaker, it was determined that constraining was not needed to make the speaker to fit in the box. I used my work bench pc to pull up both of the build walkthroughs so I could see different examples of how to build these little guys. The 2.21k resistor squeezes and additional 1watt of power and actually lowers the distortion according to Nelson Pass. LOL I almost forgot, LED’s will NOT light up worth a damn if you install them backwards lmao. Manufacturers were interested in retaining both the spirit and the low cost of 8mm, while improving it's quality. Optical uses a "wave-like" clear band which lets different levels of light to pass through.

These inspiring new instruments bring the versatility and voicing of the Private Stock Signature and the Signature Limited Edition to PRS’s Core line. This pickup configuration (comprised of four coils and offering eight sounds) stems back to Paul’s experimentation on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice guitars in the early 1980’s.
If they are not available contact the manufacture to obtain any missing speaker parameters. For example if you want to build a sealed enclosure and the factor of the speaker is 55, the speaker should do fine in a sealed enclosure.
Qtc is related to the amount of dampening the enclosure will provide the back surface of the speaker cone. The constrain function is used when you are limited by the speaker size or wish to set a dimension at a set value.
Stuff the boards starting with the small stuff, all components included in these kits are top notch. He worked to optimize the amp after the original designs were done and found the addition of the resistor made a number of improvements. This is the loud howling sound produced when a microphone is too close to a loudspeaker and the amplifier gain is too high. The cameraman would run the film through the camera in one direction, then reload the film in the opposite direction and expose the other half. 16mm also provided a way to create a programming shot outside of the confines of the more rigid tv production sets. The benefit was that the sound was quite good compared to magnetic sound but it also had its negatives.
Thanks to the simple but versatile switching system featuring mini-toggle switches that provide numerous combinations of humbucking and singlecoil tones, the 408 Standard provides stunning articulation and musical clarity. These little amps sound really really good, they remind me of my Decware SET amp, and that amp only makes 2.5 watts.
The film laboratory would cut the film lengthwise down the center, and splice the ends together.
Then once it was edited, it had to be run again so that it could be played back in sync on the news station. When a customer comes to your landing page, you want to usher them in and make them trust you. I seriously had to laugh at myself, the first channel I fired up the LED didn’t come on and I was like what the hell!? VERY detailed, nice open sound stage, they are definitely better sounding than my normal amp.
You want to show that you know what you’re doing, and that customers are successful because of you.QuickBooks does an excellent job of sharing customer stories on their small business accounting landing page. As a "wavy" band gets wider more current can pass through the cell which causes the speaker to vibrate, producing a louder sound.
I’ve spent hours optimizing that page, they read the whole thing, and still…no conversion.”Sound familiar?
Rather than including written testimonials from customers, they show videos of three customers explaining what they get out using the software.4.
Marketers everywhere work tirelessly to optimize their landing pages, hoping for high conversion rates. Perfect your unique selling propositionCustomers buy your product for a reason, and not because they’re in love with your brand and want to support you.

They buy products that can enhance their everyday life.You need to position your customer as the hero of your landing page, and show what they’ll get out of choosing you over the competition. But are they paying enough attention to what’s actually written on the page?Great landing page copywriting leads to conversions. Refine your unique value proposition.Your value proposition is a phrase or short sentence that’s often used as a headline or sub-header on a landing page. You better be a smooth talker to convince them you’re up to snuff.As a copywriter, I care about writing landing pages that convert. Usually, a value proposition explains what makes your business different from everyone else in your market.When you’re writing one, you have to explain how your business solves your ideal customer’s problem. The best place to start is by looking at the websites of other brand’s, especially those you like. Today, I’m sharing 9 landing page copywriting principles that can be used to increase conversions.1.
Say goodbye to landing page copy bloatWhen writing an essay for a college course, students want to make their work as long as possible, desperate to hit a page or word count. Use the same words as your customersOne of the biggest problems in marketing today is that we tend to write for our cronies, not for our customers. But when it comes to effective landing page copywriting, concision is key, because your prospects are busy.Being concise means making your point quickly, without extra words that don’t add anything. We’re happy to drop terms like inbound marketing and KPIs, without considering if our audience knows what we mean.
You should delete all words that give more detail than necessary or explain something that’s obvious.2.
This will allow you to be more specific, more targeted, and ultimately more successful.Often, the best copy comes directly from the mouth of a customer who is able to articulate exactly how the product benefits them.
Don’t be afraid to go longformWhen it comes to copywriting for landing pages, you don’t want bloated copy. The page should be clear and easy to read, written to someone reading at a 6th grade level. Still, you need to make sure a customer’s questions are answered.Many of the most successful landing pages are lengthy, detailing everything a customer needs to know.
Longer landing pages tend to be more comprehensive, which leads to more opportunities for links, and a greater likelihood of ranking in search. Sherice Jacob, in an article for Unbounce, reported that Conversion Rate Experts increased sales by 52% after implementing a much longer page.When I worked at Grasshopper, I helped refine our 800 numbers landing page, which now ranks #1 for the query. Provide social proof on your landing pageProviding proof that customers trust you is essential. If you want landing page visitors to convert, you should include customer testimonials in your landing page copy. If you’re writing copy for a landing page, the most important principle is to be concise and clear.If a customer can quickly understand what you’re offering, they’ll be able to assess whether it’s right for them. Ultimately, good copy can help you convert more qualified prospects who can become customers.

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