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This review was written in late December 2013, when the year-old Nook HD+ cost only $149, or about 40% off its original retail. There are in fact at least a half dozen decent 9" tablets on the market in December 2013 that cost less than the Nook HD+. There's a single speaker on the rear of the Nook HD+, and on the upper edge you will find volume buttons, a headphone jack, and (I think) the microphone. There are no cameras, sensors, or extra ports on this tablet, but there is that expansion port.
The NooK HD+ was originally intended as a premium quality device with a premium price tag, and you can see that in the hardware design and build quality. The Nook HD+ started out not as an Android tablet but as Barnes & Noble's special snowflake, which means that it has heavily customized software.
B&N changed a lot when they tried to create a special Nook snowflake from an Android tablet, but I think the single biggest mistake was their decision to block you from sideloading apps.
B&N left such little value for the user that many potential customers recoiled at the idea of paying a premium price for such a limited device, and they instead bought hardware from another vendor.
The Nook HD+ originally shipped at a time when its leading competitors (Kindle Fire HD 8.9, for example) all ran on dual-core CPUs. I haven't put my hands on any large budget tablet recently; I've been too busy with 7" tablets. Having started its life as an enhanced ebook reader, you would think that the Nook HD+ would have a great reading app. The Nook reading app on the Nook HD+ offers 8 font sizes, 6 background colors, 6 different fonts, and several choices of line spacing and margins,  so there should be enough options to satisfy most readers. Unfortunately, B&N didn't put a lot of thought into how the font size interacted with the margin and line spacing settings. I have had this tablet for well over a year, but it wasn't until the past few weeks that I started looking at it with a critical eye. I’ve been using Nook HD+ as my preferred reader for 6 months even though I still use my ipad for reading PDFs.
I have done a good deal of reading on the Nook SW reader, and I haven’t seen anything like you have described. One thing I find annoying (and I can’t seem to find a solution for) is to stop sounds for notifications. The best thing about the HD+ is having an external card — which I put a ton of music on.
Secondly, I’m generally not a fan of screen protectors but found the HD+ to be unusually prone to reflective glare, fingerprints and smudges and installed a matte, anti-glare screen protector on mine. Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted.
The nook arrived later than promised in a pretty but wasteful package, which I’ve already complained about in my first impressions of the nook posting.
Oh, and from what I read on the B&N website FAQ the Lend feature will allow you to lend to multiple people, but you can only lend the book once to each person.
I love the idea of going into the B&N or using wifi connectivity to be able to check out books. Julie – would it be possible to show how the same PDF file (displayed above Nook) as it looks on the Kindle 2 and on the Kindle DX? Readers on a budget will be glad to hear of a new ebook reader with great readability and ergonomics for $150: the Ectaco Jetbook Lite. I have iphone, 3G, already and am thinking about comment to continue using my iphone although the screen is really small. So I finally stopped by B&N today to see the nook in person… and I am impressed, despite the so-so reviews it has gotten across the web (not saying this of your review!
I, like many others have solved the optical illusion issue by applying a dark skin to my Kindle. My conclusion at this point ~ I’ll stick with my Sony and endure the darker screen in trade for the other advantages. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Barnes and Noble has released the first e-reader since 2013 with the advent of the Nook Glowlight Plus. The Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight Plus features a six inch e-Ink Carta display with a resolution of 1430 x 1080 and 300 PPI. One of the most hyped up features about the Nook Glowlight Plus is that it is completely waterproof. It is important to note that while it is submerged you cannot turn pages or access any sort of touchscreen functionality. Older Nook devices had 2 GB of internal memory with 512 MB that was reserved for sideloaded content and the rest allocated for the operating system and e-books purchased from the B&N bookstore. What I like about this device the most is the capacitive home button built into the bezel, that will allow you to immediately go back to your home screen no matter where you are on the device. Barnes and Noble has been a company that has always employed Google Android as the core operating system on their entire line of Nook e-Ink readers.
Barnes and Noble has also ported in their popular NOOK Profiles feature, previously available only on the companies line of tablets. I think on the software level one of the most intuitive aspects is the shopping experience. Finally, aside from just selling e-books in the Nook Store, they also sell digital magazines and newspapers. Barnes and Noble has tweaked their font and settings menu to mirror their Android and iOS app.
If you are reading an e-book you purchased from Barnes and Noble or one that you sideloaded this e-reader is perfect. One of the biggest problems facing the Barnes and Noble Nook hardware division is marketing. The only marketing strategy that Barnes and Noble currently employs when issuing a new Samsung Tablet or Nook e-Reader is simply issuing a press release. I wish Barnes and Noble would leverage the very smart people they have working for the company and find a way to build up demand for a new Nook e-Reader, before the device is officially released.  Their corporate head office is in New York and I know for a fact that there are at least a handful of journalists based there.
Barnes and Noble is calling the Nook Glowlight Plus the most lightweight e-reader they ever made, at 6.9 ounces. I would recommend this e-reader if you are interested in just reading e-books and not PDF Files. In the videos below we provide a full unboxing of the retail packaging and show you everything that comes with the Nook Glowlight Plus.
1001 Michael Kozlowski (6391 Posts)Michael Kozlowski is the Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader.
I compared the new Glowlight Plus with my Simple Touch, and even though the resolution of the Glowlight Plus is quite a bit higher, the weight of the font seems much lighter.
That’s due to the 300 dpi screen and what I found on my Voyage is that a heavier font works much better.

As far as the flashing goes on page turns, I believe that you can adjust that on the Voyage. I got an email yesterday from Barnes and Noble touting some new pricing changes to their Nook eReader device.
The review unit was purchased at full retail ($270) and has a free case which was given to me by M-Edge (I got it because all of the B&N cases were cheap looking junk). Thanks to the launch of numerous dual-core Android tablets with screens ranging from 7" to 10" and prices ranging from $80 to $199, the Nook HD+ has long been simply one of the many budget tablets on the market. And when I call them decent I mean that they have dual-core CPUs; I wouldn't bother with a single core tablet when, for example, RCA has a dual-core 9" tablet for only $99. It has black metal trim around the screen, a gray rubberized metal back, and a metal accent in the lower left corner which resembles a loop. The power button is on the upper right edge, and along the bottom edge you will find a microSD card slot and a custom expansion port. The 9" screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1280, far sharper than anything else in this price range. This was probably intended to work with a variety of accessories, but so far as I know the only accessories which used the expansion port were a charging dock and a dongle that broke out an HDMI port.
It was the highest resolution screen when it came on the market (and was built to a quality that matched any of the premium tablets), but has since been supplanted by newer and more expensive tablets like the Fire HDX 8.9 and others.
Look at this screen in comparison to equally cheap tablets, and it is safe to say that you won't find any tablet that has a screen with such high resolution. I ran my usual test on my year-old tablet and concluded, based on playing a video for an hour with the screen at full and Wifi on, that the Nook HD+ should last for at least 7 hours of video.
This tablet didn't drain its battery while asleep, and it has an expected 4 to 5 days of standby time.
This can be confusing for someone who buys this device and expects to see an Android tablet, but there's nothing in the software that should stump a new user.
This wasn't widely implemented across the Nook platform, unfortunately, but if you own a Nook HD+ (or a Nook HD) you can set up accounts which have only limited access to certain pieces of content or certain types of content.
When this device launched they allowed you to get apps from their app store, and that was it. The Nook app store was and is frankly pathetic, and its limited selection does not include such basics as OverDrive, Adobe Reader, or a decent free news reader app. But now that it's a year later and the Fire HDX runs on a multi-core Qualcomm CPU, how does the Nook HD+ compare? If you compare the Nook HD+ to the Fire HDX I am sure that the latter would come out ahead. The Sero 7 Pro was zippier in loading the app, loading levels, and other in-game activities.
This tablet has Chrome as a web browser, but once I swapped it out with Opera the tablet performed admirably. This is a heavier and larger tablet, so naturally most reading will be done at a greater distance than with a lighter 7" tablet - possibly even further than arm's length. I have found, as I use it more and more, that it does have the great hardware that I recommended when I last considered this tablet in November. I can without hesitation recommend this tablet - but I also think you should plan on spending some time replacing key apps. The home screen is rather clunkily designed, the Nook reading app is unstable, and Chrome - I so wish Google would stop forcing it on all and sundry. Installing CyanogenMod would give you an up to date version of Android, and it would also replace B&N's funky menus with standard ones. Since I complain loudly about notbeing able to see my iphone screen I am in heaven with this large display! Never crashed once, and in fact, I do a lot of switching between publisher defaults and user defaults when testing my ebooks. I want a way to make apps accessible to different profiles, and this doesn’t seem easy to do.
I just bought a Kindle 2 for my wife after being initially being really excited about the Nook. So, in short, if they can’t read the book in 2 weeks, too bad for them, they just have to buy it themselves.
He makes a number of the same points, and thus backs up what both Pogue and Judie are saying. The little grievances that exist melt away at the sheer convenience of having so many books at your fingertips. The screen where all the installed books are listed has the alphabet down along the right side.
If I read book 1, close it and read book 2, then open book 1 again, it opens to the last page I read.
Due to some lag associated in some common touchscreen functions I would surmise it has 512 MB of RAM, instead of 1 GB. This model has 4 GB, with 2 GB reserved for sideloaded content and the rest for Nook content such as e-books, newspapers and magazines.
It does not emit light from behind the screen, so it is easier on the eyes for longer reading sessions. Instead of simply being replica editions they strip away all of the custom styling sheets and images and give you an experience much akin to an e-book. This is not an e-reader you want to buy if you are wanting to borrow books from the library or read PDF files.
You have a eight different options to increase or decrease the size of the fonts and a number of options to change the font type completely. The screen can be somewhat unresponsive at times,  which makes creating notes, highlights and annotations a bit tedious. These are two English speaking markets and this is quite evident with the Nook Glowlight Plus.
The company never teases their audience with slow product reveals or sneak peaks.  They don’t take pre-orders weeks in advance, in order to build up customer demand.
They hope that they will build up buzz sending it off to tech blogs and media outlets.  As soon as the press release is sent out, the new devices are immediately available in hundreds of bookstores all over the US.
They let handful of handpicked journalists play with the new technology, snap pictures and post videos to YouTube. They let people save money to place pre-orders and inform them a very real product will be released soon. It is waterproof, dust proof,  has a super high resolution screen and incorporates software features never seen on an e-reader before. This device would be perfect for people who are casual readers and those of you that live close to a Barnes and Noble bookstore. Our hands on review video shows you what it is like reading an e-book, PDF file and digital magazine.
Some things in the written review were omitted because they are better explained with a hands on video review.

Unfortunately that tablet and most other 9" tablets are also hampered by low resolution screens (some also only have 4GB of storage).
If you are careful about about power management you should be able to extend that considerably. In May 2013 B&N decided to permit Nook HD+ owners to install apps from Google Play, but they still won't let you download apps from anywhere else (like the half dozen or so legit app stores). But with the Nook HD+ now costing under $200 (the Fire HDX costs twice as much), I think it better to compare this tablet to other budget tablets. In part this was because the Sero 7 Pro had a Tegra 3 CPU driving a smaller screen, but in general the Nook HD+ just felt slower.
I can also vouch for how quickly the touchscreen responded, and the speed at which web pages loaded.
It also lost my reading position on a regular basis (twice in the past hour, in fact), and it sometimes forgot how the formatting options had been set. It's not unreasonable to expect that you might set the Nook HD+ on a table and surround it by books and papers. That is clearly not ideal, and between one issue and the other I recommend that you get another reading app. I’m really anxious to see if the firmware update we keep hearing about will speed things up. In a world of cookie cutter black e-readers that look all the same, Barnes and Noble decided to make it white and add little accents to make it stand out in a crowd.
This is benefiical for users because the screen is flush with the bezel, similar to how your smartphone or tablet functions. At the top left hand side of the screen there is an open book notification that will open the last opened e-book on your device. Instead, there are five LED lights at the top of the screen that is built into the bezel and project light downwards. It also offers customers sneak peeks of upcoming books and special bonus content from authors and publishers.
Parents will appreciate the ease of setting up profiles for their children with relevant kid-friendly NOOK content for their kids to build a love of chapter books. Setup is intuitive, simple and seamless, and previously created NOOK Profiles will automatically transfer to new devices. There are a few other settings to change the line spacing or margins, or if you mess up too many things you can enable publishers defaults.
There is no other dictionary loaded on the reader other that the default English one and no way to change the settings to appeal to people who speak Spanish or French.
Instead, they keep their loyal Nook users completely in the dark, seldom giving them a reason not to buy something from the competition. It has a lifetime in-store warranty, which should build consumer confidence that Barnes and Noble is serious about e-readers again. You will also see all of the different illumination levels on the front-lit screen in complete darkness and witness how the reader performs with being submerged in water. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more.
Their screen resolutions are (for the ones I found) usually 800 x 480, which is considerably less sharp than the resolution on the Nook HD+ (1920 x 1280).
I have found that the Sero 7 Pro offers performance that is comparable to a dual-core tablet (in a much prettier shell) so this was a good tablet to use as a yardstick. And right now the app is turning the page at random intervals while ignoring some of my attempts to turn the page.
When Amazon released their first generation Kindle, people showed more interest, but not enough to contradict the eBook naysayers. Additionally, the back is aluminum which does not have much grip to it, but the front of the bezel has little grooves that makes it easy to hold and does not slide around. On the top right hand corner is the current time, how much battery life is available and the illumination icon that opens a slider that can be used to adjust the brightness of the screen. The Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and the Nook Glowlight also had illuminated screens but the light had a pale blue hue. There is also featured articles from a myriad of magazines too, giving you a sense of featured stories, without having to actually download or purchase the entire issue. Competing bookstores often have locked in sections like Editors Choice or Top 50 books, but Barnes and Noble is always keeping things fresh. What I like about the font options is that it is perfect for people new to e-readers or people who want simplicity. This will prevent you from reading anything that has been customized to be read on a larger screen display. Barnes and Noble announcing something and releasing it on the same day is counterproductive and not forward thinking. Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others. A year and a half later the Kindle 2 was announced and I could tell that the tides were starting to shift. The Nook Glowlight Plus on the other hand is more refined, not as great as the Kindle Voyage, but still very good. It is now available for $129.99, with an additional 10% discount for Barnes & Noble Members.
I think that as we see iPad continue to storm their way onto the eReader market, we’re going to continue seeing price drops in the Nook and Kindle.
Add another 8 months and it seems that a week doesn’t go by without a new eBook reader being announced.
BTW, my daughter played with a Nook in a B&N store here in NYC and found many of the same problems. One of the most anticipated readers this year (other than the Kindle 2) has been the Barnes & Noble nook. On my digital scale, the Kindle weighs in at 10.2 ounces and the nook weighs in at 12 ounces. Next to USB connector is an amber charging status LED and to the left of that is a 3.5mm earphone jack (there are no earphones included with the reader). Hold it for a few seconds to completely power off the reader, or press it once to wake up the reader. The Kindle uses Sprint for its wireless service and has never worked at my house, so I have to keep it turned off or it will drain the battery in one day.
Using the wifi feature with my home wifi is MUCH MUCH faster and it’s really enjoyable to browse through books to find something new and interesting to read.

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