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Google Analytics is a set of tools provided by Google that allows you to measure your website performance, particularly visitors, sales and conversions.
Unified Systems can help you setup your site to use Google Analytics, and we can show you how to use it to grow your business.
To keep up to date with new services and software releases, please follow us on the following networks. Xiaomi has made quite a name for itself in the Indian smartphone market by offering affordable yet feature loaded devices. Britain’s announcement comes not long after US-based Google released its driverless car, whose cutesy demeanor resembles some kind of nightmarish stuffed animal. The UK testing of driverless cars will last between 18 and 36 months, and will take place in up to three as-yet-unnamed cities. If driverless cars become the norm, the expectation is that traffic will move more smoothly, and there will be fewer accidents road rage incidents. The new Internet sensation, Qandeel Baloch, who is a Pakistani model, can be a participant on TV reality show Bigg Boss 10.
Baloch who is also known as Pakistan’s Poonam Pandey, thanks to her controversial announcement of doing a striptease had their team won in the T20 World Cup 2016, has said in a recent interview, that she has certain terms and conditions for participating in the show.
The 25-year-old model has been in news for her controversial statements since T20 World Cup 2016. Bigg Boss is a famous television reality show, which is all set for a major change for its tenth season, involving ordinary Indians. Also, the selection procedure for the common public requires them to upload a three-minute video highlighting their best trait and explaining why they fit into the format of the show. The company's first smartphone in India - Redmi 1S, grabbed a lot of eyeballs with its combination of low price and decent specifications.

The technology that would allow vehicles to navigate the roads with little to no help from a human driver is both frightening and exciting. The British government wants local governments, businesses, and organizations to work together to find the perfect locations for testing, which will presumably help the government decide where the testing will occur. Once those are met, she will release an official statement whether she will be a part of next Bigg Boss or not. Apart from claiming to strip if Pakistan wins, she had also asked Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli to leave Anushka Sharma and choose her instead. The show that will air in October 2016, will include common people as contestants in the house, along with the usual crew of celebrity contestants.
Frightening because it will involve us drivers having to relinquish control of our vehicles and trust a computer to do the work; exciting because, well, driverless cars!
Google anticipates that California will soon pass legislation to allow the testing of the cars sans driver. All in all, Britain will spend $17 million on testing autonomous vehicles—an amount that might meet with some resistance given the current state of the economy.
Cat has written about a variety of subjects, from dog training to fashion, and counts running and cooking among her hobbies. They might opt for a court marriage and then organize a small get together for their closed ones, relatives and friends. And now, the UK has announced its intention to become a pioneer of this incredible technology by beginning testing of driverless cars on its roads in January 2015. But in the UK, that legislation already exists, and in 2015 driverless cars will be tested in various categories, including semi-autonomous (with a driver in the vehicle ready to take over if and when needed) and completely autonomous (no backup driver necessary). I met with an accident while performing stunts for a commercial and ended up with a tear in my right knee ligament.

Though doctors advised me complete bed rest for at least four months, in my hurry to do a Telugu film, I ignored them.
Fortunately, I had saved some money, so, survival was not an issue." In the meantime, Shravan also tried writing. However, the smaller size of Redmi 3S Prime makes it more compact and easier to use with one hand.
The top edge houses a 3.5mm audio jack along with an IR blaster for controlling TVs and other appliances.
As for the rear panel, it's home to a 13MP primary camera with LED flash, as well as a fingerprint sensor. The good battery life can also be attributed to factors like small screen size and low resolution of the display.
The device offers some interesting modes such as a Lite Mode, which enables a simple mode with bigger icons and fewer features. There are also other modes, such as Child and Guest, which can be used to restrict access to selected apps.
The pre-installed 'Mi remote app enables users to add multiple remote controls for different appliances and use them from the phone itself. Swiping to the right shows all the filters, while swiping to the left shows all the modes such as panorama, beautify and manual. Below the different modes is the option for camera settings, where it's possible to change things like camera shutter sound, save location and picture quality.

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