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Femoral Reproductive massage is a technique used to boost fertility through increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. Every woman can perform this self-help exercise that has been proven through Chinese medicine to improve the vitality of the womb and the reproductive system. The technique involves placing pressure on the femoral artery further down past the reproductive organs and onto your leg; this then creates pressure in the artery which in turn forces the blood flow to the iliac artery to increase. To find the femoral artery you feel around two thirds of the way in from your outer thigh towards your inner thigh and place your palm along the crease in the leg (crease if you bend your leg upwards). Find the pulsation as well as press lower deeply in to the artery until you really feel the pulse quit.
Hold for about 30-45 seconds and permit the blood flow to collect in the womb and sex gland. End through gently rubbing the belly in clockwise rotations more than the uterus as well as ovaries. NOTE: Don't perform this particular exercise if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, any vasculature disability, glaucoma, or have been built with a history of cerebral vascular accidents or temporary ischemic attacks.
As a note on this it is perfectly normal to find that one femoral artery side is stronger and more obvious that the other.
Although the exact trigger of clogged arteries is unknown, contributing factors include increasing age, high cholesterol, high triglycerides (a type of fat, or lipid, in your blood), high blood pressure, obesity, excessive smoking, diabetes, inflammatory disease, and a family history of hardening of the arteries.Plaque buildup in the arteries is slow and progressive.
However, shortness of breath can also be due to heavy workouts, lack of oxygen in high-altitude areas, anemia, respiratory infection or disease, chronic bronchitis, and allergies.3. Prev post1 of 3Next   Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Previous article 10 Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin and Hair Next article Home Remedies for Female Infertility (Sterility) Related You Must Know the Differences between a Heart Attack, Cardiac Arrest and Stroke October 29th, 2015 Top 10 Herbs and Spices for Your Heart July 7th, 2015 Home Remedies to Reduce Triglycerides April 15th, 2015 2 Commentsjoel r.
A black eye (or "shiner") occurs when fluids collect in the tissues surrounding the eye after an injury near the eye. Technically speaking, a black eye is a bruise or discoloration caused by broken blood vessels under the surface of the skin.
Similar to bruises elsewhere on the body, a black eye usually is caused by blunt force trauma — a non-penetrating injury caused by impact. Because the facial skin around the eye socket is relatively thin and transparent, even a slight pooling of blood can result in a very noticeable discoloration.
Black eyes are usually the result of an accident in which an object strikes the area surrounding the eyes. A serious condition that can accompany a black eye is bleeding inside the anterior part of the eye (between the back side of the cornea and the front of the iris). Another condition often accompanying a black eye is a bright red appearance to the "white" of the eye (sclera).
In most cases, a black eye is like any other bruise and is not a cause for extreme concern.
However, it is always important to have an eye doctor examine a black eye before trying to treat it on your own. To care for minor black eyes at home, apply a cold compress as soon as possible following the injury. Never apply raw meat on a black eye, since this can significantly increase the risk of infection.
Cold compresses can be applied for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time and can be reapplied every hour. A mild black eye may initially appear red, then darken and get more swollen with time.As a black eye begins to heal, it can turn purple, blue, green or even yellow.
Gently massage the area surrounding the bruise (not the black eye itself) in the days following the injury.
In most cases, you will see noticeable improvement in the appearance of your black eye within a week.

To decrease your risk of getting a black eye, always remember to wear safety glasses, sports eyewear or even protective headgear that includes a face shield when you are involved in potentially hazardous activities, including playing sports. Wearing a seatbelt also is essential and significantly reduces the risk of black eyes from even minor auto accidents.
About the Author: Amy Hellem is a writer, editor and researcher who specializes in eye care and other medical fields. All About Vision is a Supporter National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight and we encourage our readers to support these humanitarian eye care organizations.
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It is claimed to increase your chances of conception based on the fact that increasing blood flow to any particular area or organ of the body increases its function and ability.
This physical exercise might be the most significant physical method you can do to enhance the blood flow as well as functioning of the reproductive system organs. The iliac artery is the main source of blood flow to the reproductive organs including the fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus.
If you are using a workout ball, place over the region where you really feel the pulsation.
Also if you do not have someone to do the massage for you then there is way to be able to perform this on yourself.
Clogged arteries result from the build up of plaque along the arterial walls.Plaque can buildup in coronary, carotid, peripheral and renal arteries. Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction (ED), the most common male sexual problem that affects up to 30 million men in the United States, can also be a sign of clogged arteries and heart problems.According to a 2011 article published in the Circulation journal, ED is common sign of atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries. Though more difficult to pronounce, this medical term more accurately describes the condition — it is a collection of blood (hematoma) located in the tissues around, not inside, the eye (periorbital).
Also, since the tissue in this area is relatively loose, fluid leaking from blood vessels easily accumulates around the eye, resulting in a puffy black eye. These accidents occur for countless reasons, from playing sports to simply walking into something.
This is called hyphema (hy-FEE-muh), and it is a medical emergency, as it can lead to increased eye pressure and vision loss from glaucoma if left untreated.
This is called a subconjunctival hemorrhage and (though it looks pretty scary) it usually is not serious and typically resolves without treatment within a couple weeks. A bag of frozen peas works better than ice cubes, because it conforms more easily to the face.
During this healing period, it's important to protect the eye from further damage by avoiding any activities where additional injury could occur.
Apply that bag of frozen peas, chilled spoon or some other method to lower the temperature of the area around the eye as soon as possible after the injury and frequently thereafter for the first 24 hours. After a day or two of applying cold packs, try gently applying warm (not hot) compresses to your black eye. This may help activate the lymphatic system near the bruise and speed up the healing process. This tropical fruit contains a mixture of enzymes that reduce inflammation and speed healing, which may help your shiner go away faster. Though vitamin C may do more to reduce how easily you bruise (by strengthening blood vessels, reducing their tendency to leak after blunt trauma), it also may help speed the healing of your black eye. A relative of the blueberry and cranberry, bilberry contains potent antioxidants that may help reduce or eliminate bruising by increasing the effectiveness of vitamin C and strengthening capillaries. For example, don't leave objects on the stairs, since this can easily result in a fall and eye injury.
She is a past editor-in-chief of the professional ophthalmic journals Review of Optometry and Review of Cornea & Contact Lenses and currently is president of Hellem Consulting, LLC.

It is a fact that under stress the female body diverts blood flow away from the ovaries and so it stands to reason to encourage fertility that the blood flow needs to be re-aligned. It may be performed on your own (lying face-down applying pressure more than an exercise golf ball) or getting your partner to utilize pressure, 3 times on both sides, twice each day (morning as well as evening) prior to ovulation to increase blood flow to sex gland and womb.
Once you have located the artery you need to press down with your fingertips to pause the blood flow. Once you have located the femoral artery you would place a medicine ball on the pulsing area and lean right over it so it would be your body weight that would be pausing the blood flow.  You would effectively be facing your knees. It is made up of fat, cholesterol, and other substances in the blood that ultimately harden and narrow your arteries. Angina (Chest Pain)Angina, or chest pain, caused by reduced blood flow to the heart is a possible sign of clogged arteries due to plaque buildup.This type of chest pain leads to a feeling of tightness, heaviness and pressure behind the breastbone. Request if you also suggest if a person suffers from above, what should be next step and what all test should be done.
Another option is to chill a metal spoon in the refrigerator, then gently apply the back of the spoon to different parts of the bruised area.
Due to the nature of the massage this must not be performed whilst pregnant or when suffering from any heart or circulation problems including high blood pressure or previous history of stroke. This exercise is particularly ideal for women who don't practice every day KUNDALINI SHAKTI yoga. Once you have paused the blood flow with your fingertips it is ok to hold for 30-45 seconds to encourage the pressure to build in the pelvis arteries. An option after the massage is to gently rub the stomach, in a clockwise direction, to encourage the movement of the blood around the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is usually triggered by physical or emotional stress and tends to get worse with physical activity and go away when you rest.Chest pain doesn’t always indicate clogged arteries. Male Pattern BaldnessSevere baldness at the crown of a man’s head may also indicate the presence of clogged arteries. The massage can be performed twice a day up to the day before embryo transfer or up to ovulation. The result is that blood flow will increase in the iliac arteries and subsequently the reproductive organs. There are other massage techniques available which can be combined with Femoral Reproductive massage to further improve body function and ultimately fertility.
At times, it can be due to a muscle spasm, stomach ulcer, upper respiratory infection, bladder disease or indigestion.2. Along with hair loss on the scalp, you may notice hair loss on your legs.A 2000 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine highlighted the link between male pattern baldness and coronary heart disease (CHD), especially among men with hypertension or high cholesterol levels. Once you release the artery after this you will feel a warm sensation rushing down your leg as the blood flow returns to normal. This exercise should be repeated on each leg three times, twice a day in the days leading up to ovulation or in the days leading up to an embryo transfer. Due to plaque in the arteries, the heart cannot pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs, leading to shortness of breath or extreme fatigue with exertion.In a 2005 study done at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, researchers found that patients with shortness of breath have a higher risk of dying from cardiac disease than patients without symptoms, and even than patients with typical cardiac pain.
Specifically, an angled crease that runs obliquely from the ear canal to the lower edge of the earlobe is linked with coronary artery disease. An ear crease can be a sign of poor circulation due to clogged arteries in the heart.A 1989 study published in the British Heart Journal pointed out the link between diagonal earlobe creases and fatal cardiovascular disease.

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