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Have you ever encountered out of disk space issues on your wonderful VMs when trying install a critical application?
This article assumes that the reader has familiarity with virtualization and has some practical experience with VMware products like workstation. To determine whether the virtual machine has snapshots, is a linked clone, or is the parent of a linked clone, check the information at the top of the Summary tab for the virtual machine.
Mount the Iso on the VM that we have just expanded and power on the VM.Ensure that the VM boots from the Gparted iso. A few days ago my co-worker Phil Liou had an incident where the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 ran out of disk space for the vCenter Server Database. Here Guys We share a Simple Steps of “How to Install Backtrach 5 R3 in VMware Workstation 10 ?”. Backtrack 5 R3 – It is the Linux Based Penetrating Testing Distribution and Widelu used by Testers and Security Researchers.
1.) Firstly Open your VMware Workstaion and Click on File and “Create a New Virtual Machine”. 11.) After Waiting for a Minute you can see the Loading is Stop at a Movement and on That step Type “startx”and Press Enter.
NOTE : If you can have any Problem and Query with this Article you can Freely Comment Below We Solve your problem as soon as Possible.
UPDATE 7 September 2012:  NetApp has released its Virtual Storage Appliance, Data ONTAP Edge which is a licensed functional VSA. One of the strengths of NetApp’s storage offering is that its controller operating system called Data ONTAP is the same across every NetApp Filer storage product they sell.
I was about to start a serious rant about this limited availability when surprisingly whilst writing this post Vaughn Stewart sent out a tweet that NetApp are in fact looking at the possibility of opening up access to the simulator for version 8.1 which is fantastic news. I fiercely believe opening up access to learning and training tools allows so many more people to learn about your technology in their own time and if they know about your technology they are more likely to buy!
So, although the current status is the simulator is not available to all, hopefully this will change soon and this has saved me and you from a far longer rant! There is still quite a bit of configuration to do to get the simulator up and running, it’s not a plug and use VSA. The simulator isn’t as robust as other true VSAs as it replicates a real Filer where you would have redundant PSUs so doesn’t play nicely when you just power it off! The simulator isn’t suited to running anything that is performance heavy as it is aimed at testing the software features rather than any IOPS benchmarking.
Hopefully the steps I’m going to go through in this post will one day be put into the simulator as delivered by NetApp to save you the hassle! Check that you can meet the hardware and software requirements listed on the download page. I am going to set up and configure the 7-mode version rather than the cluster mode and on VMware workstation but you can upload the VM to ESX(i) but only after the disk size has been amended as you can’t amend an IDE disk in ESX(i). Download the 7-mode version which is a .ZIP file either for VMware Workstation, VMware Player and VMware Fusion or the version for VMware ESX(i). Double click on the .vmx file to add to VMware Workstation or browse the ESX(i) datastore and add to inventory.
As this is a testing simulator for a virtual hosting environment I am going to only have 1 network card as I don’t need to test any network failover configuration but if you do need some more network functionality leave them in and configure them as you would a physical filer.
The shipped VM comes with a 48 GB VM disk which needs to be expanded to accommodate the new data in the emulated simulator disks when you write data to them.

You need to increase the VM disk size and then extend the partitions and also slices within the simulator to take advantage of the increased VM disk space.
The current 48 GB VM Disk contains 28 x emulated 1 GB disks and then has another 20 GB so if we are going to have 56 x emulated 4 GB disks + 20 GB then we will need a 244 GB VM Disk.
If you want to run the simulator on ESX(i) you can now upload it from VMware workstation with the amended IDE disk size. You will see there are two VMware Virtual IDE Hard Drive disks, ad0 which is 249856 MB and ad1 which is 1024 MB. You will see that partition 4 which is 44007 MB must be the partition which holds the emulated simulator disks and this is the partition that needs to be extended.
The disk, partition and slice has now been extended and you can disconnect the mounted .ISO from the VM and shut down the simulator. When you see Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt, hit Ctrl-C. Press Enter to not run the Shield Alternate Control Path Management interface for SAS shelves. It’s now best to continue configuration through an SSH connection with Putty so you can copy and paste the configuration commands. We will move the current root volume vol0 to a new aggregate and new root volume on the new shelves. Wait until the aggregate has been created and then create a new flexible volume vol1 on aggregate aggr1 of size 850Mb.
Something seems to go funny with the SSL certificates so you cannot also connect with OnCommand System Manager. Enter Y to proceed and then you can just accept all the defaults or if you are more security minded you can enter more accurate values for your certificate requirements.
We may as well rename the root volume and aggregate back to what they were originally just to keep things clearer. Now we can go ahead and add 2 more 4 GB disk shelves to replace the 2 x 1 GB Disk shelves that have just been removed. You may as well turn off the pesky autosupport warnings and then assign all the new disks that are unowned to the filer.
You now have an aggregate spanning 4 x simulated shelves of 14 x 4 GB disks giving you 180.97 GB remaining available disk space after the root volume which is much better than the 20 GB you had initially! Now is a good time to halt the filer and take a snapshot so you can easily revert if you have an issue. You can also now go ahead and create your volumes and exports, LUNs, CIFS shares or whatever you want to use your simulator to test. Remember, never just power off the simulator as you will land up with complicated wafl consistency issues which are difficult and sometimes impossible to fix. Hopefully all these steps will be redundant when NetApp publicly release their simulator with the maximum possible disk size already configured and available as a simple to import virtual appliance.
When pressing N the sim reboots, when pressing y you can get further after selecting option 4 to clear config and initialize disks but then it panics. Fixed the expand error above by simply letting VMware WKS power on the SIM, letting it repair the disk then quickly powering off. Anyway, there is a lot of Fujitsu and IBM Netapp VSAs running ESX, Im looking for serial and sysmodel. Here are a few easy steps that help you to solve the disk space problems on your VMware workstation VMs.

Be careful also with using VCSA as syslog server as there apparently is no log rotation options, that I found. The operation is simple and most of the times the server does not need to be shut down; but it depends on the OS running on that VM. It is the Top Rated Virtualization tool to run Multiple Types of Operating System Virtually.
In this you can also Customize your Hardware Like change it RAM Value, Processor, Increase its Grphics memory and More Network Related.
We can Demonstrate every step in Detail and with this Step by Step Guide you can install Backtrack 5 R3 in very easy way. This is hugely significant as it means if you know how to administer and configure the smallest FAS2000 Series Filers you are pretty much up to speed to administer and configure Filers up to their biggest and beefiest FAS6200 Series Filers so you don’t have to learn another management interface when you upgrade. In previous versions of the simulator it was provided with 2 x simulated shelves of 14 x 1 GB Disks with only 20 GB usable space which with some hacking could be extended by 2 more shelves. This is unfortunate as previous versions did seem to be a little more robust but the 8.1 version needs to be handled with care. Copy the extracted files to a folder on your workstation or upload them to a datastore if you are going to be using it on ESX(i) but remember the issue with increased an IDE disk on ESX(i). I have worked out what the number needs to be in a completely non-scientific way using a whole host of different boot disks and a million different options! You can see under the Geom name: ad0s4 that ad0s4b is the slice which is 39 GB and that corresponds to index 2. Once complete, press Enter to bring up a login prompt and enter the root password you had entered. Turn of checking for spare disks (which will still error in the logs but at least allow you to create a bigger aggregate) and set the raid group size to 28.
It is available in FixIt mode and shows you the current size of the partition and the size of the free area afterwards.
It can also have two option of Disk storage One is in single disk and Split virtual disk into multiple files. Nowadays there is a pre-built VMware virtual machine so you don’t have to install RedHat or SuSE beforehand. You can make this VM disk thin-provisioned so you don’t have to have all 244 GB available until you write to it.
If you have a mac to run yourr simulator, you can do the IDE disk expansion in VMware Fusion too.
It is basically a machine that abstract the hardware of computer like memory, HDD, network Card and Graphics. You can connect to your ESXi host directly (with the vSphere Client) if you don’t have vCenter. Just right-click the C volume and choose Resize Partition.Drag the slide to the right to use all the available space.

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