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Out of Disk Space on Drive C–How To Increase Space on Drive C of a Virtual Machine Running Windows Server 2003  tagged . Note… this is much, much easier with Server 2008 and higher I finished working on an easier way to do this that does not require SCVMM. Note: if you have a disk “chain” you will need to merge the chain before this option is available. NOTE: Best practices for using dynamic disks on Windows Server 2003-based computers, DiskPart cannot be used in my case because this is a boot volume. The only way I could figure out how to pull this off (without third party tools) is to mount the VHD on a windows Server 2008 or later machine and just extend it there. Add an additional disk to an existing Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 machine, use the VHD you want to expand.
Once again, restart Windows 2003 virtual machine and boot with GPart LiveCD(default settings). Restart Windows 2003 virtual machine again and I would suggest you run Windows checkdisk(chkdsk) during boot up.

The solution sounds good, but I will not take risk to do this on my operating system partition. In almost every VMware system, it doesn’t have the function about disk partition management itself. This easier way to increase capacity was documented at: How To Expand and Extend To Increase Capacity On A Virtual Hard Disk The Easy and Fast Way–Solve the problem of “Out of Disk Space on Drive C” Forever.
Since SCVMM uses PowerShell for everything, you can do this with PowerShell but I did not do the leg work to come up with the specific commands.
You will see that you have successfully made the VHD capacity larger by adding unallocated space to the end of it.
I can Convert the Basic disk to Dynamic Disk but this would not solve my problem because you cannot extend the volume of an OS drive. However, snapshots are a problem so you can only do this with a single VHD without any snapshots.
If you skip this step you will likely get a bunch of security error messages when you boot the VM and the boot will fail.

As I mentioned earlier, diskpart require downtime if you use it to resize system partition. After all, I don’t imagine there would be much harm in using this if you have taken a snapshot before hand? In this example, I am actually going to use features built into Windows Server 2008 to extend the volume of my Windows Server 2003 Boot partition by simply attaching it to the server as a data disk, doing the work on it then reattaching it to the 2003 server. You cannot extend the partition of an OS disk using diskpart so I am going to attach my boot disk to another server that has extend capabilities. When you create the disk Hyper-V manager adds the security settings that are needed for the VHD.

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