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Google Code also gives users a Wiki page for their project, Downloads directory, Bug reporting and tracking. Once you have your Google Code project page up and running, it’s now time to get writing some code and upload them to your new project. For the next command, you need to go to your Google Code project page and click on the Source tab. The .hg directory holds an important file that we need to configure in order to proceed any further.
This is the correct directory that Mercurial requires for working with your source code repository on Google Code. It’s very important to remember your Google Code Mercurial password is different to that of your usual Google Account password. And when prompted, ensure you choose Mercurial for your source code version control system.
This will present you with the correct details to enter in to your terminal to clone your Mercurial repository to your own system. Once you have the files ready to upload, you need to copy them in to your local repository directory.

You now have a running Google Code and Mercurial source code version control system running successfully. Yet keeping track of your progress and different versions of files and what modifications have been made to those files is no easy task when you have them spread right across your hard drive in various locations. Your Mercurial password to be used for Google Code can be found by logging in to your Google Code project and in the upper right-hand corner of the page, you will see Profile next to your username. Thankfully there is an easy way to manage your software development projects using Google Code and version control software Mercurial. It provides the user with access to a source code repository and gives you three options for your version control management. I am choosing to show you Google Code because it’s very simple to use and setup, even for beginners. You should now see your Mercurial password you need to use for pushing changes to your project.

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