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When doing a standard Linux installation on a Vmware virtual machine, the installation process typically allocates all of the available virtual disk space to the Linux file system and swap partitions.
The size of the virtual disk can easily be increased using the Vmware utility (Vmware Workstation or Vsphere), but as neither the partition table or the file systems themselves are modified by Vmware utility, the guest system does not see the new virtual disk size. The Vmware utility (Vmware Workstation or Vsphere)  provides a dialog to change the size of the Vmware virtual disk. To increase the memory (RAM) assigned to a virtual machine, you need to edit the VM‘s setting to increase the memory while the VM is shutdown. Now you have add additional resource to the VM to also increase performance of your virtual environment. The capacity of a VMware Server 2.0 virtual disk may be increased from within the VMware Infrastructure (VI) Web Access management interface or from the command-line using the vmware-vdiskmanager tool.
The size of a VMware virtual disk may be increased from the command line using the vmware-vdiskmanager tool.
During the VMware Server 2.0 installation process, the installer prompted for port numbers to be used for both HTTP and HTTPS based access to the VI Web Access interface. When connecting locally (in other words from a web browser running on the same system as VMware Server), VI Web Access may be accessed using either an insecure HTTP or secure HTTPS connection. Virtual disks cannot be re-sized while any virtual machines which use the disk are powered on. The current size of the virtual disk is listed, together with two text boxes for the amount by which the disk is to be increased and the new capacity.
Have you ever encountered out of disk space issues on your wonderful VMs when trying install a critical application? This article assumes that the reader has familiarity with virtualization and has some practical experience with VMware products like workstation.
To determine whether the virtual machine has snapshots, is a linked clone, or is the parent of a linked clone, check the information at the top of the Summary tab for the virtual machine.

Mount the Iso on the VM that we have just expanded and power on the VM.Ensure that the VM boots from the Gparted iso. Before doing any modifications, make sure that you are having backup of your virtual machine. Using command prompt, first thing you need to do is shut down the virtual machine and make sure that there are no snapshots.
Customize the disk space in GB’s to how much you want the location of the virtual disk file as you required in the above command.
That’s it after executing the command virtual disk size will be increased in VMWare and that increased space will appear as unallocated space in your guest OS. Open VMWare application, select virtual machine and click on Edit virtual machine settings.
This will open virtual machine settings window and here go to hard disk category and click on Expand under Disk utilities section. After click on Expand, it will open Expand Disk Capacity and here enter disk space in GB’s and click on Expand. Now log into your guest OS and use partition management tool to manage the unallocated space. That’s it, it is that easy to increase the virtual disk size in VMWare either using command prompt or VMWare interface. This tutorial shows easy to follow steps to boot into Advance Startup mode to access troubleshooting options like booting with external media and sources. Offline Browsing in Chrome helps you to browse the cached pages while you are not connected to the Internet. After that you can change the disk sapce by editing the settings of the VM (right click > Settings). You need to connect to the command line of the Linux VM via the console or putty session and log in as root.

You cannot edit the VM’s memory configuration while the VM is suspended or powered on. In the case of remote connections, however, HTTP requests will be automatically redirected to the secure HTTPS connection. Here are a few easy steps that help you to solve the disk space problems on your VMware workstation VMs. Here I am assuming that you have minimum knowledge of using regular partition management tools. If you are having multiple vmdk files then use the file which doesn’t include -flat or -so in file name.
Safe mode lets you control the troubleshooting options and get more out of Windows Machine.
If other ports were specified during installation the following examples will need to be modified accordingly. The amount of space available for allocation to the virtual disk is dictated by the available space on the datastore in which the virtual disk file resides.
This will allow VMWare to assign the amount of disk space required to create the virtual machine.
If you don’t allot enough disk space initially when setting up then you can run out space.

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