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The simple set of options and features make Aomei Partition Assistant extremely easy to use even for beginners.
As one of the outstanding partitioning software, Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition is regarded and recommended as the Windows 7 partition magic which can easily increase partition size for Windows 7. Make the changes come into effect by clicking "Apply" on the toolbar after previewed the changes and ensure operations in the "Pending Operations" box. With several mouse clicks, the red bar changed into normal and the size increased successfully.
From the 1st limitation, we can find the reason is no continuous unallocated space behind C: drive. If skip the deletion, extend boot partition will stopped here, maybe this is the reason why users would like to choose Aomei Partition Assistant which holds more advanced function such as move partition. The purpose of this article: to have Windows XP users acquire how to increase partition size in Windows XP.

Related tools: PC with Windows XP operating system, the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard. Functions of increasing partition size: Seeing the detailed demo, most users may have known how to increase Windows XP partition size, which is helpful, because increasing partition size is able to solve lots of problems. Certainly, other operations of partition management can be acquired from our official website where operation videos are provided, facilitating users' learning. It allows you to copy the disk or partition to a different location as backup in order to eliminate any sort of mishaps.
Then detailed operation demonstration will be shown to make users grasp the method for increasing partition size in Windows XP.
To increase a partition, there must be unallocated space (marked with "Unallocated" in the above picture) on the same disk. For example, when we encounter the situation where a partition is lacking in space or where partition condition is unreasonable, resizing partition could fix the problem easily.

If the unallocated space exists, we can extend partition directly; if there is no unallocated space, we should delete other partitions or shrink a partition with amounts of unused space to get the unallocated space. After all operations are finished, increasing partition size in Windows XP is accomplished as well.
For individual computer users, MiniTool Partition Wizard is free partition magic, possessing many other partition management functions besides resizing partition, the best choice for partition management operations. Fortunately, many users are satisfied with theWindows 7 Disk Management because it includes the resize partition feature like Windows 2008 and Vista.

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