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Los que hemos tenido la oportunidad de conocer otros sistemas de transporte parecidos, como los de Paris o Nueva York, quedamos sorprendidos de ver que el familiar metro se compara favorablemente con estos en aspectos de limpieza, funcionalidad y servicio.
Podra no ser perfecto, y como todo este tipo de transporte publico tiene una dosis de incomodidad y riesgo que a veces puede ser seria, pero es un hecho que pocas cosas revelan mas claramente la verdadera identidad y caracter de esta ciudad. What our learners are saying:“I have taken Spanish courses but, I have trouble making conversation. The Wello Water Wheel was born in 2011 out of a desire to improve the process of collecting, storing and using water in rural India. The resulting product is a simple design, the water container is converted into a wheel that can be rolled across the ground by means of a handle connected at the centre of the container.
In addition to providing renewable energy, the translucent panels act as a shading system for the facade, and have the added advantage of providing an increase in acoustic insulation. Nigerian architect Kunle Adeyemi of NLE, has designed the Makoko Floating School as a prototype for building in African regions that have little or no permanent infrastructure due to unpredictable water levels that cause regular flooding.
The project provides teaching facilities for the slum district of Makoko, a former fishing village in Lagos where over 100,000 people live and where there is no permanent teaching facility. American company Ecovative is revolutionizing the field of packing by using fungus as an alternative to plastic or styrofoam. Via the Ecovative process, the mycelium grows in dark cartons for 3-5 days before extreme heat is used to stop it from blossoming spores, the heating process effective kills-off the material and stops it from continuing to spread, as such there are no allergens attached to the material. The potential use of this material goes well beyond packing, and the organisation has recently experimented with growing mycelium architecture with the ‘Mushroom Tiny House’, which is a small cabin whose hollow timber walls are packed with mycelium insulation which is grown in-situ in a similar fashion to the packing material. WarkaWater is a social project conceived for the mountainous regions in Ethiopia, where women and children have to walk several hours to collect water.
Blingcrete, also known as ‘light reflecting concrete’, is produced by embedding glass microspheres in the top layer of a concrete element. Following on previous posts about our impact on the natural environment, and something that goes one step further than Freshkills Landfill, I recently learned of the existence of the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, which is a concentration of plastic and chemical sludge located in the northern Pacific Ocean, trapped into one mass by the rotating circular currents of the North Pacific Gyre. The IKEA Foundation in collaboration with UNHCR & the Refugee Housing Unit have developed a flat-packed housing module to be used for humanitarian aid.
It is a steel framed structure 18m2 in size, which is twice as large as a conventional refugee tent, and it will accommodate approximately 5 people. Liter of Light is a global open source movement that provides an ecologically and economically sustainable source of light to underprivileged households in poor urban areas, shanty towns, and favelas that do not have access to electricity or are unable to afford it.
Inaugurado en 1969, llego para cambiar completamente la vida en la ciudad de Mexico y se ha vuelto uno de sus rasgos caracteristicos.
No se necesita nada menos que una obra de dimensiones descomunales para poder atender la necesidad de transporte publico en una de las ciudades mas grandes del mundo. Como usuario frecuente del metro, puedo decir que yo no podria vivir en esta ciudad sin el. The team at Wello canvased 1,500 community members and discovered the biggest negative impact on the process of obtaining water was in its collection, in many instance women were forced to trek up to  8km for water and this would account for as much as 25% of their daily activities, time that could have been spent generating income for the family. It is constructed of high-quality, human-safe plastic and offers a convenient, hygienic and durable way to transport water. Developed and exhibited at the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg, it recently won the Zumtobel Group Award for Applied Innovation. More efficient than electricity and more sustainable than wood, algae is ideal for producing heat, especially since it can be grown on-site in abundance.
Because the system is fully integrated with the building services, the excess heat from the photobioreactors can be used to help supply hot water or heat the building, or can be stored for later use. The 220m2 A-frame structure is 10m high with a 10m x 10m base, a profile that provides a low centre of gravity whilst allowing the building to accommodate multiple levels and remain stable over water.

Although primarily a school, it is also intended to function as an events space, health clinic and a market, depending on the fluctuating needs of the community. They use the unique biological properties of mycelium (which is the base element of mushrooms), as a type of glue to bind together low value organic matter (such as plant stalks or cotton hulls) and form super-dense networks of threads that can be manipulated to grow in any form by containing them within a mould.  Mycelium can grow miles of thread-like roots in days and when contained within a mould becomes a dense foam. The density of the ‘foam’ that continues to expand inside the mould can be controlled by applying the heating process earlier or later.  One of the companies founding members, Eben Bayer, can be seen discussing the product in a TED presentation HERE (follow the link to view). Since the insulation is 100% natural is works extremely well to control climate inside the building. The 9-meter tall bamboo framework supports a specially-engineered fabric capable of collecting drinkable water by extracting condensation from the air, the design channels the water into a collection tank at its base. The spheres create a ‘retro-reflecting’ surface that sends incoming rays of light (natural and artificial) back in the precise direction of the source. The size of the patch is estimated to be around 700,000km2 (roughly the size of Australia), although this is conjectural as the mass is not visible from satellite imagery despite its size as it consists primarily of suspended particles in the upper water column just below the surface. Clipped to the steel frame is a lightweight  thermally-insulated polymer panel known as Rhulite, which allows light to enter during the day but doesn’t show shadows when lit from within at night.
This is done by means of inexpensive, vertical, hydroponic systems made from recycled materials or common items that can be found at your local hardware store.
Actualmente esta en el noveno lugar mundial en cuanto a actividad, con 1,487 millones de pasajeros al ano. Desde sus estaciones que a veces parecen centros comerciales subterraneos hasta el hecho de que por momentos puede ser un espejo muy fiel del surrealismo nativo, el metro es una experiencia que resulta cotidianamente extraordinaria. Hoy en dia es una de las mejores opciones para moverse en la ciudad y evitar el terrible trafico de las calles de Mexico. In some cases children were forced to take up the obligation of collecting water, which kept them out of schools.
Due to nature of the design, twice as much water can be carried as with the traditional method and without adverse effect on the human body. With this system, the water in which the algae grows also collects solar energy, providing an additional supply of heat. The lower level houses a space for play, while a sub-dividable space on the middle floor accommodates up to four classrooms providing enough space for sixty to a hundred pupils. The school is also designed to allow for customization by the community and incorporates methods for harvesting energy, recycling waste and capturing rainwater. Further afield, people are now experimenting with the use of mycelium as a constructive element, albeit in a conceptual and futuristic sense.
The structure can be built with local skills and materials and by local inhabitants without special machinery, using only natural fibre to connect the elements and is designed for areas where digging wells is not possible. It is the result of a series of artistic experiments between a working group at the University of Kassel, Germany involving artist Heike Klussmann and architect Thorston Klooster.
Its borders are also constantly changing due to prevailing winds.  Its negative impact on marine life is obvious with smaller particles being mistaken as food by certain species such as turtles and the overall patch blocking sunlight from reaching plankton and algae below, thus altering the entire marine food chain and slowly poisoning and killing off marine life. Attached to the external surface is a solar module laminated onto a thin plastic film which provides sufficient energy to power built-in lights and a USB outlet day and night. It involves filling up a 1.5L PET bottle with purified water and bleach and installing it onto the roof of a house using a steel sheet and epoxy for sealant. Esto lo hace el sistema con mas actividad en toda Latinoamerica y el segundo en el continente americano, solo abajo del de Nueva York. En sus estaciones se llevan a cabo eventos culturales, conciertos y exposiciones, por extrano que parezca.
Un trayecto que en coche puede llevar mas de una hora en horas pico, en metro puede llevarse a cabo en menos de 30 minutos con bastante comodidad.

Added to this are the adverse health affects of carry water on your head (the traditional method).
Productivity of the task is improved, allowing more time for other task, such as income generation. It was built by a team of local residents using wooden offcuts from a nearby sawmill and locally grown bamboo with recycled empty plastic barrels used for the building’s buoyancy system.
One exceptional example was displayed at last years PS1 event in MoMA New York created by the young architectural collective called The Living.
The tower can also be equipped with a solar-powered LED to provide illumination at night, giving the chance for children to study after sunset and as such promoting a social space within the village in the evenings. The final product is a contradiction of material representation, both heavy and light, construction and surface, a new genre of material with its own logic.
Because the patch is so far from the coastline of any country nobody will claim responsibility for it and hence no solution yet exists to remove it although many international agencies are trying to raise awareness of the problem, one of which recently constructed a ship entirely out of recycled plastic bottles (called ‘Plastiki’) and sailed it from San Francisco to Sydney.
The water inside the bottle refracts the sunlight during the daytime and creates the same intensity as a 55 watt light bulb. Pocos catalogos mas completos de los habitantes de la Ciudad de Mexico que visitar ciertas estaciones de metro podran hallar. The organisation has also considered the product to be used to provide water for herds of animals and for irrigiation purposes. Its designer, Arturo Vittori (Architecture & Vision), says that each tower costs approximately $550 and can be built in under a week with a four-person team. Concrete is transformed from a passive into an active material that changes in response to its environment. It is worth noting that to grow a portion of one’s own food is potentially the most effective action an individual can take for environment, not only because of the food industry’s heavy carbon footprint but also because participating in agricultural production cultivates a valuable skill set around sustainability issues and this simple pleasure can make a big difference in one’s relationship with nature. A esto podemos anadir que con solo 3 pesos (23 centavos canadienses) uno puede recorrer la ciudad de extremo a extremo, lo cual lo hace uno de los sistemas mas baratos en el mundo. Merecen una especial mencion toda la gama de vendedores ambulantes que van de vagon en vagon ofreciendo todo tipo de mercancias, desde dulces y herramientas domesticas hasta libros, software, musica y hasta peliculas. Although not specifically architecture, This product shows how lateral thinking can create simple and small changes that have a positive and dynamic impact on our way of life. Due to the nature of the surface, at a certain moment, the reflective effect becomes perceptible, establishing a relationship between motion and a property in a state of rest.
As an example of the ‘window-farm’ potential, the website claims that the first system produced 25 plants and a salad a week in mid winter in a dimly lit 1.2M x 2M New York City apartment window.
No es raro ver a personas con mochilas especialmente modificadas con bocinas y pantallas que permiten mostrar su mercancia a medida que pasan. Both functional and aesthetic, it is currently the only light-reflecting material which is non-flammable and offers a wide variety of potential applications, primarily in infrastructure and traffic related projects but also potentially in the fields of architecture and interior design. All that aside, its potential impact on the living conditions of the urban poor cannot be denied. Pocas cosas mas bizarras que ir rumbo al trabajo una manana en un vagon repleto de gente que de pronto es ambientado por unos momentos con musica de Bach por un vendedor de CDs. With the correct installation and materials it is said that a ‘solar bottle’ can last up to 5 years before requiring replacement.
The microspheres are available in a variety of colours and sizes which can be combined to produce different effects.

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