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The various icons and buttons in the Eclipse (Kepler) interface are very, very small on a laptop with a 3200x1800px screen. I've played around with adjusting the screen resolution and other settings in the operating system (Windows 8.1), which helps, but results in other applications appearing too large, and even then the Eclipse icons are uncomfortably small. I have looked up solutions for this issue for the last month, but I have not found an ideal solution yet. I use a laptop with a 2560x1600 screen with the 200% magnification setting in Windows 8.1 (which makes it looking like a 1280x800 screen but clearer).
After I saw how VS works, I began looking up a way to launch Eclipse in the same mode since it would not be technically very hard to just scale things up like how VS does. I figured that one solution would be to run a batch operation on the Eclipse JAR's which contain the icons and double their size. If a file is a JAR or ZIP, create a target file and process the contents using a similar process: a. The only problem I've found with this solution is that it really only works once - if you need to download plugins then do so in the original location and re-apply the icon increase batch process. The gnu general public license (gnu gpl gpl) widely free software license, guarantees users (individuals, organizations, companies) . The gnu free documentation license (gnu fdl simply gfdl) copyleft license free documentation, designed free software foundation (fsf) gnu. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective replica rolex daytona trademark owners.

What are the steps you need to adapt Ubuntu on a fresh installed Laptop with a high resolution display? Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).
Changing resolutions while using Ubuntu's default Nouveau display driver would result in a black screen and force me to restart my computer. I selected "Using NVIDIA binary driver - version 352.63 from nvidia-352 (proprietary, tested)".
Select the resolution of your choice and enjoy the target resolution full of Ubuntuness (and not a black screen!).
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With the Crossbow expert feat, can you use a net attack and then a hand crossbow attack on your bonus action?
A quick fix would be just to increase the title bar font size in the appearance settings, but this would result in larger-than-normal title bar text if you were to disable the Compiz effects.
You’ve taken a bunch of pictures with your digital camera and you want to post them on the web. The screenshots in this tutorial show GIMP running on Ubuntu Linux, however the steps are exactly the same if you’re running GIMP on Windows. Now click within your image, somewhere near where you want your text to end up and you are presented with the GIMP Text Editor.

Make sure your text layer is highlighted, then move the Opacity slider to the left as far as you need to in order to achieve the desired opacity of your text. I would also suggest using various layer blending modes, in particular, overlay and grain merge. The red error decoration that appears to indicate errors on files is difficult to see unless my nose a few cm from the screen.
That has not been updated for HiDPI (obviously MS wants me to use a newer version of VS), but it still works kind of ok with HiDPI screens since it just scales things up twice -- the sizes of icons and letters are normal but they look lower-resolution.
The accepted solution partially worked for me but I was unable to get Java apps to work properly, and I found the OS to become too laggy while using 2x scaling. But this does not use scaling and this will not take advantage of HiDPI, but at least Ubuntu will be usable. Before clicking save on step 15, click on advanced options and add a copyright comment to the image as well. It's not an ideal solution since many applications look much better at the higher resolution.
However, the changes do not persist after a reboot or after logging back in and it’s impractical to have to do this every time.

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