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A partition is diving a hard disk into separate logical divisions as if there are more than one hard disk. F Drive Upto 137Gb - G Drive gets the rest: Select this to support 160GB drives and larger. Copy Disk Wizard: Copy the entire hard disk to another without having to reinstall Windows. In first place I want clarify that I'm not talking about the new disk of solid state (SSD), but of the magnetic disk drives of ever(HD). Today here freaksense will provide you a solution of the above question that how can you install windows 8 along with windows 7 or any running microsoft operating system. After this you will be asked to fill the values in MB to shrink the volume you have to fill any value from 25 GB to $40 GB (not fixed you can increase it according to your requirement) according to your choice and requirement where 1GB = 1024 MB and then click on shrink . After this step you just have to insert windows 8 Dvd or You can create bootable pendrive as expalin in our previous post before and then when windows setup will begin it will ask for the selection of drive then select this unallocated drive which will create windows 7 and windows 8 dual boot . You can see by following very simple few steps we are able to make windows 7 and windows 8 Dual boot means we can keep both windows 7 and windows 8 on the same machine and run any one of them at a time . If you got yourself a 32GB Surface RT device, then by now you would have realized that you have under 20GB of space left after the Office 2013 and Windows updates got installed. Shijaz AbdullaShijaz Abdulla is a Datacenter Solutions Professional at Microsoft, based in Doha, Qatar and helps customers better run their IT infrastructure using Microsoft technologies. Then we had software to partition a hard drive such as partition magic which made the process simple as it guided us by using wizards. Type any volume name as you want and put a tick mark on the check box in front of “Perform a quick format”.
Are good or bad?Posted on: Oct, 8th 2010A lot of people have only one partition in the hard disk where is the operating system, the virtual memory paging file and their personal files, because is as usually comes a computer newly purchased with Windows.
The structure of a hard disk is the following: A hard disk is formed by a stack of platters of ferromagnetic material. This software support both windows 7 and windows 8 .You can make drive bootable for windows 7 and windows 8 using this software.

If you have any doubt regarding this tutorial, please comment below using below given comment box. You can now add the microSD card as a storage location on your Documents, Pictures and Videos libraries. Now with the latest versions of windows such as Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 we can use free inbuilt function in Windows “Disk management” which makes it easier for us to add partition to hard drive. Home users can perform complicated partition operations by using this powerful partition manager to manage their hard disk. Often I surprise discover the quantity of technical and people, that say be expert without having basics knowledges of the topic, that recommend have only one partition because, according to them, the hard disk works faster, when really is the opposite. If we cut one of this platters in slices as it was a pizza, we get the sectors, one in each face of the slice of pizza.
Also, you cannot add a removable device as a Library location for Documents, Pictures and Videos.
Features include: resizing partitions, copying partitions, create partitions, delete partition, Format partition, Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, activate partition, Partition Recovery. If we cut making a circumference we get a track for each face of the platter, and if we cut all the platters together making a circumference we have, literally, a cylinder. You can also create subfolders in the microSD folder and use separate subfolders for Documents, Pictures, and Videos. This blog is not affiliated to Microsoft Corporation in the United States or any of its international subsidiaries. It not only helps you to create a partition but also let you merge the partitions together to extend the size of a partition. From de physical direction of the data (cylinder, sector and track), all the heads are moved together to the corresponding cylinder.
This is the operation temporally more slow of execute and is called search time.Then, the disk have to wait that the sector pass below of the head that is on the track that have to read. Simply consist in that the magnetic field produced by the disk, when pass below of the head, generates an electrical current in it.When we store information in a hard disk, at the beginning, the files are going put one after another, but with the use, of moving, deleting and adding information, we can have files that are stored in different parts of the disk.

The fragmentation slows the reading of the files, principally, due to the search time, because each part will be in different track and probably very far, forcing the hard disk to displace the head. While if the hard disk wouldn't be fragmented the file would be in the same track or in continuous tracks, and the head wouldn't have to move, or do it only a little.What happens when we have only a partition for all the disk? The file can be fragmented along all the tracks of the disk, increasing considerably the search time at the time of read the complete file.
But, if we make partitions in the disk, the file only can be fragmented inside of the partition where it is, because it will can't be stored beyond the cylinder where finish its partition. In this way the head doesn't need make displacements along all the disk to read the complete file, reducing so the time that need to read the files.
For this reason is very recommended create partitions.The ones that argue that make partitions of the disk is bad, usually they say that increase the latency time and the search time is not affected, this is totally false.
They think that are made cutting the side of a sector as if the disk was a sausage pizza, when really, if the partition begins in a physical direction given by its cylinder, track and sector, is cut first by the cylinder, next by the track and finally by the sector. In the following image you can see this with a graphical example: At the left you have represented how think the people that the partitions are make and, at the right, how it is make really. After a fun-filled and successful bloggers meet at Mumbai, last year – Lenovo is back in your city yet again.
This year, Lenovo’s ‘Think’ brand turns 18, thus becoming the biggest name in business computing around the world.
We want to hear you – your expectations, your ideas, and your opinions of an ideal PC, that will take care of all your business computing needs, while you’re constantly on-the-go! We’re also extremely excited to offer you a sneak-peek and trial of our newest ThinkPads, specially built to be an entrepreneur’s best friend.

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