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Display in Windows 7 allows you to make the text and other items, such as icons, on your screen easier to see by making them larger.
As you can see in the above Screen shot all the icons, other items and text is displayed in larger size.
The tutorial on changing font size is great, however I have tried this numerous times and still have problems with extra small text in some games and super large size in other programs. But please be noted that some old programs are not fully compatible with Windows 7 and font problems may occur. When youa€™re on the other side of 50, as I am, you become less concerned about how fast your Mac is, and more interested in how well you can see the text it displays.
The Fonts panel, which many Apple applications use, lets you choose a suitable font and font size for your eyes. More readable by default: If youa€™d rather not fiddle with font size over and over, change your defaults. To make it easier to see folder and file names in Finder windows, press Command-J, or choose View > Show View Options, when a Finder window is visible. Sidebars are important because they give you a list of items that you may want to use often, such as folders in the Finder. The Finder: To change the size of items in the Findera€™s sidebar, open System Preferences, and then click the General icon.
The three sizes available for Finder sidebar icons also affect the size of the associated fonts. Applea€™s Messages lets you change the font and size for incoming and outgoing messages independently.
In System Preferencesa€™ Accessibility pane, you can turn on zooming that affects your entire display. Finally, if you have a Mac that permits you to change the display resolution, you might want to go that route.
Although font size settings are limited to certain apps, ita€™s good to know where you can make this change. To remove a program in Windows, we uninstall it from Control Panel but many times the default uninstallation utility provided by the program doesn't remove the program completely. These leftovers might slow down your system and there is no point to keep them in your system.
There are many 3rd party software like Revo uninstaller, etc are available on Internet which claim to completely uninstall a software program in Windows but sometimes these software also fail to completely uninstall a software from your system. We here at AskVG always try to do the things ourselves so today in this tutorial, we are going to share some easy to use steps which will help you in completely uninstall a software program in Windows. Open Control Panel, click on "Programs and Features", select the program name and click on Uninstall button. Even though you have uninstalled the software using Control Panel, some files of this program might still remain in a few system folders.
If you find any folder with the name of the software program which you uninstalled using 1st step, delete it.
NOTE: You just need to type the above mentioned text in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter.
When you uninstall a software program, many times its entry in Windows Registry is not deleted by the uninstaller.
To completely uninstall the software, you'll also need to delete its key from Windows Registry. Once you go to the above mentioned keys, look for a key with the name of your uninstalled software.
Sometimes the key name might be based on the company name or developer name so if you suspect a key, expand it and check whether its related to the uninstalled software program. PS: Make sure to take a backup before deleting anything from Windows Registry so that you can restore it later if something goes wrong. PS2: Expert users can also find all occurrence of the key with the name of uninstalled software using "Ctrl+F" and delete them.

At last you can also empty Temp folder which contains temporary files and cleaning this folder is absolutely safe.
How to Change Power Button Action in Windows Vista to Shut Down the System instead of Sleep? I thought that I had seen that method elsewhere, but your tutorial on it by far passes what the other tech said.
Your tutorial is such an interested one, thank you for such a help you have rendered to ppl like me. I sometimes install soft wares in some different drive (Not in the same drive that contains the system software) . Tried doing this and was only able to get rid of the Windows 2010 folder with the %programfiles% command. I've reinstalled PowerPoint but get the error message "ppt couldn't load Motion Path Tools" when trying to re-install these.
I had forgotten the password of oracle 11g due to which i was not able to access it, but it was utilizing the computer resources like RAM which i felt is the reason for my laptop getting slow so I deleted the folder of oracle 11g in start option, than i disabled the oracle 11g in administrative tools> services, then i went to the drive in my case F drive where app folder was created i deleted even that, so is oracle 11g completely uninstalled, if not than how to remove the remaining traces of oracle 11g to free up the memory and other resources it utilizes?
I also think it makes sense checking the Common Files folder in both Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders.
I am desperate to get rid of it, as it is a screen saver that keeps coming on and it's an aquarium and I feel running my computer all the time.
In control panel,there are two unnecessary folders o auto plot style manager and auoto desk plot manager.How i delete them. Feels like my old laptop was brought back to life after getting rid of all the stuff there was that I didn't even know there was.
Thank you very much it was very useful also I would recommend disconnecting from the Internet when un-installing any suspicious programs. I've run multiple malware scans, gone through tutorial after tutorial, including this one, and I can find no trace of any files even remotely hinting that they might be the culprit, but it STILL shows up on the left side of my screen, and it opens new tabs with advertisements every few clicks, and i'ts absolutely infuriating! I have an aquarium screensaver in my screensaver list, but I have uninstalled it, removed the download link, removed it from my program files. I want to remove software name MTV20151125, and i couldn't remove it by any of the above methods, can you please help. This looks helpful (and thanks for posting) but I cannot find ANY keys bearing the name of the program I'm trying to remove.
I installed windows7 on my notebook and I'm not having any problems there, only on my desktop.
Whether your eyes are aging, your young eyes need glasses, or someone that you provide computer support for could use a boost in seeing the screen, no one should have to squint when surfing the Web, reading email, or writing documents.
If youa€™re using a word processor such as Applea€™s Pages or Microsoft's Word, or a text editor such as Applea€™s built-in TextEdit, you have numerous font and size options. For example, in Word, adjust your settings in the Font window and then click the Default button at the bottom.
For example, if you use Applea€™s Safari or Mozilla's Firefox as your browser, you can press that keyboard shortcuta€”or choose View > Zoom Ina€”at any time. Under 'Accessibility', select Never use font sizes smaller than and adjust the font size to a comfortable level. Select Text Size, and you'll get a popup menu that lets you choose a font size of from 10 points to 16 points. Go to Messages > Preferences, click Messages, and then click the Set Font button next to each of the two background color sections.
Click the Zoom icon in the sidebar of that preference pane, and check either or both Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom and Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom.
Set up your most-used apps appropriately, and your eyes will thank you for making them work a bit less.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. It lefts some entries in Windows Registry, some files in various folders in your hard disk drives.

Follow this step only if you are comfortable with Windows Registry and if you have used Registry Editor in past.
After following the above mentioned steps, you'll be able to completely uninstall and remove a software program from Windows.
I just did a I Fresh Install, and I had opened it and made a few, so I know it WAS working.
When I tried %appdata% it told me I needed administrative permission to delete files but not how to get it.
Even a computer noob like me is able to clear the s**t that my parents accidentally installed..
I have a quick question, I did steps 1, 2, and 4 and the all went really smoothly, thank you a ton for that.
Much more thorough and complete way of removing annoying leftovers than anything I have seen out there. It's still there and my AVG picks it up as a threat and says it removes it, but it is still showing in my screensavers. This allows you to increase or decrease the size of text and other items on your screen while keeping your display set to its optimal resolution. This option appears only if your monitor supports a resolution of at least 1200 x 900 pixels. A few key techniques can increase the font size in applications where easy-to-see text makes the biggest difference. Ita€™s a good idea to increase your font size by a few points if you use corrective lenses; even if the font looks all right, you might not realize that youa€™re squinting. In TextEdit, choose TextEdit > Preferences and then tweak the Plain text font and Rich text font settings. If the fonts are too big on certain pages, Command-minus (a?’) makes them one notch smaller. This setting affects not only the Findera€™s icons, but also the size of the associated text.A Curiously, though this setting changes the same items in the sidebar in Applea€™s Mail, it doesn't affect other Apple apps.
You can choose a different font and size for the message list, and for messages, as well as for any fixed-width text. I often use the scrolling optiona€”which, on a trackpad, is a two-finger draga€”to get a closer look at things that I cana€™t zoom any other way, such as text in graphics on webpages. Delete the key only if you are absolutely sure that the key was created by the uninstalled software. Even though I had uninstalled Mozilla Firefox, Secunia PSI still recognized it as being there since pieces of the program were still in my computer.
But at some point, during configuration of Windows Explorer or WMP, or another area, it stopped allowing me to even Create Playlists. I recently installed HP Qtp11.5 and uninstalled from the system and iam not able to install the previous versions of qtp. But I skipped Step 3 cause you say 'only do this if you've used windows registry before' and i have not. I want to clean install Google Chrome and have it ask me If I want to import bookmarks from ie and Firefox. When it runs, the program itself is called pi.exe - but there are no keys called this, either. Many other apps that display text use the Command-plus shortcut as well, so try it if you ever need to make text bigger in a particular application.
This alteration changes the number of pixels on the screen and, therefore, the size of text in the menubar, menu items, and so on. Managed to delete some of the appdata but then restored them from the trash after getting really nervous about not knowing what the hell I was doing.

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