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When it comes to external portable hard drives one of the most recognized product lines is most certainly the My Passport series that was first introduced by WD in 2004.
Besides the rather impressive hardware specifications, most of the magic happens with the software. Western Digital went with a grey plastic casing on the My Passport Ultra series that is adorned with a circular pattern and the WD logo and product name. Flipping the My Passport Ultra over we see that WD placed four rubber pads on the bottom to keep the portable hard drive from sliding around the surface that you place it on. Looking down the end of the WD My Passport Ultra we can see the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port and off to the right of that there is a very small white LED activity indicator light. Let’s fire this drive up and take a look at the backup software as that is the main reason you are likely looking into buying this drive. The sport car of coupe series is always a great option for those who find a car with great look and grand performance.
The 2016 nissan gt-r has decent exterior design with rear wing spoiler, black grille, full body colored, and paint of Clearcoar monotone. These little portable hard drive enclosures and the included WD SmartWare software that automatically and continuously backs up your critical data has saved God only knows how much digital data over the years. WD lists that the WD SmartWare software, WD Security and WD Drive Utilities are included in the box, but you won’t be getting a disc or flash drive with the bundle as the software is already on the portable hard drive.

This is the same exact pattern that was used on the My Passport Edge (soon to be phased out), so if it looks familiar that is why. The finish on the My Passport appears to be semi-gloss and it does not show finger prints and smudges. Western Digital is using a 1TB WD Blue 5400 RPM hard drive with two platters and a 7mm Z-height on this particular drive. The designers of this enclosure obviously know that, and made indentations in the housing for the feet to sit down into.
These programs allow you to choose when and where you backup your files, but it also allows you to password protect and hardware encrypt the files on the drive, run diagnostics and more. This is the first My Passport drive to come with a carrying pouch to protect the drive from scratches on the go.
The back also lists the part number, serial number, where it was produced (Malaysia) and a whole bunch of logos that don’t mean much to the general public.
WD has kept the My Passport brand alive over the years by continually refreshing it and offering new models like Essential, Elite, Edge, Enterprise, Studio and so on. You can also now use your Dropbox account, if you have one, to back up your files to the cloud.  The WD My Passport allows you to back everything up locally on traditional media and then to the cloud if you want it, which is a nice touch.
Since the WD My Passport Ultra uses a derivative of a notebook hard drive it gets it power from the USB 3.0 port, so no power adapter needs to be plugged into the wall.
The WD My Passport Ultra comes backed by a 3-year warranty that covers both parts and labor.

This means the only cable that you need to bring with you when traveling is the USB 3.0 data cable that comes with the drive. To add safety, the 2016 Nissan GT-R uses Brembo disc brakes so that it can run and stop fast because the engine can produces 545 hp.
It is nice to see WD increase the warranty period on the My Passport series as it was previously just 2-years.
Thanks to the engines that using more powerful engine of V-6 type with twin turbo of 2016 Nissan GT-R.
To keep the 2016 Nissan GT-R engine always in good performance, the engine has engine oil cooler to prevent overheating. It is rich with various feature such as full time AWD, permanent locking hubs, driveline traction control, abs brake system, electronic stability, sport suspension, and many more features.

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