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In this post, you will learn how to create a Waffle Chart In Excel and how can you use it in your dashboards. Data Point: A data point from where we can take the completion percentage or achievement percentage.
Enter Values In Grid: Next, you have to enter values from 1% to 100% in cells starting from the first cell of the last row in the grid.
Data Point Cell: Now, you need a cell for the data point in which you can capture the percentage of completion or achievement and we will link that cell with waffle chart. Apply Conditional Formatting Rule: Once you create a data point, next you have to apply the conditional formatting rule on the grid.
Now, you have a dynamic label which will change its value when the value in data cell will change. Go to your dashboard sheet & use shortcut key Alt-H-V-I or Go to > Home Tab > Clipboard > Paste > Linked Image.

It gives a quick view to a user about the progress of a project or about the achievement of target. After understanding pros & cons of waffle chart you can use it in a perfect situation where you want to present a chart with a single data point.
Sorry, I forget to tell you that I have created an Excel Productivity Guide which has tips like Excel Waffle Chart.
Explanation: we created two conditional formatting rules to highlight cells lower than 0 and greater than 0. All you have to do, enter this formula in the first cell of the last row (change cell references in your formula) . This rule will apply the conditional formatting to the cells which have the value between this value range. Make sure to apply the same color for font & cell color to hide fonts when conditional will apply.

Next, select cell B2, click the lower right corner of the cell and drag it across to cell M2.
Maybe this is one step too far for you at this stage, but it shows you one of the many other powerful features Excel has to offer. We have two different options to create a linked image Excel Camera Tool or Paste Special Option.

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