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Last week we lost Michael Jackson, a true legend and without any doubt, an inspiration to a whole generation. In this tutorial I will show you how I created the wallpaper in tribute to the king of pop.
With the Pen Tool (P) create another triangle like the image below just to make the light brighter towards the top and middle.
Add another layer inside the group with Color Dodge and then paint some sparks like the image below. Fabio Sasso I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. October is Halloween's month and for this week's case study we will feature not one but three inspiring digital artworks by Wojciech Magierski that will definitely give you some inspiration and references for your Halloween design. Wojciech Magierski an illustrator and digital artist with a degree from Cracow Academy in Applied Graphics.
From the mighty folks from Greyscalegorilla, they are bringing you a fun, educational, beautiful tutorial series showing you the basics and a broad introduction to Cinema 4D. If you are an artist or a Motion Designer, it’s probably time you get more familiar with 3D if you haven’t already. We are working on Microweber on the past 3 years and finaly Oh-my-God we have a demo version! After you draw a crop selection, you have a checkbox on the options bar to adjust the perspective. If you change your mind after you've made a crop selection, you can back out of it by pressing Esc. If you are completely new to photo editing and are not yet familiar with post-processing software functions, it might seem complicated to achieve simple tasks, such as CroppingCropping is a very popular term in photographing. When I am taking pictures I am usually focused on many important compositional elements which are difficult to correct in post-processing and I will often miss simple irregularities, such as tilted horizon. There are many reasons you might want to resize a photo, whether you want to post a small image online or print a reduced photo you will have to use resize image function. If you don’t want to keep an entire image, but only want to select and save a section, you will need to crop. Once you finish your selection you will see areas that are outside of your boundaries become shaded. Once all changes are complete and you are satisfied, hit [Enter] or a checkmark on the top Options Bar to finalize crop.
Occasionally you have a tilted wall or horizon on your image, that’s perfectly fine and it happens to everybody. To use Photoshop’s automatic angle calculation function you will need to use a Ruler Tool. If you have enjoyed this post and wish to receive updates on any future posts subscribe, like and follow us!
If you need to make an advertisement or an image that showcases a physical product, then there are a lot of different ways that you can make that object stand out.
If you look carefully at still product images in magazines and on the Internet, many of them have a shadow that seems almost unnatural.
Your image needs to have a transparent background because you are actually adding the drop shadow to your entire layer so, if there are still background pixels on the image layer, then you will be adding the shadow to the entire layer. Step 3: Adjust the Opacity, Angle, Distance, Size and Spread values until you find the shadow effect that you are looking for. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create Awesome Particle Flame Text Effect in Photoshop.
Hint: Hit Ctrl + Alt + R and bring up the Refine Edge tool to adjust the edge of the selection to get better result. I grew up listening to his songs and of course, was amazed by his movie clips and dance moves. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts. I tell yon now, Microweber is Free Open Source system that allows you to make your own website, blog or online shop by DRAG AND DROP! The crop tool has a very easy keyboard shortcut to remember, so you'll rarely need to bother with selecting it from the toolbox. When you let go, the crop marquee will appear and the area to be discarded is shielded with a gray screen.
Move your cursor over each handle and you'll notice it changes to a double pointing arrow to indicate that you can resize the crop border. Just align one of the crop edges to a portion of the image that should be horizontal or vertical, and when you invoke the crop, it will rotate the image to conform to your selection. To commit to your selection and make the crop permanent, you can press Enter or Return, or simply double click inside the selection marquee.
In the older days when film was the primary medium of photographing cropping denoted printing only a part of the whole negative. To understand how this function operates imagine that you look at your image through a FrameFrame is denoted as one image or one picture. Simply drag over an area you wish to crop and go to Image>Crop on the top Navigation Panel. Select a Ruler Tool from the Toolbox and drag it along the line you would like to be leveled. While it certainly appears artificial, if also makes the object appear more polished, serious and professional.

This will result in a shadow being created for the entire rectangular layer, as opposed to only the product itself. Make sure that your canvas is large enough to accommodate the addition of the shadow that you want to include. Note that if you have the Preview option checked in the column at the right side of the window that your changes will be reflected immediately on the image. We will manipulate the fire texture with the liquify filter, and learn how to use adjustment layers to fine-tune the final effect. The moonwalk was something I always wanted to learn how to do and even today, it still impresses me. Create another ellipse and repeat the Gaussian Blur, this time however, use 20 pixels for the Radius.
His main focus is on digital illustrations, photo manipulation and broadly defined “design”. Either you're a beginner or a professional, having a creative workflow is a must in our industry. There are some really nice examples with very intricate overlaying, usually with faces of people mixed with photos of nature. Today we bring to you another amazing case study for an icon, this time inspired by a cooking glove.
Notice in the options bar you have spaces to fill in the desired width, height and resolution for the final cropped image.
The center point on the crop marquee determines the center point to which the marquee is rotated. When you select the perspective check box, you can move your cursor over any of the corner handles and it will change to a shaded arrow.
You can also use the check mark button on the options bar to commit to the crop, or the circle-slash button to cancel the crop. This way a photographer could highlight the main subject of an image and leave out the rest. I also try to compose my images with enough additional space on the sides, in case I might want to crop or slightly rotate my image.
Upsampling is a term used for a process in which an image is increased in size beyond its original dimension. It is usually denoted as one negative film or one exposure of the digital sensor to light." class="glossaryLink ">frame. You can hold [Shift] to define 1 to 1 ratio or [Alt] to have the selection center around a starting point.
One way is to manually rotate a layer, while another way automatically calculates rotation. To set a perfectly straight line move your cursor over the ruler (which is located on top or left side), press left mouse button and drag the line on your image. Just go to Layer>Duplicate Layer and you will be able to use Free transform on that newly created layer. It adds an interesting effect to the image, it is easy to add and modify, and it is a procedure in Photoshop CS5 that you will find yourself using with regularity.
And this is a very simple effect that you can add to any image with a transparent background. You can use a combination of selection tools,  the eraser and magic eraser tool to effectively isolate the product.
You can increase the canvas size by clicking Image at the top of the window, then clicking the Canvas Size option. If you have any questions about the Photoshop tutorials, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.
Also the light effects were always part of the Michael Jackson's repertoire and of course, have influenced a lot in my style. Also add another layer and then with the Brush Tool (B), use a big round brush with white for the color.
After that with the Eraser Tool (E) select a big soft brush and start deleting the layer, leave just some very small areas close to the lights.
Also you will have to duplicate the MJ layer and change the Blend Mode to Normal then delete the rest of the layer and just leave the feet.
That's it, our little tribute to the King of Pop, full of light effects and magic like his music.
I've been thinking about giving it a whirl in Photoshop for a long time and I've finally gotten around to it. The cool thing about this case study by Anna Paschenko is that it shows the whole process of creating in terms of sketches, modeling, materials until the final result. You can change the shielded area color and opacity from the options bar after you make a crop selection. You'll notice if you drag a corner handle you can adjust the width and height at the same time.
You can move this center point to change the center of rotation by clicking on it and dragging.
If you right click in the document where you have made a crop selection, you can also use the context sensitive menu to finish the crop or cancel the crop.You can also crop to a selection using the rectangular marquee tool. In this case, knowing how to perform these editing functions in post processing really helps. Here you can either change a Pixel Dimensions or Document Size and the program will automatically calculate all the other proportions.

Delete and Hide choices are responsible for what will happen to eliminated area once crop is performed. So read on to learn more about adding shadows to your image elements with the drop shadow utility. I did everything you said in here and It’s not even 1% close to what’s yours !!
We have to that because with the Color Dodge Blend Mode the black becomes transparent so MJ's shoes wouldn't appear. To correct perspective distortion, move the top corners of the selection marquee inward, so that the sides of the selection are aligned with the edges of the building you want to correct. You can crop in-camera or opt to do that in post-processing on a photo editing software such as Photoshop. Also, having a camera capable of producing large resolution is a big plus, especially if you are planning to do large prints. You can also set the dimension to be presented in percentages relative to the original size rather than pixels.
Downsampling is conversely a process by which an image is reduced in size, which typically maintains image quality.
It is usually denoted as one negative film or one exposure of the digital sensor to light." class="glossaryLink ">frame is the same size as your photo but you can change the size of it. You can hold [Shift] to force the selection into 1×1 ratio or hold [Alt] to have the selection center around your initial contact point.
If you select Delete, obviously those areas will be gone, but if you select Hide they will not be visible because of the Canvas Size but can still be accessed by moving the layer around.
And finally, you can play around with appearance of shading of extra areas or remove it completely.
This makes it difficult to trim just a few pixels from an image, but you can disable snapping by holding down the Ctrl key (Command on Mac) when you get near an edge.
Remember, that the Resolution should be 72 pixels per inch if the photo is intended to be viewed on a screen and preferably at least 300 pixels per inch if it is intended for print. At any time, you can toggle from standard to precise cursors by pressing the Caps Lock key.
Composing through the viewfinder or the LCD screen you may sometime overlook the presence of elements in a frame that are distracting. I also recommend checking Scale Style and Constrain Proportions boxes to be sure that all correct image ratios are maintained. If the Resolution of the original image is 72 pixels per inch (ppi) and you need to print the photo, then you are better off increasing resolution to 300ppi. It is usually denoted as one negative film or one exposure of the digital sensor to light." class="glossaryLink ">frame then you will see a background on which your image is placed but if you decrease the size of this FrameFrame is denoted as one image or one picture. Additionally, in my opinion the best results are achieved when Bicubic option is selected through Resample Image selection. Increasing Resolution will increase Pixel Dimension but will not affect the actual document size. It is usually denoted as one negative film or one exposure of the digital sensor to light." class="glossaryLink ">frame you will see less of your photo. In this case Photoshop will automatically try to guess and predict pixels in the additional space created by increased dimension. You may find that the precise cursor is hard to see in some backgrounds, but it's nice to have the option when you need it.
There are other tools as well, but cropping is the fastest and cleanest of methods." class="glossaryLink ">cropping, resizing or rotation an image.
While Photoshop is not the best program to perform such guesswork it is surprisingly one of the cheapest.
You can also choose an anchor point with which you can select from which direction the image will be cut or increased.
Move your cursor a bit beyond any corner box until cursor icon turns into a rounded arrow and turn the layer in any direction. This basic tutorial is aimed at people who are entirely new to Photoshop, since these functions are essential elements of editing and serve as pillars for more advanced practices. On the other hand, just increasing Pixel Dimension on images intended for screen viewing will increase image size but noticeably decrease image quality. Additionally, if you are increasing the canvas beyond the size of original image you can choose what color will fill the void. When you are in Free Transform mode you can also manually specify angle and skew on the top Options Bar. However, Photoshop is a very advanced software and it is priced accordingly, so if you are just interested in performing these basic tasks and don’t plan to learn any advanced editing techniques in the future, purchasing Photoshop might be a waste of money.
These basic functions are available on much cheaper programs such as Photoshop elements, or you can even perform them online for free with programs such as Pixlr. When you have an image with a large Pixel Dimension but small resolution, you can increase resolution for print but decrease Document Size to match your print size.
While I discuss all the steps for these functions on Photoshop CS6, these steps and concepts are similar on all the other programs. Or, if you have a large resolution, but the image is intended to be viewed on screen you can lower the resolution but maintain the same Pixel Dimension.

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